his Life

My Baby Boy

 He was due on Sept. 11 but he didn't come till Sept.14, now that I look back I beleive this was the beginning of him wantine life on his terms. Which I had no problems with. When the doctor pulled him out, would you beleive that he peed on everyone. lol. He was a quite and happy baby. He smiled the 1st night when me and him was there alone. See they say it is from gas but I want to beleive that it surely from happiness and joy. 

He had a good stay at the hospital he was 8lbs 11oz and 24 in long. Very big boy. He had a good bill of health. Very strong. He was a wiggle worm. Everytime you would change his diaper there was always water works and most of the time was on his daddy. It was funny everytime I change him his father acted like I was diffusing a bomb. Cover that! Watch It! Oh No! 

Cylis has a big sister that is named Maddy. Maddy was a lil' jealous at 1st but she warmed up quickly after he was brought home. She was a lil' mommy making sure he had his paci' and holding his bottles and telling what things were, well the best a 2 year old can anyway. 

On the night before he went to heaven me and his father gave him a bath, lotion, and a bottle. He ate so much too and very often. And slept often too, like most babies do. Again i fed him at midnight. Again at 2am. At 4 am my husband woke up and was on his way to the bathroom when he noticed something about cylis, he had his arms in a upward position. So my husband went to comfort him and put him in a better position. He noticed something wrong instantly. He woke me. So did I. I picked him up and I knew. In my brain I new he was gone but in my heart he wasn't. After time kept going on I really knew. But he will always live forever in my heart and dreams. Cause he is my baby boy. My angel. He was a blessing and one day me and him will sing and play in the sun. I love you Cylis. 21 days wasn't long enough.