Debbie last visit home.

Shared by Brenda Kenney on January 5, 2017

This picture is Debbie's last visit home in September 2014. She came home for a family reunion. While she was there she started falling and forgetting things. We had told her when we to her half way home to meet Andrea, her sweet friend that when she got home she needed to go to her doctor and see what was going on. She did go when she got home and that is when we found out her cancer had spread to her brain. She continued to take chemo for awhile but I think she was just tired of the fight and she ended up quiting the chemo t hen she had a seizure later on and she didn't live very long at all after that. She passed away on September 9, 2015. Almost a year to  the day she had been home last. Lo e you and miss you so much Sis! To the stars!

Your Sis,                                                                                                                                           Brenda,

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