Missing My Babies

Shared by Carrie Young on November 22, 2012

 Daborah an Pierre this year has been the most hardest time for me i keep thiking that your going to walk through that door an your not,this pain is the most fuck up felling that i ever had to go through other then my mom your grandma ,i wish you all was here cause i have know one anymore.when you guys left i was lost ,i  can't take this shit i want you back ,its not right for me to suffer like this i need my babies n my mommy back,what do i have to do?how will igo on in this fucked up world without yall i don't know but i will never let you guys go no kind of way form or fashion your all my world i need yall i'm so alone .if i could take all this back an ave yall here i would but i can't cause God een something i didn't.I love you guy's watch ove me in my time of need cause i need it just to get through .loving you guy's for life .just can't hold back the tears everytime i think of you.good night my loves see you soon. 

I Want My Baby

Shared by Carrie Young on March 22, 2012

Daborah mommy is so messed up still trying to deal with you being gone,i wish that you have been here for your B-Day you could have had what ever you wanted this year you turned 20 an you could have had a club party,but mommy made sure that we partyed for you an i will every year for you to keep your memorie a live.Baby i miss you so much it hurt's me so deep i wish that it was me instead of you cause the pain is to hard to bare .i cry my eye's out from time to time just thinking about you an Pierre but i know that your in a better place.but if i could trade places with you baby i would do it in a heart beat.your nieces an nefrew's talk about you every day wish you could come back ,but i tell them that god has you an Pierre an your watching over us so that we will do good.They look at your picture's every day some even kiss your picture an your vase daily they love an miss you ,i miss you i think of you an tear's come to my eye'si wll never be able to get over your lose no matter what but i will be with you one day save a seat for me ,tell the fam up their i love them an watch over me an the rest of us an keep blessing us with the gift's that god gave to you .LOVE YOU BABY. 

Love from your cousin..Ciara

Shared by Carrie Young on July 17, 2011

To my beautiful cousins

R.I.P Daborah & Pierre Young

Everynight I look up at the sky and have wondered why God have chose you , you were way to young and beautfiul to go; I cant believe this is true.

You were the most sweetest person I EVER knew never afraid to give me a hug or say " I love you"

No matter how stronge I always pretended to be some days I just cant take it that your no longer here with me

With an empty place in my heart I feel such an overbearing sadness, my heart feels suffocated; my body screams for help, I cant get over this madness

Your passingg hurts so much because you were only nineteen, you hadnt even started your life yet, there was still so much for you too see.

My heart is still broken because apart of me is gone knowing that ill never see you again is hard; but I kno I have to be stronge.

You left alot of hearts behind when you left us that horrible day we all hope in prayed that GOD would let us keep you n that you could stay although your life has ended, and God has called you home. I kno tht you'll be watching over me and in this world ill never be alone.

You are my guardian angel and my bright shining star someday we'll meet again cousins, your not very far.

These past few weeks of my life have definitely been the I now finally see, that its true what they say, God always takes the bet ones first.

I'll miss you always and I'll love you forever I'll keep you close to my heart forever and ever.

Rest.In.Paradise Cousins

miss my baby

Shared by Carrie Young on July 17, 2011

my baby is gone never to return to me again,this is so unfair that i have lost you ,Daborah i just want you to come back to me even though i know that it's inpossible for that to happen ,i cry myself to sleep day an knight ,i wish you were here to make me a cake ,or cook me something to eat,or just have one of our mother daughter talk's like we us to do ,but your baby daddy took you from me an now i have nothing ,but your momeryies that we've had together that will never be enough.i want so much to hold you an my grandson an say it will be ok but i can;t cause your gone .i can't take this pain it hurts to know that i will never see you again till the day that god calls me home an lord no's i wait for that day i can't go on with out you guy's.this is tearing me up inside ,i wish it would have been me instead of you,but god called you home.why so soon i ask?what did i do for him to take you from me ,i guess i will never know.i just ask that you watch over me ,your sister's,brother's,nieces,nefrews,an the rest of your family an for you will never end in my heart you will always live on.kiss my mommy an your sister an twin brother's for me.                                                                              mom love's you cup cake

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