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An old friend

February 27, 2019

I just learned of your sister and mom’s passing today. I am shocked and very saddened. I worked with Debbie at Atlantic Container Line in the early 1980’s. We became work friends immediately and had so much fun together. You are correct, she would light up a room as soon as she was in it. I, too, shared much laughter with her. Playing ms pac-man on our lunch hour, a trip to Ocean City, and many after work happy hours. She was so witty, quick with a joke or comment. We just recently got back in touch and we picked up where we left off. I love that!!  I am sad that i didn’t get to see her again. My memories of Debbie always make me smile and laugh out loud. The times we had! I am so sorry for your loss and my heart aches for you all. She was truly one of a kind.

Debbie Walker Bonsignore

February 24, 2019

Debbie where do I began ...It was love at 1st sight my sag twin..You and Mr Jim welcome me Joi and Jasmin into your home with open arms..Your cooking was out of this world...The long rides we had...laughing so hard and just jamming to the music....While I’m typing this I can c ur beautiful face ...the good times..yes there was some bad ,but the good outweighed the bad ...Jazz,Ceira, and Jerrell hold on to ur precious memories ...I can say so much more...Debbie I love u and I’m going to miss ur beautiful smile ....until we meet again..

To a village mom.

February 24, 2019

  From the very first day I met you I felt comfortable enough to call you Ma. I felt right at home getting sassed and fussed out about not bringing the baby over. Jasmine I my best friend and one of the strongest women I know and that doesn’t surprise me because she gets her strength from you. Even when you thought no one was watching we were and you are a true inspiration. You were determined to walk across that stage and you did. We will love and miss you forever 

                    - love Fe and Ava

My Sister/Friend

February 23, 2019

Debbie and I have been together for about 50 years as friends, roommates and most of all my sister from another mother. When I was going through my journey with this thing called lung cancer she was always there by my side, taking me to doctor appointments and surgical procedures. I take care of my father who has Alzheimer's and during my radiation treatments she was there daily making sure that my father and I had something to eat, took our meds and cleaning house. We have been through our share of good times and bad like sisters do but we had more goods times than not. Little did we know while she was there taking care of me and making sure my oxygen machine was in working order as well as other things that she, herself was sick. My heart is truly broken and I don't know how to go on without her, however, I know God doesn't make mistakes and it was her time to return to his loving arms and I am forever left with beautiful memories of my sister/friend. She always said that if she went before me to please take care of my children and I would joke and say "hell no I got my own headaches" but she knew in her heart that if anyone would love her children/grandchildren like she did would be me which is an honor to have someone who has that much confidence in our friendship and love. I will keep every promise we made to one another Debbie, of that you can be sure. I love you and I miss you horribly but I know that you are preparing a place for me in heaven so we can spend all eternity together.  You were the greatest ever and I love you.

My mother

February 23, 2019

My mother was the epitome of strength, courage and love. She was smart as a tack and worked through every thing that life through her way. Debbie as she was affectionately know (twiggy, mama, grandma,mom) was loved by everyone who knew her. She could light up any room, and could find the positive out of any negative. The jokes never ended with her. My siblings and I would sit In her room and laugh for hours about everything. She just had one of those contagious laughs that made anything she was laughing about funny even if you didn’t think the joke was that funny. She recently went back to school and graduated from Coppin State University. She was sooo proud and we were so proud of her. We went to her graduation and we pretended we weren’t doing anything for her. She came home and we were all just sitting around she was soo upset with us she told my sister tiara, nobodies doing anything for my big day! Little did she know we had planned a weekend away for all of us. The next morning we went in her room and woke her up I showed her the luggage I had packed and said come on girl we are going to Atlantic City. Her whole face lit up she said we are?! she was crying and laughing thinking we had forgot to do something. We went to the casino ate like fat kids we went to a comedy show, got massages and so much more. We all had the time of our lives and I’m so grateful we made that memory together. I loved seeing my baby smile. She was my best friend and a second mother to all of my friends. The family appreciates any memories shared here, and I want to thank all of her friends and family who loved her/us, because she was so deserving of it.

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