Shared by Kellianne Brown on March 25, 2019

Davey was a beautiful baby:) He had dimples x 5 to his face. Beautiful blue eyes. Everyone called him a Gerber baby cause he was so adorable. I nursed him for a year. He bit me several times but would just smile up at me as if saying What mom??:). He slept 4-5 hours a night. He was never really sick as a baby. He would let anyone hold him as long as i was right there. :).  When Davey was born we were going to name him after my dad, Joe. But when we saw him for the first time, he looked just like his daddy so we changed it to David Joseph. Then we named his brother after my dad. Which turned out to be cool also because my father was a mechanic too.  Davey was the perfect weight for a boy at that time  7#’s 6 Oz. He had black hair they turned very blonde real soon. At 4 months he sat up, at 6 months he crawled. At almost a year he walked. I would feed him cereal at 4-5 months then gradually he also ate what we ate , i would just smash up green beans, mashed potatoes. He loved bananas the most:

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