Cynthia Meade
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1951
  • Date of passing: Dec 3, 2010
She will always be with us through our memories

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Cynthia Meade who was born on May 21, 1951 and passed away on December 3, 2010 after losing a hard fought battle to leukemia. We will remember her forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 3rd December 2014

"Dear Cynthia<

The effects of your kindness are still felt around us. You were always a model of compassion."

This tribute was added by shirley bloomquist on 3rd December 2014

"I'm remembering Cynthia's ready smile, as well as her enthusiasm for her son Patrick and her husband."

This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 22nd May 2014

"Cynthia Dear,

This weekend, in your honor, I will start reading the book you gave me during our last conversation. You were right: life is full of choices."

This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 3rd December 2013

"My Dear Cynthia,

You are still cherished, still loved, still missed and always remembered."

This tribute was added by Bill Clendaniel on 4th December 2012

"Hard to believe it has been two years.  I still think of her often and how she kept kids first. Her office was always one where I could "escape" and re-charge.  She was a fabulous person!"

This tribute was added by Pat Downey on 3rd December 2012

"I just reread an email that Cyndee sent me on 4-05-10  (I can't seem to erase it).  She told me her bone marrow biopsy had positive results and she hoped that meant she was in remission.  Her amazing strength and faith during her battle still inspires me.  I guess that's why I keep the email.  To remind me that inspite of life's daily hurdles, someone else is dealing with so much more."

This tribute was added by anonymous anonymous on 29th October 2012

"You've inspired ones whom you never met; and on doing so you've changed lives for the better. If you only knew, you're the epitome of beauty, grace, wisdom, and good will. I'm fortunate to know such a soul ever existed. Hope you are looking down proud, dear Cindy; although we've never met you are an undying inspiration to fulfill life with love and honor. Thank you for everything you gave."

This tribute was added by Lucia Hernandez on 22nd May 2012

"Will never forget you, Lucia"

This tribute was added by Meryl Simon on 21st May 2012

"Happy Birthday heavenly Cynthia!  You are forever in my thoughts."

This tribute was added by Gail Bigio on 5th December 2011

"I carry Cynthia in my heart. I hear her laughter or recall a story or piece of wisdom she imparted on a daily basis. The Meade family is in my nightly prayers and I cherish Christmas memories at her house with Langley counseling staff and family and Terry playing a wonderful host as well."

This tribute was added by Pamela Gibson on 5th December 2011

"A year has passed by so quickly - it's been a loss for family and friends but such a gain for heaven to have you in the midst. Such nice tributes from all of your friends - You were an angel on earth."

This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 4th December 2011

"You were always the best listener and I miss our conversations. Cynthia you continue to be a strong influence in many of us."

This tribute was added by Tom Parrott on 4th December 2011

"Cyndee, Kathy and I sure do miss you. With the arrival of every Christmas season I'll have warm memories of your Southern graciousness at Terry's and your holiday party -- that Southern Pa. style was charming!  Kathy and I have had a lot of time with Terry and Patrick this year, and that has been a blessing that has done all of us a lot of good.  Friends forever-- go well --"

This tribute was added by Jessica Statz on 3rd December 2011

"Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year. . .   I still think about you almost every day. . ."

This tribute was added by shirley bloomquist on 3rd December 2011

"I am thinking of Cynthia, the warm and vibrant woman she was, and I am thinking of her family at this time of her anniversary.
Warm wishes to you all,
Shirley Bloomquist, Former Dir/Student Services at TJ"

This tribute was added by Pamela Gibson on 22nd May 2011

"Happy Birthday, Cyndee -- I'll bet the heavenly choir gave you a resounding "Happy Birthday" Song!!"

This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 22nd May 2011

"Happy Birthday! I just graduated. Thank you for your support during these past two years.
I can't wait to read Brighten's book. You can see your legacy is stong among us."

This tribute was added by Sarah Briney on 22nd January 2011

"I was so sorry to hear of Mrs. Meade's passing.  She was the first person I met in the Langley community after moving up to Great Falls before my junior year of high school. She took the time to meet with me and my parents to help work out a schedule of classes. She was so welcoming and enthusiastic, easing my anxiety of starting a new school. LHS was lucky to have her. She will be greatly missed!"

This tribute was added by Kettia Montinat La Pittus on 13th January 2011

"Ms. Meade,
I'm glad to have met someone as understanding and caring as you.
Thank you for all your help and support. I will always remember you!"

This tribute was added by cindy blakeley on 27th December 2010

"I was encouraged to learn about being a DSS by shadowing Cynthia for a day. I learned a great deal in a few hours. Later when I visited with Cynthia I was taken by the way she spoke of both her husband and her son. Cynthia treasured her men. I found this fact to be endearing and it is one more way Cynthia is a role model for others."

This tribute was added by Bill Patrick on 16th December 2010

"Dear Uncle Walter, Aunt Lorraine and family - Velva and I were very sorry to hear the news about Cyndee.  What a beautiful tribute to read so many touching and heartfelt testimonies.  Our sincerest prayers and sympathy to you and the family.  Love Velva and Bill."

This tribute was added by Meryl Simon on 15th December 2010

"Cynthia was my friend.  We spent many hours sharing stories about our families - and we laughed a lot.  She was always upbeat and always had time for me.  She could have talked forever about the loves of her life - Terry, Patrick, Brighten and "Twinkletoes".  We also shared out passion for Nora Roberts books.  I will miss her and remember her always.  May her memory always be for a blessing."

This tribute was added by brighten meade on 12th December 2010

"Cynthia was a great grandmother. I called her cindee and will miss her forever"

This tribute was added by Kim Ianiro on 12th December 2010

"Dear Uncle Walter & Aunt Lorraine,
Today we gathered at Gail & John's for our annual cookie exchange. We lit a candle in honor of Cyndee and offered a prayer for all of you. You will be remembered in our prayers. With deepest sympathy,   Kim & Luigi Ianiro and the Patrick families in Ohio"

This tribute was added by Debby Sherick on 11th December 2010

"Dear Uncle Walter and Aunt Lorraine:  Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.  Cynthia looks beautiful in her picture here, as she always did when we visited at Grandma's.  She was a lovely woman.  Our deepest sympathy to you and yours.   Love, Debby and Tim"

This tribute was added by Pamela Gibson on 10th December 2010

"Dear Uncle Walter and Aunt Lorraine - my thoughts,prayers and sympathy go out to you both at this time. I remember Cyndee as a great musician and a perfect lady, much like her Mom. I pray that your good memories and happy times together will see you through these next days and weeks ahead. Love, Pam"

This tribute was added by Robert Feldman on 10th December 2010

"Cyndee will remain our most wonderful and inspirational friend and neighbor in our hearts forever.  Love always, Peggy, Bob, Amy, and Laurie"

This tribute was added by Ed Downey on 9th December 2010

"Dear Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Pat: By now, you know my sorrow and grieving for you at this time.  I am with you in spirit as you were with my parents of last year. Similarly, we share the same hope and faith. I have taken liberties to express a few fond recollections in the "stories" link.  I sincerely hope that this speaks volumes of our family connection.  Love, Ed, Pat, Matt and David"

This tribute was added by Shannon Tully on 9th December 2010

I enjoyed sharing the same "slant" on some of the topics at our DSS meetings.  I always loved your Langley stories. I will surely miss you."

This tribute was added by Amy Rider on 9th December 2010

"What a beautiful human being, inside and out.  I feel lucky to have been part of her Langley family. Even as we all share in the grief of losing her, I feel grateful for everything she did for her family at home and the students that she supported and cared for.  Smiling through the tears......"

This tribute was added by mariane kauh on 7th December 2010

"Cynthia not only gave me my first job as a school counselor, but she gave me motherly wisdom, care, and support.  I will never forget how generous she was with her time, her talents, and her love.  Although, I am saddened that she's no longer here physically, I am comforted knowing that her spirit is alive in all those that she has touched."

This tribute was added by Jeanne Popovich on 7th December 2010

"Cynthia was a beautiful person and wonderful leader.  It was a privilege and pleasure to work with her.  She contributed so much to everyone around her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

This tribute was added by Bill Clendaniel on 7th December 2010

"Cynthia and I shared many things, from our Western Pa roots to our wonderment over things our sons did.  She clued me in to the joys of being a grandparent too.  In eight years of working with her, she made the right call for kids...every single time....and for all kids!  Not many can make that claim."

This tribute was added by vicki kagan on 7th December 2010

"Cyndee -we were friends first thru Terry, colleagues later as "DoGs", and friends last. It has been a priviledge to sit in your chair at Langley, but noone will ever fill your shoes - your legacy will endure.
I will miss you.  Shalom."

This tribute was added by hien phan on 7th December 2010

"Hien Phan (Sammy)
Cynthia was one of the best of the best of all.  My Hero.  Wishing God created more like her for this planet.  Please God Bless our Cynthia and her family.  You are always in our heart and will always be missed dearly.  God Bless You."

This tribute was added by kim compton on 7th December 2010

"She was 'a lady to her fingertips.'
She will be missed."

This tribute was added by mary gratz on 7th December 2010

"Cynthia always put everyone ahead of herself.  Her lust of life and her positive attitude will always be remember.  I will miss seeing your sparkling eyes every morning.  One classy lady!!!!!  Bye boss."

This tribute was added by Jessica Statz on 7th December 2010

"She will always be missed.  (She was an amazing mentor and friend to me)!"

This tribute was added by Lucia Hernandez on 7th December 2010

"Cynthia my Oakton days are fill with great memories from you, working and learning from you was wonderful.
Lucia Hernandez"

This tribute was added by shirley bloomquist on 6th December 2010

"Shirley Bloomquist lit a candle on 6th December 2010
I first met Cyndee when she was a devoted and supportive TJ parent.  We then became Director of Student Services colleagues.  I respect the quality of her leadership at Langley, always giving parents personal recommendations for tutors and therapists.  Her evening parent programs on college advising were widely lauded in the community."

This tribute was added by Rhonda Salem on 6th December 2010

"A beautiful smile, twinkling eyes, warm and open heart - this is how I remember Cynthia.  She was so generous with her time, so patient with immense kindness for all.  I will miss her, as we all will."

This tribute was added by Gail Bigio on 6th December 2010

"Into my life,Cynthia brought encouragement,integrity, humor, and 'love of life'. She was the source of many good books that I enjoyed reading. I carry her laughter and equanimity in my heart.I remember her decorating for the Christmas holiday - that spirit lives on ..."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Bennett on 6th December 2010

"How do you capture the spirit that was Cynthia?  She wrapped her love of family, music, nature, and justice all around us and secured it with loyalty and laughter.  All she has given will continue to be wrapped around others as we remember and life continues to stumble toward hope.  We loved you, dear friend."

This tribute was added by Pat Stark on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia was the epitome of class.  She conducted herself with poise, purpose and a warmth that will be truely missed in this community.  It was a pleasure knowing her, even for a short time."

This tribute was added by Tom Parrott on 6th December 2010

"I have been reflecting on all of the contributions that Cyndee made to Oakton, Langley, the education community, and her family and friends. The list is kind of amazing. She has had a profound impact on a lot of lives and careers.  Her legacy will continue for all of us, but I know that I'll miss that bright smile."

This tribute was added by Rebeca Prell on 6th December 2010

"One trait Cynthia personified best was generosity. She was generous with her time listening to all who came to her door. She lived by the moral imperative. I have always equated Cynthia with the Paradoxical Commandments: She was honest and frank, she built, she fought for the underdog, she helped people, and she gave the world the best she had “anyway” and any time, out of love, all the time."

This tribute was added by nancy schultz on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia was very sweet, gentle, and kind and one-of-a kind. Her thoughtfulness and kindness will forever be remembered and appreicated by all who knew her.  I will always "salute" her.  Love always."

This tribute was added by Betty Schneider on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia you will forever be my hero. I will miss your wisdom, your love and your wonderful powerful eyes."

This tribute was added by Sonya Williams on 6th December 2010

"Words can not express the loss that we all feel right now. Cynthia was the most supportive friend, co worker, supervisor, mother, and grandmother that a person could have in their life. I happy that my heart if filled with wonderful memories of her at this time."

This tribute was added by Matt Ragone on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia, the battles you fought for kids, families, and for yourself will never be forgotten.  Your last battle was particularly inspirational and will save lives when people hear your story. You had already saved lives and families through your infinite patience and teaching adults how to advocate for children without enabling them.  You knew how to listen.  These lessons I will never forget."

This tribute was added by Brenda Curtis on 6th December 2010

"I will always miss your heart. The intelligence and love you showed daily were a reflection of the spirit. Thank God I got to know you. My prayers are with your family and friends. Much love..."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Baldesare on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia was the best boss and person that anyone could have ever askd for!  She always dropped everything at a moments notice when someone needed her and always put herself second to those she cared about. She will be dearly missed by her student services family and the Langley community!"

This tribute was added by Peter Uncles on 6th December 2010

"Cynthia was a wonderful person and fun to work with.  She was so tolerant, patient, and affirming.  Truly a great loss."

This tribute was added by Kathy Parrott on 5th December 2010

"Cyndee was a wonderful friend.  I'll miss her every day. She will always be a role model for me in the way she connected with people."

This tribute was added by Jocelyn Meade on 5th December 2010

"I love you Cyndee and I miss you and I wish you could stay at home."

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