Let the memory of Deborah be with us forever Life with out you sis will never be right again.
  • 47 years old
  • Born on July 4, 1965 in Lafayette, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on April 29, 2013 in Frankfort, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Deborah Wilkinson-Martin, 47, born on July 4, 1965 and passed away on April 29, 2013. She was the glue that held our family together now life will never be right with out her. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Tina Knight on October 1, 2014
To all that visit this page, I am asking please help me put a headstone down for my big sister. I can't do it on my own and I am begging for help. I know people are short on cash but only if it is 5 or 10 dollars it adds up and with enough help I can give her a headstone. It bothers me my beautiful big sister is in an unmarked grave. Debby was a beautiful and giving person and she deserves more than that. I promise that the money will go toward a stone for her. Please go to my link and donate for my big sister. Thank You!!! http://www.gofundme.com/A-little-sisters-love
Posted by Tina Knight on October 1, 2014
http://www.gofundme.com/A-little-sisters-love Please help by donating. Thank You!!!!
Posted by Tina Knight on September 26, 2014
Very lonely without you sis. I love and miss you!!!
Posted by Tina Knight on September 19, 2014
I miss you Deb, I dream about you all the time. I never thought that you and I wouldn't grow old together. I never dreamed for one second that you wouldn't be able to fight the cancer and win, I believed in you and I believed that god wouldn't take you away from me. I guess you had a greater destiny than we both knew. Just know I miss you so much and I love you. Tina
Posted by Tina Knight on September 17, 2014
I miss you sis, I watched Heaven is for real today and I just sat down and cried. How beautiful it must be there and how completely happy you must be now. I have so much I want to share with you but I know you already know everything. Take care of my baby boy til I finally come home to hold him for the first time and tell him I love him so much. Life has been so hard with out you but I know you are happy and how loved you must feel now. I miss you sis and love you with all my heart.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on August 13, 2014
Hi Sis, I just thought I'd tell you I love and miss you so much. Don't forget about me. I'll be waiting for you.
Posted by Tina Knight on July 29, 2014
Hey Sis, today Brandon turned 18, can't believe it myself. Wow, the years have flown by and the sad thing about today is your not here to see it. You were with me in the room when Brandon came into the world and I was so hoping you'd be here when Brandon Graduated from high school. Just know sis we miss you tons and will be thinking about you today. Love You Tina
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on July 25, 2014
Hey sis, I dreamed of you yesterday morning. I dreamed that you just suddenly appeared and I was so happy to see you, we talked and then suddenly we were in a kitchen maybe grandmas or dad's at the cottage and we were cooking this big meal and talking about stuff and I knew in my head you were gone but my heart was so happy you were back but I decided that I would take your hand and show you your grave and ask you do you remember dying and did you know how lost and hurt I would be with out you, but I never got a chance to ask you those questions because I woke up. I was so close to asking you and getting answers. I dream of you almost every single night and I hate it when I have to wake up knowing your not going to be there when I wake up. Just know how much I miss you and I will get your headstone for you it is a sad shame no one wants to help me. It just goes to show you that you and I were and are not valued. guess were used to it. Love you sis Tina
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on July 15, 2014
Another birthday is going to come and go without you here and I can hardly stand it. I feel so guilty that I am here to have another birthday and ur not, just doesn't seem fair. I miss everything about you even our stupid fights. Cliff will never be you in an argument you just made sence and he doesn't. I know you want me to be happy and move on with my life but I just can't see life without you. I love and miss you debby.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on July 3, 2014
HAPPY 49TH BIRTHDAY SIS, I miss you so much. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday in heaven know I will be thinking about you. Kisses sis.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on July 2, 2014
Hey sis, Just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you. I have so much to tell you but I think you already know. I am so proud of Amanda, she might have a job using her degree and making really good money. If this goes good for her she will be designing something just for you. I am sad another birthday of yours is going to come to pass and your not here. I miss the get togethers at your house and watching the fireworks with you. All of that is gone now I just miss spending time with you and I miss my great nieces but nothing I can do about that. I hope you have a beautiful birthday in heaven sis, just don't forget about your little sis I will be waiting for you when it is my turn.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on May 19, 2014
Hey sis, I got lucky after work yesterday. I stopped for a drink and a couple of scratch offs and I asked God to bless me big as I was scratching off the ticket and I won 100.00 dollars. I laughed and cried and thanked God for the hundred dollars. I am now a hundred dollars closer to getting you a headstone. I told you I wouldn't stop until I got you one. I love and miss you Tina
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on May 10, 2014
Just wanted to say I love and miss you Debby. Happy Mother's Day I hope you and mom and Grandma have a beautiful mother's day in heaven. Ride a cloud for your little sis.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on April 29, 2014
When I went out to walk the dog and put my son on the bus the sun was coming up and it looked just like the bright pretty morning it was a year ago today when my big sister passed away and my whole life and world as I had always known it ended and a world of pain began for me. I would have taken her place if I could have. Debby would have taken this so much better than I have, she would have grieved for a while and got on with her life because she had three beautiful granddaughters who needed her so much. I have spent the year crying my eyes out and asking why did she have to go and I had to stay, That is why I have tried so hard to get a headstone for her so that her three granddaughter's would have a spot to go and grieve there grandmother and their father. I don't think people realize that those girls didn't just lose my sister, their grandmother but they lost their father as well and with all of his problems the one thing he was, he was loved very much by his three little girls. I talk about my big sister a lot because I loved her, who else could I fight with and in the end no matter what they would still love me and have my back no matter what. I am so happy that she is happy and healthy in heaven but I am so sad and lonely down here without her
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on April 29, 2014
Kiss, Kiss I love and miss my big Sis.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on April 28, 2014
Wow what a day, it was a very long hard one and a very sad one. A year ago tonight I left work to visit my big sister for the last time. I washed her up with the help of my wonderful nephew Eric and changed her clothes and laid her back into her recliner for the last time. I gave her a hug and a kiss and I told my big sister I loved her for the last time and begged her not to leave me. A few hours later she was gone. I don't think anyone has any idea how hard it was for me not to cry today. I really miss you sis. Tues. It will be a year since you left and I still can't stop crying. Every day and every breath I take Sis it is such a struggle with out you, did you know how empty I would feel with out you here to hold my hand. I wish I could have taken your place so you could have stayed here with your granddaughter's who needed you. I know your healthy and happy in gods arms but those of us down here with out you are struggling with out your light and wisdom. I love and miss you so much your lil sis.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on April 7, 2014
"I am pleading and asking for anyone to donate what ever you can so I can put a headstone down for my big sister. I hate asking for help but I have had a lot of hardship since her death and have no other choice but to ask people to help me to do this. I hate that she is in an unmarked grave, she was my big sister and my world. I loved her and even though she is gone I still love her. Please help me give her one last gift, so she won't be forgotten. http://www.gofundme.com/a-little-sisters-love
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on April 4, 2014
I am asking anyone who comes to this page if you can afford to donate money please help me by donating what ever you can to help me to buy my big sister a headstone for her grave. I have had a great deal of hardship since her death and can not afford to buy her one on my own so I have to ask friends, and strangers for help. For my big. Sister I will do anything even ask strangers for help. Please go to gofundme.com/A-little-sisters-love and donate. THANK YOU!!!!
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on March 22, 2014
Hey sis, I was dreaming of you this morning and cried all the way home from work tonight thinking about you. There are some days the sadness is so great from missing you I just can't hold it back and I have no choice but to let it out. I try to not show sadness in front of people because they think I should be over my grief by now. I miss you so much, I miss our talks I miss our laughing at each other I miss my big sister holding my hand and telling me its all going to be ok. I just don't get why no one will help me get you a headstone. I won't stop sis till I get you one. I love and miss you so much deb.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on March 21, 2014
what does it take to get help from friends and a community that my sister helped. I lost my best friend my life long friend my hero. Pretty damn sad that no one would want to help even if it is only a few dollars... let's u know who your friends really are.. Don't worry sis, you know I won't give up on this. I know if it was me you wouldn't give up either. I love and miss you every single second of every day and night.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on February 18, 2014
I miss you sis, Deb, did you know that when you died how much of an impact your loss would be? I still say god took the wrong sister, I know god doesn't make mistakes but I still say the wrong sister left. When I lost you I lost so much, I lost my first and best friend, I lost my confidante that I confided all to. I lost my family and a place I thought of and called home. I am no longer welcome in your home or the life of your children, grandchildren. I lost a lot when I lost you. I know if you were here you'd be kicking asses and taking names. I miss you so much every second of every single day. I go to sleep thinking about you I dream about you and I wake up thinking about you. I have asked for help from friends and people to get a headstone for you but no one wants to help. I guess I just have trouble understanding why no one would want to help get this for you when you did so much for everyone. I can see people not wanting to help me but this is not for me it is for you. I know if it wasn't for my kids I wouldn't even be here I would have joined you by now. I guess God had really big plans for you because he took you and not me. I miss you Deb, it's so lonely here without you. My father in law Cliff the one you called Mr. Magoo has lung cancer and their not giving him long to live so he will be joining you soon. I guess Cancer isn't done wrecking my life just yet. I was so hoping this was going to be a better year, I guess not just more tears and pain for me. Please help me sis I feel like I am fighting a losing battle I sure could use a hug from you. I miss you so much. I love you!!!!
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on January 4, 2014
I'm trying really hard Sis to get people to donate money to a fund to buy You and Matt and Grandma a headstone but for some reason only a few people have wanted to help. Don't worry sis I will sell some stuff and do what it takes to get you one, I know you'd do it for me. I love and miss you deb and I won't let this go until I have got this for you. I won't forget you, I love you your little sis.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on December 29, 2013
I have set up a page for donations to get a headstone for my big sister and her son and our grandmother who are all buried together. If you'd like to donate towards that click http://www.gofundme.com/5y3qhg or http://www.gofundme.com/A-little-sisters-love Copy and paste this to the top of your page and it should take you right to her donate page.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on December 27, 2013
Hey sis, I love and miss you so much, but I know that you already know that. I hated the thought of Christmas with out you, I fought it all the way but you know that too. Since Matt and you went home to be with the rest of our family things have just kind of fell apart and I have really had a hard time with the fact that your not here. If it hadn't been for Cliff saving Christmas there would have been none because I bought almost nothing, I just wasn't in any kind of gift buying mood for anyone plus other reasons I know you already know about. I just wanted nothing to do with Christmas because I couldn't buy you a gift and see you smile when I gave it too you. I am still struggling with the fact that I can't see you or talk to you anymore. People have grown tired of me talking about how much I love and miss you so they ignore me or say hurtful things like I need to let get over it and move on. I don't know if I will ever be able to let go or say goodbye to you. Yes, we fought for years like cat's and dog's but we are sister's and that goes along with it and we knew it and accepted this. I never will have anyone that will match you as a friend, I will never have another sister so I will never stop missing you or grieving for you. I hope with all my heart that you had a beautiful Christmas in heaven with all of our family and know that not a moment goes by that I am not thinking about you. Again sis, you know I would have taken your place if I could have the world would have been a better place if you could have gotten to stay, now it has to suffer with me in it. I love and miss you every moment of every day, but I know your finally happy and your healthy and your in the arms of Jesus and your safe. Give my baby boy a kiss for me and tell him momma loves him. Love you always your LiL Sis.
Posted by Tina Knight on November 29, 2013
My first ThanksGiving with out my beautiful big sister and it was quiet and in the words of my son "with out Aunt Debby it SUCKED. I missed spending the day talking about everything with you to day sis, you were missed a lot. You were the glue that held this family together now no one cares about anyone or anything. What a lonely day it was with out you. I can't wait till you and I can talk and have our sister time together again. Love you and miss you tons. LIL SIS
Posted by Jennifer Clawson Murray on November 28, 2013
My fav memories of Debbie are working our 12 Weekend Shifts together at the Manor. She often talked about other facilities that she worked at, such as the Epithean Home. She scared me with ghost stories about that place! She talked about her family and how much she loved all of four kids. She struggled to do what ever her youngest needed, taking her from one doctor to another. She also talked about her family growing up and about her sister, Tina. She told me about carrying her baby sister with them everywhere because she couldn't walk until after age five. She was a wonderful caregiver and friend.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on November 27, 2013
I have thought about you all day today sis. I miss you calling me and asking me what I am bringing to Thanks Giving Dinner at your house. I am going to miss the get together's at your house, your grand kids running all over the house and you laughing at them and watching you love on them. I loved having get together's at your house because to me your house felt like home to me when you were there, kind of like going to Grate Aunt Joe's at family gatherings it just felt so natural. I have cried so much today because I miss you so much. You were my only comfort after mom left and went home. Give mom and dad and grandma and my son a kiss for me hope you have a wonderful ThanksGiving in heaven with everyone. Please don't forget me sis I still need you.
Posted by Tina Ann Wilkerson Knight on November 19, 2013
. Debby, I know this is going to sound kind of stupid to most people but Sunday when the storms were so bad and tornados were everywhere I was worried about you hoping and praying that you and grandma and matt were safe and that nothing would come tear up your grave. I know you are happy and whole where you are now but I miss you. Please tell me how heaven is, I knew it was going to hurt really bad when you left me but I didn't even have clue as to just how debilitating the pain would be. Please Deb, tell me how can I be a little sister now that my big sister is gone? I am here and I am alone now no one calls me or talks to me anymore not sure why I even bother to keep a cell phone anymore now that you can't talk to me. I dream of you 24/7 because my heart miss you so much it just refuses to stop looking even though it knows your gone. I love you sis and I miss you too
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
Partner: Penny Jones of Frankfort, 1 Son: Eric Martin of Frankfort, 2 Daughters: Cassi Martin of Frankfort, Britney Martin of Terre Haute, 1 Brother: Mike Wilkinson of Crawfordsville, 1 Sister: Tina (Cliff) Knight of Colfax, 3 Granddaughters: Dezi Martin of Frankfort, Amelia Martin of Battleground and Kaylin Martin of Frankfort
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
. She was a member of the Assembly of God Church. Deborah enjoyed gardening, traveling and especially spending time with her grandchildren.
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
Deborah J. Martin 47 of Frankfort, IN, died the morning of April 29, 2013 at home. Born July 4, 1965 in Lafayette, IN to Lewis Wilkerson & Jean Neff. She was married to Dennis Slaughterbeck. Deborah attended Lafayette Jefferson High School and lived in Lafayette, Colfax and for the past 16 years in Frankfort. She provided child day-care and had also worked as a nurse’s aide for Wesley Manor.
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
I hope I don’t disappoint you or let you down. Thank You for trusting me and letting me take care of you right up to the end. Just promise me that when my time comes and I hope I don’t have to wait 20 or 30 years, that you will be the one to come and take my hand and lead me home. Please take care of my son til the day I can come home to meet him. Kisses sissy I love you so much
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
We both understood what it meant to be sisters and to stand up for each other and defend each other and that only we were allowed to pick on each other. Thank You for letting me be an Aunt and a Great Aunt, I promise to always be there for your children and grandchildren if they need and want me
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
You were my rock and my strength, you taught me to stand up for myself and take no crap from anyone. We fought many times and didn’t talk to each other sometimes but, I always knew you loved me and you were always there weather I wanted you to be or not. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive and that God is real and that he loves me too
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
To my Big Sister Debby, I love you more than you ever knew I just don’t know how I am supposed to live without you. I just don’t understand as bad as you wanted to stay that you’re gone and I have to stay. You were there at the beginning of my life and I was there at the end of yours Thank You for being my big sister and my Best and only friend in the whole world
Posted by Tina Knight on November 14, 2013
My family is gone forever, my sister was my whole world, we fought and argued like a lot of sibblings do and sometimes we didn't talk to each other for long periods of time which I now regret but I asked my sister before she passed away to forgive me and she asked me to forgive her too for errors she had made too. At the end we loved each other and forgave each other and I can live with it

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