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Lifetime Teacher: circa 1965

December 9, 2010

Seldom are people predestined to a profession;  but, Cyndee was an educator, plain and simple!

Our favorite past time was to "play school".

Oh, the scribble pads we filled!

She inspired me to learn.

Sure, Mom and Dad read to me, but Cyndee taught me grade levels ahead, in a way I understood.

I am not the least bit surprised at her success at Duquesne University and beyond.

I envy your passion and contribution to so many.

Love to the Patricks and Meades,


December 9, 2010

From 1958 thru the early 1970's, you were so much more than a cousin;  you were my other sister and I had bragging rights to having two moms and two dads. 

I fondly remember Friday evenings at Frick Park, crowds of kids assembling nightly on the "U" for a round of Red Rover or Hide & Seek, hikes to Turner's Dairy for penny candy, collecting buckeyes in Schenley Park, and of course, my futile attempts  to keep pace with you at violin practice.

During that time frame, I guess that there was never a Christmas dinner that we didn't share.  So, hanging the commemorative White House ornament that you sent us years ago held a very special, loving, prayerful rite on Sunday.

God Bless you, Cyndee and your inspiration during my formative years. - "Eddie"

December 6, 2010


Dear Lovely Lady:
Your bubbly laughter
when something amused you
The effervescence of the delight
sent a giggle to hearing hearts
The intent gaze
that read
and marked the mood of a moment
from its history to the current
with great intelligence
The little girl who loves children’s lit with such appreciation
Even though the woman is grown
She knows the heart is the heart
She realizes that time and age
have much less to do
with the facts of feeling
The daughter who sees all the facets of the woman who bore her
Yet honors that woman for all of it
The child who sees the facts of the man who fathered her
And returns the love full measure
Even when his choices differ
The mother who accepts her child as he is
From his intellect to his hurts
The grandmother who glows when the children make a
Wise or well-considered view
I love you as you.

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