David Joseph Oakley aka Big Daddy Dave, a simple man, was born in Amarillo, Texas Feb.6, 1983 in the middle of a snowstorm. He was tragically killed on March 29, 2018 from a motorcycle accident. Funeral services were April 2, 2018, at the Springs Fellowship, Lubbock, Texas, officiated by Mike Holly of Unchained Life motorcycle ministry. He was laid to rest at Terrace Cemetery in Post , Texas.

He resided in Odessa, Texas, home of the Permian Basin and the Fighting MOJO. He had a very strong work ethic and with five great reasons.. He loved the oilfield. He was esteemed by his colleagues. He operated as a directional driller for Oakley Drilling, LLC.

David was a very proud ,supportive father of five exceptionally beautiful children. All, his pride and joys! He was a good, good father. He once received the Best Parent Award. As a single father it was clear to many that his most brightest achievement was his children. He loved each one with a unique love. Hence, he raised them to be independent and as self-sufficient as possible. Teaching them to be productive members of their community and family. I say what most parents take a lifetime to teach their children, he did in a few short years... He taught all of them what it meant to be part of the Oakley Family. David was very adventurous and loved doing everything with his children. They went camping, snowboarding, hiking and bicycle riding. He taught them to cook and clean their home and yard.

David had many friends, male and female. He loved them all. He loved people. He loved riding with all his biker buddies. He truly lived life by the drop.. He died tragically while riding his Harley, enjoying his friends' company.

David is survived by his mother Kellianne and husband Dee Brown of Lubbock,Tx,; his father David and wife Sharon of Gage, Ok. One grandparent, Oneida Bynum of Spearman ,Texas. But most importantly, He is survived by his children. Jazmin 18, Kayla 17, Lazor 16, David Lee 15 and Zoey Oakley 8 years old. Survived also by his beautiful " seester" Shelly Selby and husband , Austin of Stinnet, Tx. His loving brother Joey Oakley and wife Tasha , his beautiful baby "seester" Roxey Benevedes and husband Albert, all of Lubbock, Tx.

He is survived by many aunts, uncles, cousins, neices and nephews. Too many to count friends and coworkers. A very special lady. His beloved Nula and Dino.

David was well- loved for his contagious smile, great big bear hugs, larger than life laughs and mesmirizing blue eyes.

The family requests any further donations be made to West Texas Food Bank for Children or the Fathers' Rights Movement. A special thanks to all who donated time, effort and funds to the children. David Joseph Oakley. A life well remembered.

Posted by LauriBelle Wood on July 23, 2021
I go to see D weekly on my sales route. ..

He would do the same for me♥️

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Posted by LauriBelle Wood on July 23, 2021
I go to see D weekly on my sales route. ..

He would do the same for me♥️
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Shared by Kellianne Brown on March 25, 2019

Davey was a beautiful baby:) He had dimples x 5 to his face. Beautiful blue eyes. Everyone called him a Gerber baby cause he was so adorable. I nursed him for a year. He bit me several times but would just smile up at me as if saying What mom??:). He slept 4-5 hours a night. He was never really sick as a baby. He would let anyone hold him as long as i was right there. :).  When Davey was born we were going to name him after my dad, Joe. But when we saw him for the first time, he looked just like his daddy so we changed it to David Joseph. Then we named his brother after my dad. Which turned out to be cool also because my father was a mechanic too.  Davey was the perfect weight for a boy at that time  7#’s 6 Oz. He had black hair they turned very blonde real soon. At 4 months he sat up, at 6 months he crawled. At almost a year he walked. I would feed him cereal at 4-5 months then gradually he also ate what we ate , i would just smash up green beans, mashed potatoes. He loved bananas the most: