Our boat experience in 1978

Shared by Donna Urquhart on August 4, 2016

Can you remember when you and mom came to va Bch to visit in 78?bill decided to take us out in the bay on his boat,he cut the engine off and we just kind of floated and talked,then you got the bright idea of jumping over board and swimming,so I followed your lead,thing was,upon our going out in the bay you covered yourself with baby oil,the thing back then for tanning was using a base of baby oil and iodine,lol,it started to get nasty with the clouds and Bill started to panic,wanting us to get in the boat and out and off the water,he pulled me up into the boat but trying to get you out of the water was so funny,every time he would pull you up you would slide back into the water,you were like a greased chain,I was in the bottom of the boat laughing so hard I was crying and you in the water laughing,we finally got you up into the boat but never stopped laughing about that day,we were a mess,but we had such a good time that day,I miss those times we had sis,I'll never forget that day,I love you so much

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