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From Aunt Kathy

August 29, 2011

I have been thinking about you Daniel so much this week.  It seems just yesterday yet so long ago you were laughing with your wonderful smile. Watching how hard you worked to walk and so determined to do so.  The frustration you felt wanting to talk to us and doing so much to let us know what you wanted to share with us.  Letting us know what you liked and definetly what you didn't! But most of all the beautiful, wonderful ways you showed your love;  with a smile, with a look, short or long didn't matter and your soft wonderful touch to our face.
We love you Daniel and are so happy that you are happy. Hope you are having fun with your grandparents, Uncle Ron and Schatzy.  It must be the most indescribably beautiful feeling to be with God.  We are blessed Daniel, that you shared your time with us. Thank you Daniel for all your love and teaching us what is important.  My love to you always. 

Aunt Kathy 

MoCo Fair School Bus

August 29, 2011

I remember one year I was at the county fair with my mom and Daniel. I think it was part of the "fair buddy" (name?) program that Dan was a participant in. Anyway, there was this small stage set up that had a small, like 12"x24" remote control talking school bus character and Dan LOVED it. I don't think I had ever seen him laugh so hard and for so long except for when we tickled him. It's a great memory :) 

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