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You were a great Father-in-law

July 8, 2021
Never did I see or meet my late Father-in-law Mzee Julius Amollo; but the day I came to Anding'o Opanga I met such a great father-in-law.  You were a wonderful teacher and a jovial consultant. I still remember the day you, the late Mzee Enos, the late Mzee Rasto and now one remaining Mzee William brought me Jogoo as your daughter-in-law. It was such a wonderful welcome to Kocholla Family. I ever felt home so so much when you came to see your grandchildren and asked on their progress. Oooh, I have missed someone to educate and advise me on social matters. I am sure you are now resting with the Angels. Till we meet again fare thee well. Min Father

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