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Olancha To Mammoth Bike Trip

January 6, 2015

Thank you to Craig Kahn for posting the youtube video below. It was so much fun to watch! This was a video/photo compilation from a bike ride trip he took back in 2004. It shows my dad healthy, full of life doing what he loved best all while having a good time with his friends and son Cameron. If you loved my dad and have 20 minutes take a look and it will bring a smile to you face!

Olancha To Mammoth Bike Trip - 4 Days, No Flats, No Crashes

"The Great MoTown Milkshake Challenge"

June 13, 2014

I was recently for informed of the existence of this post (Thank You Carolyn Joy) It's stories like this one that remind me of how my dads life touched others!

John O’Connor- posted onto facebook June, 11 2014 

from the group “I grew up in Moraga”

"The Great MoTown Milkshake Challenge"

Many of you may be unaware of a great moment in the world of Lamorinda sports history which took place at the Lafayette DQ? in the summer of '70 and which involved my pal Dave Gaisford. Dave, no shortage of confidence he, bet me he could drink ten milkshakes in under an hour. He made it to six... we have film of what happened afterward but you don't want to see it, believe me...
***see the rest of the story in the captions of the other 7 photos in the gallery-photo section of this site*** 

Just thinking about stuff

June 28, 2013

I miss you. Been out marking a course for a ride coming up tomorrow. You're large on my mind. I'm not riding in it, but providing SAG, on my motorcycle. We never rode motorcycles together. Damn. I miss not being able to share life with you anymore. I miss hearing "Gaisford,'s Gaisford" on my phone.

"Diesel Dave"

December 14, 2011

We had a short but sentimental plaque dedication this past weekend. Thanks again to all those involved. There are more pictures to come. More details on the main page. 

Living Strong For Dave

July 9, 2011

Hi Dave-

Well we are again, LiveSTRONG is finally here. If you asked me a few months ago about this ride I would have told you I was just going up to watch. Now, I'll be riding alongside Dad, Cameron, and Amanda. The day I decided to ride was the day I received a text message from Cameron that said "I'll see you in Davis, hopefully riding right next to me." At that point I realized there was no excuse for me NOT to ride. So many people can't, I should be so lucky. I went down to the bike shop with my dad and bought a new bike with all the snazzy gear. I've been riding ever since... This weekend is going to be huge. I can't tell you how excited and honored I am to be able to participate. You've inspired me to ride, so thank you. We're all "doing it," I guess it really is a Gaisford thing! hahaha

This is a celebration weekend in your honor. I know you'll be there every step of the way, giving us the strength and motivation to push through. You've paved the way, thank you.

Miss you every day. Love you


"Doing It"

July 2, 2011

 While battling his cancer and all the complications that came with it and in between his weekly chemo treatments my dad did the LiveSTRONG ride July of 2010. His cousin Kent was so inspired by him, his strength and his ability to still do this ride and do it well. He tells a great story of this ride but it is his to tell. Kent, his 2 Daughter's Andrea and Amanda and my brother Cameron are all doing this ride in his honor on July 10, 2011. I know my dad will be there in spirit and helping to be a wind on all their backs to carry them through!

Super Star Friend

February 21, 2011

My name is George Ramirez from Brownsville, Texas, owner of Polibrid Coatings Inc.. I am glad to have found this website as I've been looking for a way to connect with those who, like me, loved Dave and miss him terribly. I was personally and professionally devastated by his passing.

May he rest in peace!

The following is written mostly for the benefit of Dave's kids in the hope that they may know just a little more about their dad and the kind of man he was.

For about a dozen years, more or less, you dad sold our flagship product, Polibrid 705... a cutting edge, technically difficult protective coating. It is used only in applications with the most severe service conditions and it is specified by only the most quality-driven and demanding buyers. This is the high-end of the protective coatings industry, reserved for professionals only. To be successful at it, you need to be pretty darn good and pretty darn bold. Well, your dad wasn't just bold and just good at selling Polibrid... he was the very BEST IN THE WORLD! In our industry he was a super-star. His honesty, his courage, his loyalty and his ethics were truly top of the line. These personal values, combined with his solid technical know-how, made him the super-star salesman he was. His clients, some of the most prestiguous buyers in the world, trusted him with infrastructure worth billions of dollars!

That was the professional side of your dad and you should be so proud of him.

Yes, its tough for us to lose our top salesman but it has to be a million times tougher to lose your dad... especially if he's Dave. If I had a choice to have your dad back without him ever selling a gallon of paint for me, I'd do it in a heartbeat! I've not had the pleasure of meeting you personally but please know that you can contact me anytime in case there is anything I can ever do for you. My number is in his little black book.

No story...

February 8, 2011
10 When The Crying Is Over

Just a song...

I love you Dave


Family's are Forever

February 7, 2011

I feel the need to add this picture back in because it is one of the last taken of David, his sisters, Kimberly, Kelly, brother Tyler and his Mom Shirley. This photo was taken at Shirley's 81st birthday in Big Sky, Montana.

This photo also includes David's second wife Jeanne, who I understand doesn't sanction this website but she was with us that day and we had a great time together as a family. Many who believe otherwise would be surprised to know that my brother Tyler asked her to dance first on the dance floor and we laughed and partied together for two straight days. My brother David loved it and so did we. 

I try to live my life with few regrets but I have many when I think of my brother David. Most of all that he didn't want to die so soon and that we didn't take the time to have more moments like these. When we were together as a family , time stood still and we had a blast. I wish we had many, many more.

Spending a few hours with him at the UCLA medical center a few weeks before he died, we looked at photographs together and they brought him lots of joy and laughter. He told me that he was so confident that he was going to "beat this thing" that he bought himself his 2010-2011 Mammoth Ski Pass. Although weak, he was determined as ever to do what he could to still turn things around. He told me he needed to get his computer so he could make a plan, wanted a photo of himself riding his bike (the one on the front of this website) so he could see himself healthy and strong and didn't want anyone to come in his room, Doctor's included who didn't believe he could "beat this thing"! 

May we all LIVE our life and live it strong like David did. 

I miss you David and my heart goes out to all who love and miss you too. 

Your little sister, Kelly, xxxooo

We Have Each Other - Who Else Do We Need?

February 3, 2011

I worked with Dave Gaisford in the 1970's at the Boise Police Department and at that time we were very close friends, both on-duty and off.

We were both young, both newly married and both dirt poor, yet we shared a love for police work and an excitement which made us look forward to going to work each day.

Dave was the most positive person I have ever met. He was always laughing or playing practical jokes on people, yet was 100% cop when the need arose.

There are a million stories I could tell about Dave's Foothill Division days at BPD, but one that sticks in my mind was a call we received to a fight inside a bar in our area which dispatch said involved 20-30 people. As I acknowledged the call, I said to Dave "How many more units should we request as backup?" and he looked at me and said "We have each other, who else do we need?"

That's the kind of man Dave was: he had an unfailing belief in himself and was an exceptional partner.

Everyone that worked with Dave said that some day, we would all be working for Dave Gaisford, as he was headed for bigger and better things within the department. Ultimately, when Dave left BPD to pursue other ventures, we were all saddened.

Dave worked at BPD for about 5 years...and that was 30 years ago. The fact that BPD officers are talking about Dave's passing is a good indicator of just what kind of guy he was: Dave touched people.

I am sad to say that I let my friendship with Dave slack off after he left Idaho, but he was, and is, always in my heart.

Chip Morgan

Another BPD story...

February 2, 2011

  I met Dave in the mid seventies.  We both worked for the Boise Police Department.  We rode enforcement motorcycles together.   We bought GS 750 Suzuki Motorcycles the same day because bikes were more than just the job.  We had a lot of great rides through Idaho's mountains and one big trip to Vegas.    Our motorcycle license numbers were one digit apart.  Dave really engaged life,  whatever he was doing.   He was a bit of a risk taker but never beyond his abilities.    One day he bought a windshield for his bike.  He was showing me how the windshield protected him placing a five dollar bill on the dash of his bike. We were on the freeway riding side by side.    The wind caught the bill ...he stood up and grabbed the bill as it flew  over his shoulder. Dave was quick....very quick.      

     Dave was one of the  best backups a policeman could ever have.....If Dave Gaisford was with  you there was a feeling of safety.  It was often said Dave was worth a Regiment if you got in a jam.     We had a riot one night down by the Boise State University campus at an apartment complex.   Very large subjects were involved..Dave showed up with a half a dozen guys from Foothill Division.   They were there to back up Officers from Central Division.   ....When I saw Dave and the other guys coming I knew we would be okay.   Appx fifty subjects were involved and they were all young and athletic....Dave's lean frame,  look of determination and excellent professional appearance sent about half of them running before he ever had to do anything.  Dave was a one of the good guys....Always dispatching his reponsibilities with the best of them   Dave was a machine.....he had to be part robot...Dave would always accept a challenge.   

   Dave had a vehicle chase in downtown Boise  that ended up with the suspect  vehicle going airborne onto a flatbed trailer in a commercial area.  The driver was wanted out of state.   Dave climbed up on the trailer and got the guy's driver's license.   Dave ate,  yes ate the guys driver's license and said "welcome to Idaho  _________e"!!!.    It was great therapy working with Dave....I will never forget his smile,  his love of life and his seemingly unlimiited abilities....  With respect and fond memories forever,  sincerely   Bob Flaten Retired Boise Police

Best Kitty

January 28, 2011

I first met Dave in the late 1980s when he was a struggling painting contractor. His main goals in life were to be successful  financially, be a good provider for his children, to be a great dad, and to be an award winning body builder. I was pleased to see over the years that he accomplished all of these goals. Yes, he struggled in a variety of ways, the way we all do, but there was no one more determined. In all our years of friendship the thing that I carried with me, and will always carry, is his warm heart. He felt a true and deep concern for others’ feelings, had trouble saying “no” even when it was to his own detriment.

He taught me it was ok to cry, which is a gift I cherish, and for which I will always feel grateful.

He was a perfectionist. He worked so hard to always do top quality work for every client, get the best materials, take extra care with every job. He worked extra hard working out in the gym, watched his diet so carefully, did everything that the experts told him to do in order to be a winning body builder. He won his first competition against others who had been working out and competing much longer. I know he brought these high standards to his subsequent work with Carboline, to his biking, to his battle with cancer. He also brought it to others, constantly mentoring and helping others in every field in which he had an interest. 

He loved nicknames! I think one of the ways he connected with the people he knew was to make up names for them and it endeared him so. What was so funny is that he wanted to be called “David” (at least back then) but he was so casual, made up so many pet names for people, that very few people called him anything but Dave, since that shortened name seemed to suit his personality!

He loved to travel. Some of his best memories were of trips with family and friends over the years and he talked about them up until the end.

He loved to shop! A Nordstrom department store opened in Santa Barbara where he was living in the early 1990s. I hadn’t been to see it yet, so he said we could go together. I asked if he had been yet and he said he had only walked through briefly. We got to the men’s department and each clerk we saw stopped as we walked by and said, “Hi Dave!” “How are you doing, Dave?” “Back again Dave?” “Going to get that shirt you were looking at Dave?” He made friends everywhere and people remembered him for his lovely personality and his warm heart which he wore on his sleeve.

He loved his pets. He had many cats and dogs in his life who he loved and cared for. He gave his beloved dog Spike away to a lovely family with a huge yard when he knew he wasn’t giving him enough attention, which was so selfless and difficult. For not being a cat person, he sure loved his many kitties!

He was always ready to laugh, always giving support to others. He never failed to ask me how my family was doing, what each member that he knew was up to. He never judged, was always supportive and kind.

I am lucky to have known him for so long, to have had him as a friend. To say I’ll miss him is inadequate in the extreme. 

Carboline Salesmen

January 27, 2011

I first met Dave around 10 years ago when I was in the technical department.  He was a force of positive energy.  It was easy to see that he was a true professional, extremely knowledgable in his craft.  As I moved into sales, I stayed in touch with Dave.  He always would take time to talk to me and I valued his opinion.  After have some success, He would challange me to excell even more.  It was easy to say, I really liked Dave and tried to be like him.  I am sorry he is gone and know he will be missed.

Wheels in the Sky

January 24, 2011

I have been in the Industrial painting business for over 30 years and had the great pleasure to know David while working for a South California based contractor.We worked quite closely on a big de-military project in Alabama.

Dave was a true professional. Nothing more need to be said in that regard.

I later moved on to OK & PA involved with other contractors until I found out of a good opportunity for again a South California Contractor, Small world as they say!!! and to get to the point of a long story, I called Dave to inquiry about the opportunity as it was in his market, I knew I would get good information from him  and after a few phone calls and a meeting I was later offer a position for that contractor which I still work for as of today. It is by far my best job to date in this crazy business of ours "the Industrial Painting World".

I am convinced that David's touch to this story made the difference and I am very thankful for it.

Dave, You will be missed



January 24, 2011

Living across the street from Dave for the past ten years, I have so many wonderful memories of Dave,  This one has the most meaning for me personally.


After Dave was first diagnosed  with cancer. I really enjoyed going out walking with Dave and helping him get his strength back.  Each time we walked , he pushed himself further and further, limits that we set as to how far we would go meant nothing to Dave.  He was concerned that he was slowing me down and I wasn’t getting enough of a workout so he would push the pace. I kept reiterating that my only concern was making sure that he was comfortable and that he wasn’t pushing himself too hard.  A couple hours after walking , I would see him out doing yard work or washing the car to my amazement.

One day while I was in the garage doing some work, I heard a bike roll up on my driveway and the next thing I heard was the familiar “Jeffrey” …  Only two other people called me “Jeffrey” , my wife and my mom!!  When I looked over and saw Dave with a big grin on his face and his arms open wide as if to say “ I finally made it back” , I was nearly speechless,  we shared a man hug and talked about the thrill of him being back on the bike.  It was the first time that I had seen him back on the bike so there was a tremendous sense of accomplishment for Dave.

 After all the help and advice that Dave gave me over the ten years we have lived there, I finally felt that I had done something for Dave albeit ever so small in helping him  get back to doing what he loved. I had tears in my eyes when he left because it meant so much to me to see him back on that bike.

The last time that I saw Dave was on his driveway shortly before Christmas, he had just got home from the hospital and was very weak but he was talking about how we needed to start walking again to build up his strength. I was so looking forward to walking with him again.

January 24, 2011


You are a good friend and neighbor… I really miss seeing you cruising in front of my house on your bike just after you finishing a long ride, hanging out, talking.  And then there was ski season… seeing you packing up your skis midweek off to Mammoth for a few days to catch some fresh powder, as I am off to work…  love ya!!
Big Dave, will be missed!!  


January 24, 2011

As a retired employee of Carboline, I never forgot him. Time has a way of changing things, but the memories of Dave as a friend and colleague never faded. He was the type of person who made an indelible difference in every life he touched. To watch him work with his customers was a real treat. The rapport and respect they had for him was clear. Dave's warmth, humor, and charisma were backed up by authentic purpose, passion, drive, and knowledge of his field. This is why customers knew if he said two was really four, then it was four because Dave said so.  Or if he said he needed someone to go the extra mile for a customer, everyone in the organization did it with everything they had - yes, they were dedicated but moreso, because Dave asked for it. No one wanted to let Dave down. It's hard to find words that haven't or won't be expressed about him already - I just think of inspirational, caring, fun-loving, hard worker, intelligent, honest, physically fit, and unique. He lived life well. The world has lost a wonderful person, but his impact on others will live on forever. God bless his family and all who knew him and called him "friend."  Kay Davis   

Officer Dave Gaisford, BPD

January 24, 2011

Dave and I were young police officers in the late 1970's at Boise Police Dept. We were assigned to patrol division in what was then known as Foothill Division. We became close friends and teammates. Dave had a great sense of humor and was also a bit mischievious. One night we were parked side by side, called 10-25ing, when he suddenly threw a lit package of firecrackers on my lap. There was nothing I could do except try to lift up off the seat while Dave laughed hysterically at me.

Dave was a great officer, always in on the action and made many arrests. He was a meticulous dresser and was always engaging. He was a gift as a friend. Through the years I lost track of him, but always considered him a lifelong friend. My condolences to the family. It is my great pleasure to have served with Dave and to have him as my friend.


Greg Morgan, BPD retired




January 24, 2011

When I started with Carboline eight years ago in customer service - I was a bit nervous. Any time I had to leave a message for one of the reps, I would always tell the rep to call Denise back in St. Louis Customer Service. After about a week - Dave called me and said " Sweetie, where is customer service located ? I replied - St. Louis...  His next question was - How many Denise's do we have in St. Louis ? I replied , I think just me....  Dave laughed a bit and said ok from now on, just say call me back - i think I know your voice by now and you don't have to say all the other stuff. That day, I began to relax in doing my job. Dave from then on called me DSL (Denise in St. Louis).....I thank God for allowing Dave to touch my life

Carboline employee

January 24, 2011

My thoughts and prayers are with the Gaisford family!!


January 24, 2011

I knew Dave as a colleague and had the highest level of respect for him as a professional.  He knew how to succeed and make everyone around him feel like a winner.  He left a legacy of his work for Carboline to build upon.  As a friend he was always generous with his wonderfully happy personality.  It is no wonder that he would be blessed with the love of a beautiful and equally generous woman.  Jeanie shines just as bright as Dave and our thoughts and prayers are with her and her children during this very difficult time.


January 23, 2011

Bwana, the Big Game Hunter

I have had the pleasure to have known Dave for the past 15 years, the last ten as a co-worker. Dave recruited me to come to work for the company like Tom Sawyer painting a fence. On the day I was hired, the national sales manager at the time, Dave Evans, told me that I was fortunate to work with Dave because he was a special type of person. And he was right!

The savvy sales manager went on to tell me that Dave was "A rare breed, the type of guy that's a big game hunter - And I want to clone him". Upon returning to southern California from the home office, I shared those thoughts with Dave, laughed about it and after that I started calling him "Bwana", a term of respect used by Red Buttons in the movie "Hitari" to address John Wayne (African safari genre, collecting animals for the Swiss). I used that term to address Dave when we spoke on the phone ever since that day. Dave always focused on the large targets and that is what made him successful.

Nom de Plume

Dave Gaisford taught me to let go of my hang-ups, like labels and a lot more.

The Bwana name stuck with Dave and in return, not to be outmatched Dave gave me a nickname of sorts: "Danny". I explained to Dave, my given name is Dan, and I told him that I hung onto that all my life and bristled at those that would call me anything else. Until I met Dave. There I was, Dan for 42 years and one spirited conversation with Dave Gaisford and I've been Danny ever since. If you call me Danny today, it is probably because David Gaisford re-branded me in a coffee shop in San Pedro.. 

Kings of the 90 Second Phone Call

We always had fun at work. Like those at the memorial service that mentioned Dave's constant phone usage, I learned with Dave early to make my point quick on the phone. And he was always also very direct when it came to something that had to be done. He'd start "this is it" or he would say "just tell me what you need". It became so easy to ask him for anything and easier still to do what ever he needed - because communication was always clear and to the point. He did not tell me what he needed, he just explained what the need was. We'd talk in code be "Kings of the 90 second telephone conversation". That "Just Do It" thing Dave's bicyclists friends spoke about. I loved it when he would say; "Let me make a sweeping statement".

"Car Guy"

Early on Dave and I connected on cars.

As others mentioned at the memorial service, Dave was an enthusiast in everything he did. Dave always loved his work cars, especially the first red Volvo with the 5-spoke star twist wheels (the one he put 118,000 miles 24 months into the lease) and all of their family's cars. Dave explained to me how cars were important tools "since we spend so much time in our cars and use them as an office - you really need to have a nice car". The multi function thing. He went on to explain the "California what you drive is what you are" thing but added that "an efficient car was important just like a proper work station, a comfortable office chair and file cabinets within reach". So often, Dave made solid insightful points - Key little secrets to sauces that he said were obvious once to see them! He helped me see so much more.

And Dave always "pulled the rabbit out of the hat" when it came to renegotiating those leases!

The Baby Shower & the New Car

When I was Dave's customer back in 1998, Jeanie and Dave came to my yet to be born son Scott's baby shower. They were relative newlyweds, busy and had a lot on their plates...

I was so impressed, that Dave and Jeanie drove all the way from Camarillo to Huntington Beach, an hour and a half each way to attend a customer's family function on a weekend. Off course, Jeanie and Dave came early to help out, brought a wonderful thoughtful gift and stayed all the way thru to the coffee and cake and helped clean up too, even though it got late and they had the longest trip home of everyone else that attended.

After they arrived Dave said "hey, got to show you something". While our wonderful wives were setting things up ole Dave took me for a "hot" ride around the neighborhood in Jeanie's new car. Wheeeew.

What stuck with me was that Dave was so happy and so proud that they could afford such a nice car (for his wife) but more importantly that he could earn and provide for his wife - and that she would appreciate it as much as he did. Dave enjoyed sauces and wanted to share his sauces with others - all the while being humble and thankful!

It wasn't the car, it was the joy of being able to make his wife happy, because that made him happy.



Call Dave

January 21, 2011

I can't count the times Dave helped me out on a project. No matter where I was working or what the situation was, if you had a Carboline coating issue, the answer was always "Call Dave". In August 2010, Dave came out to Las Vegas and personally helped out my guys with a product issue, he stayed until the situation was resolved and the job went well from there. He was dedicated to his customers and a good man all the way around. You will be missed!

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