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Chicken Wings and Pineapple

October 9, 2014

This one will be short, but sweet... I remember I used to always want to order chicken wings and french fries from the chinese restaurant by her house, down Miller hill. One day, she told me I was going to turn into a chicken wing because I ate them so much! HA! 

Unrelatedly, I remember always eating the pineapple slices out of the can whenever she was making ham. She let me help her put the little cloves in and set the pineapple slices on them.... knowing fully that I would be eating every other one. I remember her little voice scolding me for it... with a huge smile on her face. And I also remember she started buying a little extra so that I could have some of my own, after the ham was made. 

These are the beautiful memories that I will hold close forever.  


May 2, 2011

She loved when I would call her and tell her I was coming to get her to go shopping by the time I got there she was already waitng outside for me and Willie after she did all her shopping we would ask her if she was hungry and she would say "bueno como que me pica la tripa" she would feast on yello rice,red beans and pollo asao LOL OH MOM I MISS YOU SOOO! MUCH

May 2, 2011

I'm sure it might all seem so insignificant at this point, but there's one thing in particular that I remember. Not the only thing, but something that really stood out to me. I had been stuck inside my house grounded for the day at the point that my parents brought me over to Grandma's house. I was only staying for the one night, but they made it a point to tell Grandma that I wasn't allowed to watch T.V., play video games, or go outside. All I could do was sit there, and read. Well I guess she saw that I was upset about it. Maybe I looked miserable, who knows? All I know is she told me to go outside and play. Whether my parents said it was okay, or she just decided to let me off the hook on her own, I'll probably never know... But again, as insignificant as it may sound, it really stood out to me. I was miserable... What little kid wants to be stuck inside all day? Trivial as it may be, it meant the world to me.


May 2, 2011

I remember i was her tail. constantly with her from the time i woke up to the time i fell asleep. Every birthday id go with her to get Kym n my gifts, the same thing for both (like twins) n help her make our cakes from scratch. She tought me how to cook n about everyhting i know..... <3 <3  


May 2, 2011

 I remember the many butt whoopings she saved me from as well as the many i got from her lol ... :( Sometimes i wish i had a time machine so i could go back and spend some time with her or tell myself to do things a lil differently cuz now as an adult and a mom is that i come to realize everything she did for me and how truly amazing she really was. I remember the day I called her grandma lol her response was "Que ya yo no soy mami para ti!??" LOL She was mad at me for the rest of the day but she was right.. she was and will always be my mami <3 

I remember when......

May 2, 2011

I remember when I took her to highland park for the Mega summer concert and I brought her a portable seat and iced water just so she would be comfortable.  She sat there for three hours so patiently and she enjoyed it.  Then I knew it was time to get her home so she can rest.  Then I cooked for her, she ate and fell right to sleep. I laid down besider her and she put her arms around me and I slept like a baby. ♥ ♥

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