Posted by Sherry Perry on May 26, 2022
Happy birthday Dalton. You would be 27 today. Not one minute has passed without thinking of you yet. I will miss you until the day I die. This makes 3 of your birthdays without you here. I will sing to your urn at 242 this afternoon. The time you were born. That is the only tradition I have done for you so far. I always sing happy birthday to you at the actual time of your birth. I plan on spending the money you left in your wallet some day on your birthday by putting it in a slot machine at a casino. But I haven't been ready for that yet. Maybe on your 30th!! I love and miss you my son. RIP. Love mom.
Posted by Sherry Perry on March 1, 2022
I miss you Dalton. I will never stop thinking about you every minute of everyday. I wish you were here. I hope heaven is real and you are there. I hope you are with your family and friends and buster. Two years today was the worst day of my life. I love you always. I will never let you be forgotten. Love mom.
Posted by Micheala Williams on May 26, 2021
I saw your mom write a tribute to you and its been years since we had a conversation but, I remember so much about you. You were a comical one for sure. It was late one evening and you were being typical dalton you stood under the driveway light on cain street, and started singing elvis presley. I remember you had came and rang the doorbell but you were always coming to my house to start some trouble lol you and austin were always trying to get my dad to chase yall down the road. I was the only one home the day you came by though, and I remember that day because you heard me inside but you knew i wasnt answering the door. I also remember you messaging me on facebook a few months before I found out you had passed and apologized to me for all the things you would joke about at school or with your friends, some were hurtful but you never meant them and i can say that you were a light at the end of alot of peoples tunnels and you had a kind soul. Happy birthday dalton. You wont ever be forgotten. Thanks for showing me that you need to live life and have fun sometimes you may get into trouble but were too young to not enjoy things.
Posted by Sherry Perry on May 26, 2021
Today is your golden birthday. You would have been 26 today. I miss you desperately. I will continue leaving tributes to you until the day I die. You will never be forgotten. I hope you are with buster in heaven and playing fetch. I hope you are at peace and are finally free from addiction and pain. One day you can show me the way when I come to join you. You always did do everything first although you were the youngest. I hate that you had to go to heaven first. I wasn't there to show you the way. But I am sure you made it just fine on your own. You always handled your hardships like a real trooper. You never let anything stop you. I love you. I miss you.
Love mom
Posted by Sherry Perry on March 2, 2021
I checked my email today and saw I missed your page being sent to me yesterday. Yesterday was one year that you left us forever. I think of you every minute of everyday. I miss you more than I than anyone can even imagine. I pray to see you again after I die. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are never forgotten. The world was a much better place with you here. I love you Dalton kyle perry. My son.
Posted by Sherry Perry on May 26, 2020
Happy birthday my son. I love you and miss you so much. I wish you were here and I could make you a cake. You would have been 25 today. Sure wish I could have shared 50 birthdays with you.
Posted by Shirley Baldwin on March 7, 2020
May your minds and hearts be supported by the God of comfort today and in the days ahead.
Posted by Sherry Perry on March 6, 2020
Dalton would block the sun and wind from my eyes. Graves disease causes my eyes to water to the point I can't see. He would walk in front of me and I would hold his coat and he would guide me to wherever we were going. He never let me clear snow from my car or the drive. He was his momma's boy and I will miss him until I am with him again.

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