His Life

     Daddy was born in North Dakota and grew up on a farm with his 2 brothers, Glenn and Chuck, and 1 sister, Vivian. After high school he joined the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California. It was here that he met my mom and they were married October 5, 1960. My brother was born February 2, 1962, and I was born April 28, 1966.

     After the Marines Daddy went to work for the City of Escondido in California and he retired from there after 35 years. Mom and Dad moved to South Carolina where my brother and I had eventually moved with our families. Mom and Dad enjoyed their retirement traveling 3 to 6 months out of the year. Daddy loved to build things and kept himself busy making picture frames, rod iron decorations, and anything he could think of when they weren't on the road.

     He was a devout Christian and loved his church with all his heart. He served on the church council for many years and had a large group of dear friends. His family always came first but church was his second family.

     In February of 2009 he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. We lost him a little over 9 months later. He is missed greatly by many people. He was the foundation for our family, and always knew exactly what to say. His spirit stays with us and I see him every time I look in the eyes of his two great granddaughters, Aaliyah and Jaelynn. He never got to meet Jaelynn she was born August of 2010, but I know in my heart she was a gift from him.

     Daddy always said....Live your life proudly and love your family. You leave your mark on the world by loving, living, and giving. Make sure you do it all when you can because you never know when you can't.

     I am grateful the good Lord gave me the best man I have ever known for my father and will do my best to make sure the rest of my life is something my daddy can be proud of.....I love you Daddy.