This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lt. Col. Daniel Ajah. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Victor Olowogorioye on April 26, 2022
Col. Dan Aja, my dear friend and brother. You came, you saw and you left an indelible mark. May your soul continue to rest in peace. May God continue to watch over the family and loved ones you left behind.

It's well!
Posted by Erastus Onyeulo on April 26, 2022
One year has passed but still it seems as if it's one month and at the same time seems as if it's been eternity without you Sir. I can't forget ur kindness and wonderful sense of humor towards my family and I. You will always be remembered for all the good things u have done here on Earth. May God continue to guide and guard your soul. Amen. Rest On Sir
Posted by Gabriel Ademola Folaranmi on April 25, 2022
Hmmm, my dear big Boss, rest on at the bossom of your Creator where we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Sandra Ajah on April 25, 2022
Rest on great hero
Posted by Christiana Musa on April 25, 2022
Oh Daniel, my in-law, today marks one year that you departed this wicked world. How time flies. Rest on in the bosom of the Lord, Papa Iyke. May the Almighty God continue to preserve, protect and provide for your wife and son in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
Posted by Edith Aja on April 25, 2022
Sweetie rest on, can't believe that you never walked back to your house just to say sweetie am home. Time they say heal all wounds, will time heal this?
Posted by Henry Eze on April 25, 2022
Nwokike! You're gone but not forgotten! Return in strength!
Posted by Chinyere Igwegbe on April 25, 2022
No day passes, without us seeing you smile at us from your picture hung on the wall. It she reminds us that youbare up there as an angel ,watching over Eduth and Deron.

Keep resting and keep watch.

We miss you .
Posted by Olanrewaju Briggs on April 25, 2022
Sleep on gallant soldier.
You fought the good fight.
You paid the ultimate price for your country.May God keep the family you left behind.
Posted by Saidu Kumo on April 25, 2022
Rest on my dear hero. The vacuum is still there but gratitude to God for a beautiful life.
Posted by Edith Aja on April 25, 2022
My luv, its a year now since you departed this world. Words cannot express the pain I feel and the vacuum you left. Nwokike I miss you so much. I miss your smile and your laugh. Cheers to my hero ❤, my sweetie and my love. Sleep on.
Posted by Jessica Yakwo on April 25, 2022
One year on and the pain is still so fresh. Rest on my brother. We miss you so much.
Posted by Saidu Kumo on June 12, 2021
If you were here on a day like this the world would be a better place. Notwithstanding, it's a better place for us cause you lived while you were alive and paid the ultimate price so that we can live free. God bless and keep your family Dan. Amen.
Posted by Lawal Abdullahi on June 12, 2021
Ooh what a grate loss, Lt Col Daniel Ajah, you will be greatly missed. I can't forget all your advice and how we share vision on the Digitization of Army Records. You will be missed.
Rest in Peace My dear Friend and Brother.
Posted by Godwin Asomba on May 8, 2021
Lt. Col Daniel Ajah rest in heavens perfect peace and may it be well with your soul. I never got to meet you in person perhaps due to the exigencies of your chosen profession. But from all the things your friends and school mates have written about you, you were indeed a gentleman and a fine military officer.My sincere condolences to the Ajah family, especially your aged parents and your younger brother Christopher who is married to my niece. Only GOD knows why HE allowed this to happen. Let us take it in our stride as Christians. Adieu!
Posted by Emetu Osteen on May 7, 2021
This is the ruddest news ever received. Lt. col Daniel Ajah, yes we were childhood friends., Also very close . U were so hospitable. Could remember numerous times my job took me to Abuja , you appeared severally and you were so nice.News of Your demise is the worst news ever expected.. In all, who can question the Almighty God. His great presence, love and glory will constantly overshadow the family you left behind ijn. Lt. col. Daniel Ajah rest in the bossom of the most High God ijn till meet to part no more.
Posted by AJAYI Olubunmi Oludotun on May 7, 2021
Daniel, my god-son, still can't believe that you have gone home to rest in the Lord.I will forever love and cherish you.
God will keep your family and avenge your death.
Sleep on,darling.
Posted by TJ Abdallah on May 7, 2021
My brother my dearest friend since old days. I'm deeply saddened beyond measure. A real friend who stood by me at my worst time. I miss my brother. Rest well my dear I will tell my grandchildren about you. You cannot be forgotten
Posted by Glory Essien on May 6, 2021
My dear brother,
It hard to take in the news of your death though I keep reading it everywhere.
You were such a proud Nigerian Army officer during your mission at South Sudan.
You used to tell us your passed experiences at Borno without knowing you will be posted back there after your mission for the insurgents to kill you.
You have paid the supreme price for your country. We pray God to give Nigeria the capacity to overcome these insurgents and banditry.
Adieu gallant officers! May God give your family the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Posted by Ogbonna Inya Agha on May 6, 2021
Tribute to a quintessential leader and hero.
Lt COL ND Ajah, your demise came as shock to us all. You fought gallantly to keep the country safe so others can enjoy and live in peace. May God console your immediate family and give them fortitude to bear the loss. God knows best. Adieu sir
Posted by Sunday Babatunde on May 6, 2021
Dear Ajah, sleep well Infantua!!! You came and you gave your best, departing a Hero who gave his all for the country and job he so loved. It shall be well with your loved ones. Rest well Dear Brother, My Cadet, My Friend.
Posted by Lorraine Kpator on May 6, 2021
Ayyy God, can't ask why so soon. Rest in power Daniel. You made friends so effortlessly. Still remember vividly when we bid you farewell in Juba, South Sudan. May God strengthen your family. Indeed, Nigeria has lost a stalwart soldier
Posted by Gabriel Ademola Folaranmi on May 6, 2021
Oh my God!!

Oh death where is sting, oh hade where is your victory.
It's quite painful to learn of your sudden death my big boss, friend and mentor.
I met you in the peacekeeping mission in South Sudan and we became bond immediately.
You took me as your son and showers on me uncommon love.
Adieu my big boss
Sleep on in the bossom of the Lord when we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by SV Aligbe on May 6, 2021
Death is indeed painful, you were a great guy with a large heart. You went out of your way to make others comfortable. I pray God comforts your family and loved ones left behind. Rest in peace Gallant Soldier, my friend and senior colleague till we meet again. Adieu!!
Posted by Hawa Isaack on May 6, 2021
I met you in a mission in South Sudan, we were neighbours, Aja walked to me shining my boots , he said "Hallo sister, how are you, you just reminded me of my youthful years", I looked up, smiled."Hallo to you", I being a snob as I continued with my business.." I am Daniel, what is your name?", "Hadijah ", I said..
Daniel became our friend me and my roommate, he invited us to Nigerian Parties..
Daniel you were and still beautiful.
U warm hearts, my friend Obi always referred to you as "OGA".you made us look like we were lacking. U selflessly looked out for everyone especially Nigerians.
Many a times I could hear your name being mentioned by people , a reflection of a stong, brave courageous leader who understood things differently, from a perspective that not all of us were abundant in.

I know Nigeria has lost another SUN(SON), my only regret is that I ddnt get to spend more time with you...

I hoped that one day I'll get to see you in the highest command of Nigerian Army..but those r just hopes..

U r in a better place my friend, the angels are making a celebration since one of them joined them.

Thank you Daniel for the friendship, for the humour, kindness for being a definition of opposite, A brave, difficult commander yet so kind..

Until we meet again Friend..

Stay in light..

I wish heavens had visiting hours
Posted by Chigozie Irem on May 6, 2021

My dear brother, it’s very difficult to come to terms with the fact that you’re gone. You were such a nice and wonderful brother and senior colleague. You paid the supreme sacrifice in the defence of your father land. May God bring instant judgement upon these heartless bastards and cause this growing insurgence to end. I pray for the peaceful repose of your dear soul and may God comfort your family. Continue to rest in the Lord until the resurrection morning when we will meet to part no more. Rest In Peace, Lt Col ND Aja
Posted by Alfred Omagu on May 5, 2021
Ajah, my mother's son, the thot of you was heavy few hours b4 the news of your demise; how we will hang out more again and iron out some personal matters. It was all over my atmosphere (the thot of you) like seldom. Then suddenly, the saddest news came. Hmmn! I swear I miss you, you break my heart Daniel my brother. Am so sorry... am so sorry...
Posted by Ganikale Abiola Rasheed on May 5, 2021
Oh God pls have mercy on us all
Lt col Daniel ajah we grew up together in same street during the secondary school days.very humble and brave obidient young man whom I like so much.we live like family.and he has never look down on any melting right now can't hold it continue to rest in peace my brother.
Posted by Esther Onumonu on May 5, 2021
Oh God! I just learnt of this sad news this evening, oh death why? A very hard-working and respectful fellow, full of live.. My first taught when I heard this was ur mum, oh God!
Shear hardwork took u far in ur chosen career. I remember our secondary school days, u were one of the few I was pleased with in their quest for academic excellence. Oh gallant Officer, I still remember the last time we were together some years back.
Eternal rest Grant him oh Lord and let ur perpetual light shine on him.
We miss u Daniel!

--Your friend, sister and former Neighbor Adaku Odimba ( back then in Ganikale)
Posted by Anita Ajah on May 4, 2021
It hurts me so bad that the first time and last time i will be seeing you is in death. My heart bleeds to learn that one of the finest brains in my father's house is gone. Big brother I am confident you are with God. We will meet again. Rest on my hero...
Posted by Jessica Yakwo on May 4, 2021
Dan, as I always call you, it’s so difficult for me to put pen to paper but I have to do it.

You were a friend to your wife’s friends and a brother to me.

I remember our last conversation, that I will always cherish.

How will I forget your sumptuous meals? Our last meal was pounded yam with vegetable soup which you gladly prepared for us.

It hurts having to bid you farewell especially when we never planned for it.

Thank you for the most pleasant memories, thank you for loving Edith unconditionally.
Keep watching over her and D.

Continue to rest Our Unforgettable hero.

I know I will surely miss you!

Engr. Jessica Yakwo
Posted by Oba St on May 3, 2021
Lt Dan, you came, you saw and conquered. You're a bold soldier and a proud professional. You paid the ultimate prize so that Nigeria can be returned to a place of peace.

The 200m nationals will forever remember you.
Posted by george anifowoshe on May 3, 2021
Late LT. Colonel Daniel Ajah was a very good friend with a good heart.
We attended same Secondary School and he became the Head Boy being a very brilliant, disciplined and principled guy.
He had great leadership qualities.
We lost contact after secondary school for twenty-three (23)years after which we met again when he was posted to NYSC Camp in Lagos as the Camp Commandant.
The period brought about good old memories and we were seeing each other almost every day.
My Wife, Children and Mother liked him so much and would sometimes request to kno his wellbeing.
He had a favorite slogan (GBA BEE OOO)which I and some other friends took as our slogan and it gave us cheerfulness and greater bonding.
The news of his death came to me as a rude shock in the office.
IHS'96 has lost a very rare gem and we can never have another Lt. Col. Daniel Ajah in our midst again.
Whenever we talk or chat, I would pray that he would get to the peak of his career and that we shall all be present to celebrate with him but it's so unfortunate that he left this world at this time.
I will miss him.
I pray that God Almighty should comfort his wife, son, Christopher and the entire family.
May his soul rest in peace.

Tpl. Ibrahim O.G. Anifowoshe
Posted by Olanrewaju Briggs on May 3, 2021
RIP our gallant hero...You paid the ultimate price for our dear nation.
May God grant you eternal rest and the calm courage to your family.
Posted by Azeez Abayomi on May 3, 2021
DAN!  Ajeh!..Knowing you for exactly 3 decades was the best thing that I can never forget till this untimely death that took you away..haaaaa...yes your job description is so tasking but never will I believe it will take you away at this point in time. A gallant fine upright infantry soldier you were at the most tasking pinnacle of your career (Lt Col) your life was cut short in the line of hurt writing a tribute instead of breaking KOLA...sigh..I have tried to come out from this reality that you are no more.
You have left  everyone devastated, sad and angry knowing how the story was..we had plans ...we had left your ageing parents and siblings in a trauma I pray that God comfort them ..not to talk of your better half(wife) and your newly addition and your dream(son) you only carried for just few days. Haaaa! DEATH! What can we say..we are like pencil in the hands of our creator..who are we to challenge God. From you we came ..and from you we shall all return.  Your death is a matyre...which made me believe that you have found peace and I drop my pen at this instance..I pray May God have mercy on you, clear your shortcomings..and bless everyone fortitude to bear your exit.
ADIEU my FRIEND my BROTHER Liutenant Colonel ND AJAH...
Posted by Sandra Ajah on May 2, 2021
A brother with a big heart that take care of others rest on we will miss your contribution to Ajah's compound our hero
Posted by Ongbabo Sabo on May 2, 2021
Sometime circumstances will forced me to ask why good people are often called by God when we need them most.
I have not seen you in person but your voice alone through phone conversation convinced me that you are simply a good man. I know fully well that not only your immediate family will miss you but the entire Nigeria and Nigerian.
May your gentle and good soul rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.
Engr. Ongbabo Elaigwu Sabo
Posted by Ugo Ajah on May 2, 2021
My brother, this is a loss too many. My heart bleed for my dad whom you took very good care of and for your wife whom war had widowed, for your son and most of all for the Ajah family.
Rest on, we are never a family of cowards but who can question God?
Posted by Henry Eze on May 2, 2021
Nwokike, I'm still shocked that this insecurity swallowed you. We continue to pray and strive that you laid down your life for a good cause. Evil will never overcome good! Rest on brother, and may the Nigeria of your children be better because of your sacrifice!
Posted by Chaka Chukwumerije on May 2, 2021
Rest in Peace, Daniel. Your loss is painful and untimely.
Posted by Saidu Kumo on May 2, 2021
You are a great guy indeed. RIP Hero.
Posted by Jerry Maigari on May 2, 2021
Oh so sad, we fought those idiots together in Timbuktu and I left you in Jan 2021. I can remember you said just go I would join you later when I leave too. During our time together fighting I remember some of your words, you said, “ Jerry don’t worry we will finish this baggers, they can’t mess our country “. I also remember that anytime it’s time for dinner you would prepare food and send for us we would sit, gist and laugh even in the face of uncertainty and fear. You were brave and never showed fear or indecision. You took time to alway say Jerry have you call madam and the kids, call them oh, I have just called mine. You were a good friend, brother in battle and a fighter. Our time in Maiduguri together fighting is something I would never forget. My only prayer is for God to compensate your family with what you prayed for. Adieu Sir and RIP
Posted by Andy Zidon on May 2, 2021
Rest in Peace bro.You were an all round great guy..We will miss you ...
Posted by Attah Emeka on May 2, 2021


It is with a deep sense of loss that we write this tribute to you, our dearest brother in the Lord. The Bakhita Family mourns your departure from this world. Although your stay with us was very short, you impacted our lives with your genuine trust in the Lord, your kind hearted nature, and your generosity.

You died in active service...when the Nigerian nation & the world at large needed you most. You were named Daniel; and severally you were in the Lion's Den and you triumphed. You were a gallant, brilliant, smart & dedicated soldier of high repute. You really ran your race with a clean heart and utmost vigour, and we are deeply convinced that the heavenly beings were taking notes; thus heaven awaits you.

Our prayer is that the Angels of the Lord will usher your beautiful soul to God Almighty for a sweet repose. AMEN! He will console your wife, little junior and the rest of your family & friends. AMEN!!

Sleep well brother Daniel.

- The Bakhita Family

Posted by Victor Olowogorioye on May 2, 2021
Oh Lord, have mercy on us! My friend and brother, Lt. Col. Daniel N Ajah gone in the service to Fatherland!!!
I read few minutes ago that you paid the supreme price in the defence of our troubled Country, Nigeria. I am truly devastated by this sad news. I am indeed short of words at this time.

The memory of our last time together in the midst of your military assignment Sudan flowed in when you wanted to go Benin by flight en-route to seeing your family Lokoja but because I told you that I was going to drive to Warri same day, you cancelled the flight and chose to give me a company to Benin, we drove together. You alighted in Benin and took a vehicle to Lokoja while I proceeded to Warri. That how thoughtful you are as a friend!!!

May your soul rest in peace. May God console your family, most especially your darling wife (I know how close both of you are to yourselves) and your little son.

Till we meet to part no more! Adieu my friend and brother!! Adieu Lt. Col. Daniel N. Ajah!!!
Posted by Blessing Dike on May 1, 2021
I was dumbfounded when I heard the news of your exit from this world. I strongly believe that you did not die at a time appointment by your God. We all are helpless to avenge your death but I strongly believe that the greatest avenger , our Lord Jesus Christ, will bring to book the perpetrators of this wicked act.
I plead with your immediate family members to be consoled and I pray that the Lord will give them the fortitude to bear your death.
Adieu! Bro, till we meet on that resurrection morning.
Posted by Engr. OYEWUMI ARIYO on May 1, 2021
How I wish I were expressing these for his retirement party instead of his funeral, we all know that, life isn’t fair sometimes. It’s not fair that Col. Daniel Ajah was taken from his wife Engr. Ajah Edith after many years together. It’s not fair that He wasn’t able to live long enough to enjoy his wife that he really love and the new born baby. And it’s not fair that Nigeria military will be missing Col. Daniel Ajah in action.
A worked harder and gentle Gallant Officer is gone. He has been undertaking a difficult and important task in fighting to defend his Country territory till the end. Sleep on good Officer. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Itohan Otoijamun on May 1, 2021
Lt.Col. Ajah, You gave yourself for others to live. You will always be remembered as a hero.
Posted by Kaltume Giwa on May 1, 2021
Your legacy will surely outlive you.
Rest on in the bosom of the Lord.
Good night, Soldier.
Posted by Udeme Inyang on May 1, 2021
I salute you my friend , I salute you my brother .

" Ajeh " as we once called you way back in highschool .
I'm managing to type , you fought for us , you took not just bullets but mortars for us .
Rest on nnwafor , rest on solder .
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Posted by Victor Olowogorioye on April 26, 2022
Col. Dan Aja, my dear friend and brother. You came, you saw and you left an indelible mark. May your soul continue to rest in peace. May God continue to watch over the family and loved ones you left behind.

It's well!
Posted by Erastus Onyeulo on April 26, 2022
One year has passed but still it seems as if it's one month and at the same time seems as if it's been eternity without you Sir. I can't forget ur kindness and wonderful sense of humor towards my family and I. You will always be remembered for all the good things u have done here on Earth. May God continue to guide and guard your soul. Amen. Rest On Sir
Posted by Gabriel Ademola Folaranmi on April 25, 2022
Hmmm, my dear big Boss, rest on at the bossom of your Creator where we shall meet to part no more.
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Shared by Kimjim Makama on April 30, 2021
Lt Col ND Ajah was one of the great commanding officers i was previlaged to work with. I learned a lot from you  as your staff officer. You were gentle and firm. A gentleman per excellence. The armed forces lost one of it's finest in you. Rest on sir. We love you.