His Life

Lil David


My Son Had A Very Rare Condition Called Lissenchepaly Wich Would Have Left Him Severaly Handicaped, He Wouldn't Have Been Able To Walk, Talk Or Even Eat On His Own, He Also Had A Chromozone Abmorality Wich He Recieved From Me But I Didnt Find That Out Till After He Passed When They Ran A Whole Bunch Of Tests. When I Was Pregnant With Him They Where Unaware Of This Condition The Only Problems My Son Had Was A Hole In His Heart Wich They Told Me Could Be Fixed At 3 Months Of Age, He Had A Tiny Cleft Foot And Extra Brain Fluid On His Brain. Wich I Had Monthly Level 2 Ultrasounds To Keep On Eye On The Brain Fluid Because They Said If It Where To Build Up It Could Put Pressure On His Brain And Kill Several Brain Cells And Cause Mental Retardation But At All My Ultrasounds They Said The Fluid Stayed The Same And That Everything Should Be Just Fine. But It Was All A Horribale Nightmare On May 9th Of 2009 When I Fould Out This Information From An MRI I Was Devistated.