Daoud (David) Khairallah, born in Bhamdoun, Lebanon on February 18, 1937, passed away on March 22, 2020 in Fairfax, Virginia. He is survived by his wife, Lois Maidment, whom he married in 1975.

After graduating from the Lebanese University and the University of Michigan Law School Ann Arbor and earning his SJD Daoud Khairallah worked with the World Bank Group for almost 25 years, where he was deputy general counsel to the World Bank from 1994-2000, and prior to that was deputy general counsel to the International Finance Corporation. After the World Bank, he joined the law firm of  White & Case, where he worked with clients on combating corruption in international business transactions. He also was an adjunct professor at Georgetown law school.  He was a member of the Beirut, Virginia, and DC Bar, a member of the Fairfax County Human Rights Commission, and served on the boards of a number of international organizations.

Daoud was the embodiment of his dual upbringing. The village life of Bhamdoun planted in him deep traditional values, a steadfast sense of justice and an unwavering resilience in the face of challenges. America’s imprint on him was apparent in his faith in participatory politics, his disdain for passivity and his conviction that political change comes through reason and law.

The foundation of his outlook is that politics should be ethical and not only pragmatic, hence his lifelong focus on fighting corruption. Untiringly, he lectured and wrote about clean and decent governments, publishing two books and many articles and appeared on numerous TV programs on the subject. He applied the same moral outlook to his views on national identity, believing that it should be just and respectful of human rights. As such, he rejected predatory nationalism based on ethnic or religious identities.

Daoud’s belief in morality and ethics extended beyond his politics to his personal life, making him a loving husband and a loyal friend. He was an avid reader, loved Arabic poetry and literature, a gourmet, and an enthusiastic dabke dancer. He will be remembered both for his intellect and his love for life. 

NOTE TO FRIENDS:  Current circumstances prevent us from holding a gathering or service at this time.  We will do that in the best manner at the appropriate time.

داود لطف الله خيرالله، المولود في بحمدون – لبنان في الثامن عشر من شباط/فبراير من العام 1937، توفاه الله في 22 آذار/مارس2020 في فيرفاكس – فيرجيينيا. 

زوجته لويس ميدمنت وقد تزوجا في العام 1975.
بعد تخرجه من كلية الحقوق في الجامعة اللبنانية، ومن ثم من كلية الحقوق في جامعة ميشيغن – آن آربر حيث حصل على درجة دكتوراه في العلوم القانونية، التحق داود خيرالله بمجموعة البنك الدولي حيث مكث قرابة خمس وعشرين سنة شغل خلالها منصب نائب رئيس الدائرة القانونية بين العامين 1994 و2000، وكان قبلئذ نائبا لرئيس الدائرة القانونية في المؤسسة الدولية للتمويل. بعد البنك الدولي التحق خيرالله بمؤسسة  "وايت اند كيس" للمحاماة حيث تركّز عمله مع عملاء المؤسسة على مكافحة الفساد في مجال الأعمال التجارية الدولية. كذلك كان استاذًا مساعدًا في كلية الحقوق في جامعة جورجتاون. كان عضوا في كلٍ من نقابة محامي بيروت ونقابتي فيرجيينيا ودي سي، كذلك كان عضوا في هيئة حقوق الانسان في مقاطعة فيرفاكس وفي مجالس إدارة العديد من المؤسسات الدولية.

داود خيرالله كان التجسيد الحي لنشأته ذات الركيزتين: الحياة القروية في بحمدون التي زرعت فيه قيما مجتمعية وتراثية عميقة الجذور، وحسًا صلبا بقيم العدالة، وقدرةً راسخة على مواجهة التحديات بمرونة لا تساوم. أما الأثر الذي تركته أميركا في مقارباته فقد تجلى بما ترسّخ لديه من إيمان بالسياسات التشاركية وازدراء للاستسلام والسلبية، فضلا عن قناعته بأن التغيير السياسي لا بد أن يأتي عن طريق العمل العقلاني والقانوني. ركن الزاوية في بنائه الفكري يقوم على أن السياسة يجب أن تُبنى على الأخلاق لا على البراغماتية فحسب، من هنا كانت حربه على الفساد التي بقيت شغله الشاغل. لم يَكَلَّ ولم يَمَلّ من إلقاء المحاضرات وتدبيج المقالات حول أهمية الحكومة النزيهة، وقد نُشر له كتابان والعديد من المقالات والمداخلات كما ظهر على العديد من شاشات التلفزة العالمية والعربية واللبنانية خصوصا حول مسألة الفساد في الحكم. لقد طبّق خيرالله نظرته الاخلاقية هذه على آرائه حيال الهُوّية الوطنية التي أرادها وعمل على أن تكون قائمة على العدالة واحترام حقوق الانسان، وعليه فقد رفض القوميات المفروضة القائمة على الهويات الإثنية أو الدينية.

لم يُقتَصَر التزام داود الأخلاقي على مواقفه السياسية والانسانية، فقد لازمه في حياته الخاصة زوجا محبا وصديقا مثاليّ الوفاء. كان قارئا نهما، عاشقا للشعر والأدب العربيين، ذواقا للقمة الطيبة، معجبا برقصة الدبكة وممارسا لها. لن تغيب ذكراه، مفكرا وعاشقا للحياة. 
Posted by Marcia Wiss on February 20, 2022
David's work must go on despite his passing. His commitment to students at Georgetown Law and Johns Hopkins SAIS was to infuse the next generation of policy makers and lawyers with his same sense of justice, anti-corruption, good governance and the triumph of The Good. His passion for informed democracy and commitment to those less fortunate must continue.
Posted by Eric Khairalla on February 19, 2022
Too bad we could not celebrate your 85th Milestone together.
Missing you especially in these difficult circumstances we are going through
Tell them where you are to have some mercy on us and our country
Posted by Fadi Agha on February 18, 2022
Today, You would’ve been 85 years young and as sharp as a whip!
We miss you my friend.
Posted by Georges Corm on February 18, 2022
Dear David,

Each time I pass by the Crown Plaza Hotel in Hamra the memory of our lively discussions come to my mind. Just to day I passed near the Hotel and tought about you, seing you coming out of the Hotel to join me for a coffee in the lobby or somewhere in one of the numerous Hamra's cafés and namely Socrates. I do not know if from where you are you can see what is happening to Lebanon which is in the process of full disintegration.

It is tough times for us here.

Posted by Georges Corm on March 23, 2021
Dear David,
You are more present than ever in our hearts and minds.
In the present difficult times we are living in we take inspiration from your courage in confronting the physical illness that stroke you so unfairly.
Your friendship and writings have been so inspiring to all your friends and continue to be.

Georges Corm
Posted by Georges Corm on February 20, 2021
Time passes but we continue to miss David presence, full of friendship and lively exchange of ideas. I suggest that this website should contain some videos of David giving conferences or being interviewed by various TVs.
Posted by Suzette Zablit on February 19, 2021
Sweet David
Hoping you are in a better world cause its quite ugly down here. That 1 dinner at your home wit Lois and the kairallas along with the few at Eric's in your presence have left me with a profound admiration and respect for you. If you stumble upon my Christopher, please hug him for me.
Much respect
Posted by Eric Khairalla on February 18, 2021
Sorry we couldn’t be together for your 84 birthday
You lived a full life till the end and left us with a big void
Missing you a lot
Until we see each other again Rest In Peace
Posted by Marcia Wiss on February 18, 2021
Today I am teaching our course at Johns Hopkins' SAIS and thinking about David when I use the materials he wrote about preliminary host country agreements in infrastructure projects. His memory will live on in his work and his students.

Prof. Marcia Wiss
Posted by Venu Venugopal on April 25, 2020
As a former colleague of Daoud, I reminisce the time we worked together at the World Bank. He was a man of integrity, compassion and endowed with a great legal mind. My heartfelt condolences to Lois during this difficult time and pray that she has the strength to overcome this terrible loss.

Venu Venugopal
Posted by Susan McAdams on April 22, 2020
Dear Lois,

I am so sad to learn of Daoud's difficult last months and passing. Daoud was the finest of gentlemen - charming, wise, focused on the important issues, a political master with his fine motives, intellect, and wide experience. It was a privilege working closely with Daoud as my immediate boss on IDA replenishments in the late 1990s, where he retained his sense of humor, perspective, and enjoyment of life in the worst of negotiations. All love and light to you and your family,

Susan McAdams
Posted by Merrill St. Leger on April 18, 2020
My deepest and most sincere condolences to you Lois, and to your and David's extended families. May you all find comfort in your good memories of David each other and may he rest in peace.
Best regards,
Merrill St. Leger
Posted by Djaouida Siaci on April 15, 2020
I am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear friend and colleague Daoud Khairallah. My heartfelt sympathy to his wife Lois and the rest of his family.

I am fortunate to have known and worked with Daoud, a name associated with dignity and integrity. He has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement since the early days of my career as a lawyer.   
Daoud brought to his work a mighty heart, passion and determination. His ability to put people at ease with his compassion and great sense of humor; his devotion to his family and friends; and his commitment and dedication to making the world a safer, better and more peaceful place, made him a role model and true-change maker. His is a truly remarkable set of accomplishments all done with class, discretion and finesse. Daoud and his life must be celebrated by following his legacy.
May he rest in peace. 
Posted by Betty Sams on April 6, 2020
Dear Lois,

I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your dear David. He was an extraordinary man and my Jim treasured the many years they worked together on the issues they were both passionate about . We admired and respected him and so enjoyed being with the two of you. A difficult time for you but one filled with such good memories of a good man.

With all my sympathy,

Betty Sams
Posted by George M Thomson on April 6, 2020
David and I worked on concluding the first investment project by IFC in Madagascar. The negotiating team from the Central Bank were very curious about our processes and delighted in telling David that his French was very good "considering he had learnt it at The American University of Beirut". He took the joke in good form and he was a pleasure to work with, especially as my schoolboy French was really poor.
Posted by Victor DeSantis on April 5, 2020
I had the privilege of meeting Daoud for the first time in 1986, in Washington, when we were working on an international financing for a project in Africa. My first impressions of him were as a lawyer, and I particularly admired the intellectual precision he brought to his work and his commitment to his client, the International Finance Corporation, and its development mission. Over the following decades, and especially after Daoud joined us at White & Case, my admiration grew. I saw how leaders from international organizations, embassies, international businesses, civil society organizations and other organizations sought and valued his advice. I was grateful for the care and skill he devoted to teaching and mentoring our younger lawyers. I enjoyed our many conversations over the years, on a broad range of topics. (And, of course, I savored the sweets he would bring to us from Lebanon!)

I am saddened he has left us, happy he is in a better place, and grateful to have had the opportunity to know him, and through him, Lois. I extend to her and to Daoud’s entire family my sincerest condolences. 
Posted by Linda Thompson on April 5, 2020
So sorry to hear of your passing. We will always remember you as a frequent user of the Law Library in the World Bank and your kindness to staff. Always the scholar. Peace.
Posted by Ziad Demian on April 4, 2020
To those who passed through this world and made an impact, here is another one who left his imprint and just joined you.

Cheers to you Daoud!!
Posted by Mark Alexander Shalaby on April 4, 2020
Doctor Khairallah, Professor Khairallah, Daoud, David leaves those of us who had the fortune to know him with a legacy of passion, intellect and friendship that we will all strive to pursue in our own lives. His life transcended the boundaries of countries, cultures, religions, professions and age. He wanted to make a difference in people's lives, and he most certainly did in mine, from my education at law school to my early days as a lawyer. The inspirations and hopes he had for people and for this world will live on.
Posted by Myra Jacbs on April 3, 2020
Dear Lois

So sorry to learn that you have lost your beloved Daoud. May the abundant affection and support of friends and family help buoy you and provide solace through the time ahead. Warmly, Myra  
Posted by Chris Curran on April 3, 2020
David was a warm and wise colleague at White & Case. Beyond his impeccable judgment, he offered great insight in particular into Middle East affairs. I frequently sought his counsel, and was always rewarded with his generous and thoughtful perceptions. I happened to be with David in the office on 9/11 and appreciated his observations as we (and the rest of the world) tried to figure out what was happening. I will miss this fine man.
Posted by Christian Philip on April 2, 2020
Daoud, You were one of my mentors when I joined IFC in 1988, but you were also a close friend and a model. Working with you was always a pleasure. I learnt a lot from you, most importantly your capacity to speak always frankly and to defend the interests of the Corporation and the Bank even if Senior Management would have preferred hearing otherwise. Your smile and your laugh will remain in my memories for ever. May God bless you. My sincere condolences to your family.
Posted by Gerda Merwald on March 31, 2020

thank you for memorable years at IFC's Legal Department, when we were like a family together with 'Pepe' Camacho, and later for being a supporting friend when we both worked for Mr. Shihata.
Daoud, you are in a safer world now.
Posted by Will Carella on March 31, 2020
It is hard for me to write this. David meant so much to me. My favorite memories of David are when he would pick me up from my house and drive us to get lunch. He knew I wanted to be a lawyer and was the single biggest encouragement in my life. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. I loved hearing his stories about law school- he had to use a dictionary for English to Arabic as well as Arabic to English alongside his school textbooks...I was in awe of his work ethic. I think about him every day. Thank you David- I love you and I hope I will make you proud.
Posted by Edwin Paxson on March 31, 2020
Dr Khairallah was one of the first outside counsel I worked with at IFC. He was a great intellect and a delightful human being. I am very privileged to have known such a colleague and example for the profession. My deep condolences to his family in this difficult time. Please know that Daoud lives in our memory at IFC.
Posted by Zeina Mobassaleh on March 31, 2020
Dear Ammo David,

If I didn’t do it emphatically enough before, I want to thank you now for guiding me when I was in law school. At a time when I knew so few lawyers, your wisdom, experience and perspective were invaluable to me. You were a role model in many ways, not the least of which was being so selfless, idealistic, and committed to the good of the world. I am so sad for your loss. I know the world lost a precious voice. And we all lost a precious friend. 

You will live on in the legacy you left behind. And in the hearts and minds of so many of us. 

Sending you much love and gratitude,
Posted by Becher Atassi on March 30, 2020
Daoud, you were one of the most precious people I have ever met. I have lost a great friend and older brother. The world, and more particularly our region, has lost a great independent thinker, a tireless advocate for justice and human rights who was never afraid to say it like it is and defend the oppressed, no matter how powerful the oppressor.  David was the embodiment of courage and integrity, always espousing righteous causes in the face of adversity. He radiated decency and humanity.

 He was very frustrated after his stroke at no longer being able to share with us his brilliant and learned thoughts on so many topics as we had become accustomed to over the years. May you rest in Peace Daoud. You were one of a kind.
Posted by Elias Hanna on March 30, 2020
Lois: I’d like to have your email address so I can write to you directly.
Posted by Carlos Fernandez-Duque on March 29, 2020
Daoud arrived in IFC only one year after I did, so we both were looked upon by more senior lawyers as the youngsters. As a result, we got to be very close friends and help each other whenever needed throughout our careers. We both remained in the DC area after we retired, and our friendship steadily continued - till this sad moment.

Daoud was a brilliant lawyer, a wonderful friend, and a beautiful human being. I will always remember and miss him.

To Lois and his family, my deepest condolences. I grieve with you.
Posted by Andres Hernandorena on March 29, 2020
It is inmensely sad to bid farewell to Daoud. We first met in the mid 1970s when we worked as lawyers in the legal department of the IFC. I remember to this date that Daoud was praised by the then General Counsel, R.B.J. Richards, and by the Deputy GC, Jose "Pepe" Camacho. They both considered the recruitment of Daoud as a great success, and they both were very right. We remained friends for all the following years and decades, whether working together or in different jobs. I always admired Daoud's intellectual capacity, his sense of humor and his commitment to human rights and justice. He was a leader against corruption and passionate about the causes concerning Lebanon and the Arab world. Daoud will be sorely missed by his family and numerous friends. We extend our deepest sympathy to the loving and brave Lois.
Andres Hernandorena
Posted by Tarek Alwazir on March 28, 2020
I met Professor Daoud Khairallah a few times whether at Al-Hewar or at a social visit, he paid to my family’s elders, or at a seminar; he always shone and was a pillar of wisdom, intellect, kindness, knowledge and above all humanity. He defended people whose rights have been swallowed by a callous system. He espoused principles that eschewed religious or racial differences. He was a teacher and a paragon to emulate. It’s with great sadness that I pay my respects for his departure; may he rest in peace and may Allah bestow serenity and patience to his family.
Posted by Marcia Wiss on March 27, 2020

The world has lost one of its most ethical, committed and enthusiastic voices for anti-corruption, transparency and justice. David was dedicated during the 25 years I taught with him at Georgetown Law to educating the best and the brightest of the next generation of international lawyers and inculcating in them a love of the Rule of Law and commitment to making the world a better place through using their legal talents to improving the societies in which they practice law.

His intellect and drive to educate people to understand why they and their neighbors would be better off if they acted with love and acceptance of those not from their religion or sect was palpable.

Of course he was also a lover of life, poetry, song, dance and superior Chateau Belle-Vue wine. Heaven will be so happy he is joining them.

Posted by Hayyan Salim HAIDAR on March 27, 2020
Dear Daoud,
Why did you left us so early?
We still have plenty of ideas to discuss, plenty of energy to spend...
Our Lebanon still needs you! Today more than ever !
I was sadly surprised when I read Lois' message. I couldn't believe.
After your stroke, in Beirut few months ago, I hold your hand...and talk to you,...answering to supposed questions you might ask... Suddenly you turned your head, opened your eyes... It was your very first reaction. I shed a tear...
The next days, you were doing better... slowly but regularly...until going back home...
I hoped so much for Daoud's recovery...
But God's will was to take him, beside Him, very quickly.
Dear Daoud, rest In peace.

Dear Lois,
You were perfect during this sad event... So quiet, so tolerant, so stoical, so kind and so committed...God bless you and give you the strength to overcome your pain.
With all my love.

Ghada El Yafi

Posted by Samir El Daher on March 26, 2020
“In the beginning was the verb”. But for David, the pen too was at the creation. Last October as I saw him confined to a hospital bed in Beirut, speech-impaired and right arm immobilized, I measured the devastating tragedy that had felled the articulate speaker and prolific writer. The 19th century great French poet Baudelaire who survived few months only the stroke that reduced his enchanting words to incoherent monosyllables – a situation he didn’t withstand. I feared David wouldn’t either for, in his mind, what’s an archer without his bow?

Yet, this is not the memory I’ll keep of 43 years of friendship with David. I’ll have etched in mind David always standing tall, generous, warm, with a smiling face, disarming wit and wry sense of humor. For me and many of his Lebanese friends and colleagues at the World Bank, David was the “Consiligiere” whose advice and wisdom we sought on matters big and small, professional and personal. I’ll recall David as the engaging interlocutor, the fearsome debater with whom I never won an argument… even when he was wrong, which was not often.

We shall all remember David’s multi-dimensional facets: legal scholar and practitioner, political thinker and activist, tireless fighter and passionate defender of national and human rights, author of books and contributor to newsprints, conference speaker, current affairs commentator on media outlets, and erudite of Arab poetry, classical and popular, which he could recite on end – I once told him to bequeath his brain to the National Archives as a repository of Arab poetry!

David’s interests and skills extended beyond intellectual pursuits… from “gang leader” of the Lebanese national folkdance, to talented Chef, a craft self-taught on the fly during his student days in Michigan – for him a matter of mere survival after leaving Lebanon, as he’d say.

One must wonder where on earth could a man find the time, energy and drive for all such endeavors. The answer might be found in looking just next to David, to Lois, whose quiet strength, fortitude, endurance and determination during the trying last few months tell a lot about the support, backing and inspiration David found in her over the years.

I’ll miss David, the older brother I could always confide in and joke with.

Posted by Omar Khaldieh on March 26, 2020
To a person I cherish.
With deep sorrow and sadness I received the news of the passing of a good friend of mine. Daoud is a person who embodied knowledge, truth, and love for humanity. Daoud, you will be sorely missed by us all.
Omar Khaldieh
Posted by Hayyan Salim HAIDAR on March 26, 2020
A Farewell to Daoud Khairallah the Humane

“The fate of the tiniest living cell is to struggle for its survival”. So you said and so you lived… till the last breath.

Truly, your friends did record on your lifeline qualities such as: thinker, writer, analyst, legal scholar, international expert and lawyer, a rare example of a man of culture, a real pioneer, a researcher, an example of integrity loaded with independent opinion, and a host of other outstanding descriptions.

Accounts were also rightly made by followers who witnessed your steadfast stances naming you as: the patriot, the Arab national, the pan-Arab nationalist, the gallant knight, the Lord of the arms of Right, the defender of the causes of the Ummah (nation), the suicidal in the face of Injustice, a symbol of the opposition to the sectarian regime of Lebanon, a soldier among the soldiers of Rights, a sword among the swords of Right and Reason, a pundit of the basics of democracy. For him, Palestine is invariably the most oppressed. He himself passed away oppressed.

Your loved ones were also correct in describing many of your salient qualities such as: warm-hearted, solid as a mountain, his flag never to fall, the authenticity of his word, a thundering voice.

However, the qualities dearest to both heart and reason shall remain as; Daoud, the "humane person”.

We met less than a decade ago when we were both invited to join the wider board of trustees of the Arab Anti-Corruption Organisation in Beirut. And from there on, the relationship developed and interacted to turn into, sort of, a childhood friendship, with all its innocent behaviour, and then also a boyhood partnership, with all their (theoretical) naughtiness, and on to companions of adults, for their imaginary dreams and adventures, but actually it was a real “Dialogue of the two White-haireds”, mainly spiritual during their stormy calm encounters. I Wonder…    I rarely made a childhood friend at such an advanced age!

So… He is your friend, with finite proof of the dictates of his legal profession. Yet, his most prominent quality remained simplicity. Simplicity was the basis of all things: from politics to the elegant appearance, to food preferences and to various wants despite of the sophistication par excellence… briefly proving: Simplicity is the bliss of living.

Daoud, you have drafted project contracts for countries around the world, mainly for the wretched people of the world, representing world and international financial and academic organisations, all the while rejecting the included mischievous clauses of some of their goals, and insisting on exposing the hidden mysteries of their aims, with your usual frankness, a frankness never diminished with the weathering of time, with due uncaring for the consequences. So much so that I could imagine you addressing them with the words of a poet, whose writings you much appreciated, words which could describe that situation and read as follows:
        “ And however, while being amongst them,
                   I lose the meaning of my very existence,
Like a provocative answer before even the question is asked! "(*)

From Washington, or from Beirut, you would hail me, with your favourite call, "Hey Champ?" And the expressions of friendship would flow down just like a serene river would, melodic, astounding, voiced with kindness but with strong words, selected with a distinct vocabulary, refined, with meticulous choices of polite expressions, ever, strictly measured in terms of that persisting legal background. Later you would appear to meet us with your impressive bright stature and that beaming smile.

Your love for life never abandoned you since your childhood in your Bhamdoun-at-Heart village (now a grown town) in the Lebanese mountain, which you were keen on visiting at every trip, just to re-connect with both the “people of the village” and the “culture”, in all its meanings, to relive the original customs, and revisit the memories of simple olden life. From there, you took along to your expatriate “home away from home”, to where further than further the sun sets, you took your love for Dabkeh (local folk dance), for Mujaddara and Mouloukhia (lebanese village meals) and for other heritage rituals.

Until your last days you would pull out of your lofty memory, alongside politics and its tiring “accessories”, poetry, literature, music, singing, dancing, zajal (folk riming short stories), love poems and folk proverbs. Full of life you were indeed.
And once within society, which happened so often, a captivating presence you showed commanding all due respect. For you are the gentle one without weakness, and the delicate one without undue courtesy, the honest one without favouritism, the stubborn one without fighting, and the ethical person without affectation, loaded with high morals, always, no matter how intense the debate, and so often times debates would turn fiery indeed. And with all that, an attentive person, following-up on what matters, with objective presence at meetings and through the various media screens.

You always left Beirut, as like tomorrow, on a Tuesday morning, at dawn, at least twice a year, fly to the very far-away. And on the following Thursday night, time would be again for our usual media chat, after your rest from the jet lag, for the sake of keeping the lungs of our “young” thoughts breathing.

Full of that enthusiasm that never healed, you were. You studied, researched, were convinced and persuaded, worked, taught, and insisted throughout your entire life and career that one, all the ones, should always consider, adopt, apply and do by the difficult principle of gauging “efforts against outcomes”(results) an idea with which you concluded the latest of your many published books and articles

Finally, you never caved-in to the “surrendering as a fate” motto, nor to the common local weakling attitude of, "Do not treat it for it cannot be cured" and the common like popular sayings. And with that, you would struggle all the time, as in the case of “that” microscopic living cell.

Daoud, you shall remain in our hearts and in our minds, just as you wished it: one of those people who kept walking “on the correct (straight) track”, on the path of Right and Truth.
Still… you left before seeing the whole world powerless, the entire humanity sick, exactly as you had warned, but for other pertinent reasons!

Fare thee well, Knight of Friendship ... Sleep, dear friend, for you have not slept well for a whole life time.

Hayyan Salim Haidar                             Beirut, on March 23, 2020.

(*) Salim Haidar

Posted by Georges Corm on March 25, 2020
I was having lunch with David on the day he had his cerebral stroke in the evening. He was in his best condition and we had a lively conversation at Socrate Restaurant in Hamra near Crown Plaza hotel where he used to stay. Never could I imagine what happened to him in the evening and that would transform his life in a long period of deep suffering. He remained courageous all along, doing his best to communicate with his wife and friends. Lois was admirable all along these months seeing her beloved husband suffering but keeping her calm and nice smile.
David was not only a devoted friend, but also a source of inspiration by his writings analyzing and combating corruption. We must also remember the battle he fought against the infamous international tribunal established in La Haye to judge those responsible for the killing of Rafic Hariri.
Thanks to his writings and speeches, David will remain a “Manara” leaving behind him such a rich intellectual heritage.
Posted by Thea Khairalla on March 24, 2020
You have meant so much to us throughout our lives - thank you for always treating William and I as if we were your own kids / grandkids. Having limited extended family in the US made you even more cherished/ special to us and it will be hard to imagine days and holidays without you. Thank you for the love and generosity you have always shown us, it was never unnoticed.
I love you <3
Posted by Edmud Ghareeb on March 24, 2020


It was with a deep sense of sadness and loss that I received news of the passing of Daoud Khairallah. Daoud was a close and dear friend and colleague of mine for over four decades. He, along with his dear wife Lois, was a very close friend of my wife Shirin and I.

Daoud was a brilliant legal scholar, a dedicated professor, and an articulate defender of the poor, the weak and the downtrodden. He was a fighter, a very eloquent and passionate fighter, against corruption and sectarianism. He fought for fairness, justice, secularism and equality before the law for all, not only in the US, but in Lebanon, the Middle East, and other parts of the world as well. He made his views heard in numerous interviews, articles, speeches and books.

I first came to know Daoud's name when I read one of his articles in Al-Nahar newspaper, a well argued piece he wrote on Kurdish self determination under Iraqi and international law. At the time I was I was finishing research on my first book on the Kurds and the Kurdish Nationalist movement in Iraq and the region. 

I did not, however, meet him in person until the late seventies when he was living in Washington, DC and working at the International Finance Corporation. It was during this time that Daoud and Lois became very close and cherished friends of ours.

It was also during this time that I came to know more about Daoud's interests, many of which I shared, through the numerous lectures and meetings that we attended together. We were both members of the Shaybani Society for International Law where he gave thoughtful and insightful presentions during these meetings and lectures. I was impressed by Daoud's seriousness and vast knowledge, not only of issues dealing with western and Islamic law, but also of his command of issues dealing with Lebanon, the Palestinian question and US foreign policies.

Over the ensuing years, we often met and spoke regularly by phone, or over lunch, and discussed issues of common interest. I was truly amazed by his phenomenal memory. He could recite an unaccountable number of poems – classical arabic poetry - especially the great Al-Mutanabbi. But what I appreciated and enjoyed most was listening to him recite Lebanese and regional folk poetry. I loved our discussions on Lebanese folk and Zajal poetry. He would recite from memory poets like Elie Abou Chedid, Michel Trad, and Zajal poets like Al-Shahrour, Ali Al-Haj, and Zaghloul al Damourl.

In addition to his keen intellect, Daoud appreciated many facets of the arts, including film. He was a wonderful dancer (I still remember seeing him and Lois waltzing beautifully one evening) in addition to his love of Dabke folk dance. He was truly a Renaissance man. It was a pleasure and privilege to know Daoud and I, like many other friends will miss him dearly.

The end of any life can be a cause of either sorrow for a life wasted, or gratitude and joy for a life well lived. Daoud Khairallah lived a full and fulfilled life ennobled by his service to humanity. I and many others are in his debt, and we rejoice in the fact that we have not been deprived of receiving the gifts of his mind and spirit that he so generously shared with us.

Our deepest condolences go to his dear wife Lois and all the members of his family.

Edmund Ghareeb
Posted by Youssef Mobassaleh on March 24, 2020
May his soul rest in peace. His departure will creat a great void in the hearts of his friends and countrymen. We pray for the courage and strength of our dear Lois to withstad this great loss.
Youssef and Mariam
Posted by Salwa Abirafeh on March 24, 2020
So so sorry for this loss. A loss for his family, a loss for his community, a loss for the Arab world.
May his soul Rest In Peace.
Souhail and Salwa Abirafeh
Posted by Ayssar Midani on March 24, 2020
بالها من خسارة
البروفيسور داوود خير الله الإنسان الوطني الرائع سيلهمنا في نضالاتنا القادمة . ان مواقفه الرائعة ستبقى تصدح دومًا في إعلامنا وأفكارنا ان ثقافته ومعرفته العميقة لتاريخ الأمة العربية والنضالات القومية ستبقى رائدة لفكرنا وفكر شعوبنا المقاومة للاستعمار والصهيونية والرجعية ...لك الجنة أيها العزيز الغالي وسيكون ذكرك مؤبدًا .. ايسر ميداني قلوبنا معكم وأحر التعازي للجميع العائلة والأصدقاء ورفاق النضال .
تحيا سورية ونضالنا حتى النصر الكامل ✌️✌️✌️
د. ايسر الميداني من باريس ودمشق

Dr. David Khairallah we will miss you ! You will be always with us in our minds and hearts ♥️ inspiring our long way to free our countries from hegemonic domination and building our sovereignty despite pressures and blocage for a great new Syria and Arab world !
All my sincere condolences to your family and friends. Wish you will in the fairness of God in his greatest paradise!
All my respects and deep compassion to your wife and family.
Dr. Ayssar Midani from Paris and Damascus Syria
Posted by Qassim Alwazir on March 23, 2020
تصلح الارض على طايفة
    هم جمال الارض حينا بِعد حين
قد أقاموا قدوة صالحة
   ومضوا أمثلة للمحتذين،،،. 

انه لعزيز على النفس صعب على القلب عصيً على البيان ان نقول : وداعا داوود ! لشد ما ملاء عالمه بالحضور المتميز والفكر المتألق والسمو الاخلاقي والعلاقات الحميمة والوفاء الذي شده الى احباءيه رشدهم اليه بوثاق لم تزده الأيام الا وثاقة وتألقا واحتراما..
  ستمر الليالي والايام ولكنه سيظل في القلوب صفاء محبة لا تمحى وفي المواقف مثلا لرجل المواقف الباسلة الشجاعة في وجه الظالمين والمتكبرين في استعلاء الموءمن بقظيته وثبات المستيقن من خطاه.لقد كان مثالا للمفكر الذي لايساوم انه دائماً مع المظلوم مجتمعا او شعب او إنسانا .
كان أستاذا ومحاميا ومحاضرا ومفكرا رحيب الافاق وكان اخا وصديقا وكان في كل ذلك هو هو: داوود خيرالله!
وبعد فان العزاء في داوود هو عزاء من النفس الى الى النفس فالى زوجه الفاظله وآله ومحبيه جميعا نزجي اصدق العزاء فيمن يعز فيه العزاءً 
 عوًض الله الامة في أوطانها ومغترباتها عنه خيرالعوض وتقبله الله فيمن عنده
                    زيد وقاسم علي الوزير

Posted by Reda Asaad on March 23, 2020
داوود خير الله ، الذي رحل ، قامة وطنية بقيت شامخة حتى عندما أصابها الشلل . في زيارتي له وهو طريح الفراش ، كانت عيناه تتحركان بغضب، بعنف لخذلان لسانه له في نقل كلماته.يضرب بيده ، العضو الوحيد الذي بقي قادراً على مساعدته في التعبير، يضرب بها على سريره و تهرب من لسانه المتلعثم كلمات ، هي الحق الذي كان نبراسه.
داوود خير الله الذي رحل، كان قامة وطنية ليس في وطنه الصغير لبنان فحسب بل في كل موطن كان يؤمن بأنه امتداد إنساني و مصيري له . كانت الجغرافية عنده مرسومة بالمواطنة و المصير .
سنفتقدك، نحن الذين كنت لسانهم الصارم بوجه ثرثرة قاتلة. سنفتقدك ، نحن الذين نؤمن بما كنت تؤمن به.
ادع لنا، و أنت الصامت الان.

Daoud Khairallah, the wonderful friend who left us, remained strong even when the stroke had physically paralyzed him
During my visit to him in the hospital, his eyes started moving with anger at his tongue which refused to let him utter the words that his mind was quickly creating. He would pound his bed with his hand, the only part of his Body that allowed him to express his feelings. A few words escaped from his mouth expressing his deepest convictions on what was happening in his beloved region.
Dawoud , who left us, was not only a great voice for his small homeland Lebanon but also for all others that shared the same destiny. His borders were not geographical ones but ones of common destiny.
We, who share the same beliefs, will miss you greatly.
Pray for us !!
Posted by Joe Shehadeh on March 23, 2020
By losing Daoud, I lost a great friend, leader, and intellect. Daoud frequented my business in McLean where we discussed daily national and international events. I will miss his presence and his devotion to fighting corruption here and in the homeland. My gathering with Daoud always ended with poetry and/or Zajal. Your memory will be forever with me.
Lois: we can't imagine what you are going through. Our sincere condolences.
Joe and Denise Shehadeh
Posted by Hazem Baghdadi on March 23, 2020
David will live in the memory of everyone who knew him: his great lifetime achievements; his dedication to his principles; his modesty and kindness will all be remembered.
Also, alive in my memories are the regular meetings we had at the World Bank devoted to saving Lebanon during the Civil War; then in recent years having coffee together at the StarNut Cafe in McLean, discussing the issues of the day. His intellect and leadership will be missed.

Lois, our deepest sympathies on our great loss. May God accept him in His heavens.

Hazem & Sharon

Posted by Maria Saadeh on March 23, 2020
"أنتِ مشروع سوري وطني" بهذه الكلمات حمّلني دكتور داوود مسؤولية وطنية كبيرة ومشروعاً لبناء "غد واعد" إذ كنّا نمضي ساعات  طوال فراداً أو مع الأصدقاء نتحدث عن دولة القانون .. عن مجتمع يمارس الحقوق والحريات بالحد الأدنى من الفساد ...
كنّا نحلم حلماً كبيراً بقدر عمق عقله وفكره ولا يكتفي بالتنظير وإنما يتحدث دوماً عن إمكانية المستحيل بآليات عمل جاد ...
معه كنّا نحول الحلم إلى واقع والمستحيل إلى ممكن عالأقل بعقلنا وعمق فهمنا لواقعنا ....
أحبّ الشعر والتراث وتحدث عن الدبكة اللبنانية والمطبخ الشرقي المتنوع ...
حمل أملاً وعزيمة وكأنه يعيش أبداً ... رحل من هنا ولكنّه سيبقى بيننا وفينا أبداً ...
فلترقد روحه بسلام ....
Posted by Maher Mahmassani on March 23, 2020
I lost in David a lifetime friend and guide. We first met in the early seventies when we were teaching at the law school of the Lebanese University in Beirut. Then we met again in 1978 when I joined IFC of the World Bank Group. Since then, our friendship kept growing until we retired and beyond.

I always admired David's integrity and loyalty to the many causes that he fiercely fought for, including his fights against corruption and injustice.

I will certainly miss him every minute of every day. But my consolation shall always be and remain that he went to a better place. God bless his soul and May it rest in peace. Allah yerhamo.
Maher Mahmassani
Posted by Ghislaine Khairalla on March 23, 2020
Davido, Hard to find words. Your image is etched in me. “Heydeh benteh “. You said it, you felt it, and you practiced it.
You were simply a cut above. If I were a painter, I would paint a knight on a white horse charging at ignorance, corruption and indolence.
Over the last few months, I saw you totally fearless of death, but terribly impatient with your physical containment. Even during excruciating physical discomfort, you would perk up and listen to your dear friends relating news about your dear Lebanon. And you would get instantly animated and involved and passionate.

Your appetite for life - well your appetite for everything!- was so amazing.. You never refused my special hospital yogurt and honey concoction. We laughed through every hardship you had. We laughed at the aversion you had for the unattractive nurses, your burst of energy with cuter ones..
Your humor perfused even during extreme physical conditions. I remember you saying :” Heydeh el hmara” , referring to your limp handicapped right arm or leg. I also remember your famous “ Ya 3eyn!!” when you had a bad hair day.
I remember the hearty laughter during the grooming “competitions” we had to keep you handsome.

You showed an immeasurable love for my little family of four. You felt such pride that your godson William wanted to be a lawyer. The four of us felt that you and Lois had our backs. 

When a nurse asked your wife once how tall u were, Lois replied : “Oh, he may be 5’10 “, but he’s a giant “. Unrehearsed, spontaneous, indisputable.

So our giant has left us. And a giant vacuum is felt around him.
Our only consolation is that his greatness has somehow elevated every person he touched.
If I say good bye , would it stop you from communicating with me?
Find a way davido. Find a way. I know you can. 
Miss u davido.
Posted by Philippe and Randa Khouri on March 23, 2020
Dear Lois,
We just learned of the passing of David. Even though we rarely saw him since we left Virginia many years ago, we remember him fondly.
We are so sorry about your loss and send you our heartfelt condolences.
May his soul rest in everlasting peace.

Randa and Philippe Khouri
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Posted by Marcia Wiss on February 20, 2022
David's work must go on despite his passing. His commitment to students at Georgetown Law and Johns Hopkins SAIS was to infuse the next generation of policy makers and lawyers with his same sense of justice, anti-corruption, good governance and the triumph of The Good. His passion for informed democracy and commitment to those less fortunate must continue.
Posted by Eric Khairalla on February 19, 2022
Too bad we could not celebrate your 85th Milestone together.
Missing you especially in these difficult circumstances we are going through
Tell them where you are to have some mercy on us and our country
Posted by Fadi Agha on February 18, 2022
Today, You would’ve been 85 years young and as sharp as a whip!
We miss you my friend.
his Life

جلسة خاصة لتكريم الراحل الدكتور داود خيرالله - مركز الحوار العربي ALHEWAR CENTER

A special discussion about the life and the contributions of Daoud Khairallah.  

Video: حوار مع الدكتور داود خيرالله حول: مائة سنة من الصراعات وتعثر محاولات الإصلاح

حوار مع الدكتور داود خيرالله

Video: لعالم العربي والعدالة الدولية

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Shared by Emile Lahoud on April 2, 2020
سأفتقد صديقي داود خيرالله. ما جمعنا كان أبعد من الصداقة. كان الموقف، وهو صاحب رأي يفرض احترامه. صلبٌ في المبادئ فلا تجرفه التغيّرات في السياسات، ولو بدت هذه قادرة على الغلبة. ومن هنا كانت مناصرته لقضايا الحقّ حول العالم، ومنها القضيّة الفلسطينيّة التي جاهر بتأييدها لها أينما حلّ، وخصوصاً في قلب العاصمة الأميركيّة حيث درّس، متحدّياً لوبي العدو. وقد طبع سلوك مواجهة المتغطرسين في السياسة مسيرته، فكان دوماً الى جانب الحقّ مؤمناً بأنّه سينتصر في النهاية على الباطل، ونابذاً للتسويات على حساب الشعوب. وقد تشاركنا مع الراحل داود الأفكار عينها في الشأن السوري، وهو كان مدركاً بأنّ ما يجري في سوريا أكبر من حربٍ داخليّة بل هي مؤامرة كانت ستتمدّد من الداخل السوري الى دولٍ أخرى قريبة وبعيدة كانت ستقع ضحيّة الإرهاب لولا كَسر الأخير على أيدي المقاومين جميعهم. وكان داود مقاوماً عنيداً واجه الجبروت الإسرائيلي، وما ساوم يوماً على الطريقة الأميركيّة ولا شجّع على الدخول في صفقات على الطريقة اللبنانيّة المقيتة. رحمه الله، كان عظيماً في حياته وظلّ كذلك حتى ترجّل من هذه الفانية الى دنيا الخلود. سنذكره دوماً بالخير ولن ننسى مواقفه التي نقلها   الى أجيالٍ كثيرة وهي ستبقى منارةً للمقاومين من أجل كلّ قضيّة حق.                                                                              
.اميل جميل لحود

اتحاد القوى الشعبية اليمنية يعزي في رحيل المفكر العربي الكبير الأستاذ الدكتور دَاوُدَ خيرالله

Shared by إبراهيم النهمي on March 28, 2020
اتحاد القوى الشعبية اليمنية يعزي في رحيل المفكر العربي الكبير الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله
بعث المجلس الأعلى ومجلس الشورى والأمانة العامة وقيادات وأعضاء اتحاد القوى الشعبية برقية عزاء ومواساة لأسرة الفقيد  المفكر العربي الكبير الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله،  وإلى جميع محبيه والأمة العربية والمجتمع الإنساني  الذي وافته المنية في 22 آذار/مارس2020 في فيرفاكس – فيرجيينيا 
حيث أكد الاتحاد : إن رحيل الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله في هذه الظروف العصيبة يمثل خسارة فادحة للأمة العربية و المجتمع العربي والإنساني، فقد كانت حياة الفقيد مليئة بالمواقف النضالية التي تنشد الحرية والعدالة والكرامة الإنسانية، وأن الفقيد عاش مؤمنا  بأن التغيير السياسي لا بد أن يأتي عن طريق العمل العقلاني والقانوني،  وأن السياسة يجب أن تُبنى على الأخلاق لا على البراغماتية، ولذلك ظل حربه على الفساد شغله الشاغل، فلم يَكَلَّ ولم يَمَلّ من إلقاء المحاضرات وتدبيج المقالات وتأليف الكتب حول أهمية بناء الدولة المدنية العادلة، القائمة على الشراكة،  الخالية من الفساد والمفسدين .
وأضاف الاتحاد: لم يُقتَصَر التزام الفقيد الأخلاقي على مواقفه السياسية فحسب، فقد جسد أفكاره النظرية سلوكا وممارسة في حياته العامة والخاصة، وأنه من القلائل الذين سيظلون  حاضرين في وجدان الأمة العربية والمجتمع الإنساني .
  رحم الله الفقيد وغفر له وأسكنه فسيح جناته، وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.                                                           صادر عن اتحاد القوى الشعبية                                                                                                                                 صنعاء - الأربعاء 25  مارس  2020ماتحاد القوى الشعبية اليمنية يعزي في رحيل المفكر العربي الكبير الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله
بعث المجلس الأعلى ومجلس الشورى والأمانة العامة وقيادات وأعضاء اتحاد القوى الشعبية برقية عزاء ومواساة لأسرة الفقيد  المفكر العربي الكبير الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله،  وإلى جميع محبيه والأمة العربية والمجتمع الإنساني  الذي وافته المنية في 22 آذار/مارس2020 في فيرفاكس – فيرجيينيا 
حيث أكد الاتحاد : إن رحيل الأستاذ الدكتور  دَاوُدَ خير الله في هذه الظروف العصيبة يمثل خسارة فادحة للأمة العربية و المجتمع العربي والإنساني، فقد كانت حياة الفقيد مليئة بالمواقف النضالية التي تنشد الحرية والعدالة والكرامة الإنسانية، وأن الفقيد عاش مؤمنا  بأن التغيير السياسي لا بد أن يأتي عن طريق العمل العقلاني والقانوني،  وأن السياسة يجب أن تُبنى على الأخلاق لا على البراغماتية، ولذلك ظل حربه على الفساد شغله الشاغل، فلم يَكَلَّ ولم يَمَلّ من إلقاء المحاضرات وتدبيج المقالات وتأليف الكتب حول أهمية بناء الدولة المدنية العادلة، القائمة على الشراكة،  الخالية من الفساد والمفسدين .
وأضاف الاتحاد: لم يُقتَصَر التزام الفقيد الأخلاقي على مواقفه السياسية فحسب، فقد جسد أفكاره النظرية سلوكا وممارسة في حياته العامة والخاصة، وأنه من القلائل الذين سيظلون  حاضرين في وجدان الأمة العربية والمجتمع الإنساني .
  رحم الله الفقيد وغفر له وأسكنه فسيح جناته، وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.                                                           صادر عن اتحاد القوى الشعبية                                                                                                                                 صنعاء - الأربعاء 25  مارس  2020م
Shared by Munif Atassi on March 27, 2020
نأسف لسماع خبر رحيل قامة عربية كبيرة "الدكتور داوود خيرالله" بعد حياة مليئة بالعطاء، ونكون شاكرين لكم بايصال عزائنا الحار ومواساتنا لعائلته الكريمة متضرعين الى الله العلي القدير ان يتغمده بواسع رحمته وغفرانه وان يسكنه فسيح جنانه.

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون.

اخوكم / منيب رشيد المصري