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November 27, 2017

So I remember when Cutberto and his Brother Felipe had sent my daughter and I to the liqour store that was right around the corner of our apartment complex. When we came home Cuy which is what he was called for short, and Felipe were laughing so hard, my daughter and I were looking at each other like "What is wrong with these two! Then Cuy and Felipe both were laughing so hard that they couldn't get any words out to tell us why they were laughing. Then Cuy tells us that his Pelo Chino had dirtied his diaper, Cuy was telling Felipe to hold his feet up while they changed his diaper and Cuy ended up putting the babies diaper on backwards!!!! My daughter and I laughed so hard!!!!! I will never forget those funny and good times of laughter when it came to trying or doing something with his Pelo Chino!!!!! We love and Miss him so much! Hard to beleive it has been a year already!!!!! WE LOVE YOU CUY!!!!! WE ALWAYS WILL!!!!!

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