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The Best Sister Ever

Shared by Marcia Smart on July 29, 2010

Being the 2 eldest of four girls, we grew up together and was very close. We played together, laughed together, and confided in each other.....we shared everything. She always took care of us younger sisters.....myself, Sherine and Annette. They miss her so very much. Delma, affectionately called Dana, Dougy, Dee, Shorty and Phillips by family and friends, always smiled no matter what, and never talked much. (I'm the miserable one, smile) She never fussed about anything or anyone. She departed from us in that same manner, not wanting to burden anyone, and never complained about the pain she felt. In fact the night before she died she was happy and smiling while Roxanne and Shanna was with her, so they thought everything was OK with her.

 Sis I know you are in Heaven and smiling down on us. I Love You Very Much Sis and Always Will. You Are Gone But Never Will Be Forgotten. RIP SIS


Fond Memories

Shared by Muffine Stephenson on July 27, 2010

Donna was not a person who talks a lot; she speaks when spoken to however she stands out more than anyone else mainly because she is always smiling; when it comes to dressing OMG man she loves to dress up.  Donna loves to work and she love to shop ( clothes shopping), she knows how to bargain and always gets the deal she wanted.  I remember my mom, Donna and I went to see UB40 at one of our favorite venue (smile) and I have never seen my cousin dance the way she did, she was having a ball; we dance and sing along with the group and it was so refreshing. My most memoriable moments was when she smiles; you never know when she is sad, you never know when is tired, you never know she is in pain, you never know when she is down and out  because her smile just replace it all!!

My mom misses her alot, she talks about her everyday. They hang out at there favorite spots and they work together, so it really hit her hard. Donna is often referred to as Dougie by mom and sometimes she come home and said " me and Dougie a go up so" and we always know what that means"

The family misses her dearly she is "Gone, but Not Forgotten"

I Remember those days.

Shared by Michelle McLaren on July 27, 2010

In case I never told anyone coming to Canada and living with my mother were the happiest days of my life.  Just waking up and being in the same house with her  made me the happiest person alive.  Just saying mommy and hear her respond was more than I could ever ask for.  I love my mother with all my heart and my soul.  I miss her but some how I feel as if she is right here beside me.  I remember  one day I was feeling sad and I was trying to hide this from her and she told me I can not hide anything from her because she knows me.  She said to me not because I don't say alot that doesn't mean I am not observing you.  She is one of the smartest and strongest that person I know. 

Mom everytime I look at Taevon I see you.  Trefton talks about you all the time. We love you and I know you are in a better place.  RIP in peace.  I LOVE YOU.

the light of my life!!!

Shared by sashian brown on July 26, 2010

it is so funny, how you would never know tht my mom was sick...deep down she was feeling a lot of pain.... she was always smiling even when she was on dying bed....mommy didnt even shed a tear...thts how strong she was, she would always hide her pain and her tears cause she wanted the best for her children...she didnt wanted any of us to be unhappy....even when she was feeling a pain in her back and felt weak like she couldnt go on anymore she worked like a slave as if someone was putting a whip to her back and slapping her while she worked...

She is definitely an angel and the light of my life...she keeps me strong up this day...she will always live in my heart and my are the light of my life, my are who i live for and i would definitely die for you...but instead you chose to die for us tht we would be happy!!!

mommy you are gone but not forgotten!!!!

laugh out loud....i still treasure your African movies

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