This tribute was added by Marianne Nonnemacher on April 26, 2014
I couldn't let this day go bye without sharing a few memories of Dennis and what he has brought to our family. 
Because of the love Dennis had for my sister he blessed us with his little girl, Merayah. We had the privilege to watch her grow, share in her accomplishments and become the woman she is today, married a great guy and has two beautiful children.
Kathy and Dennis married and because of their love, Matthew was born and our family was blessed, again. Suzey and I had the privilege to care for, love and enjoy Matthew when Kathy went back to work. Our children had baby Matt Matt to share their love with. Not a day went bye that Dennis wouldn't call at least once, sometimes several times and ask "How's my little man?" As Matt grew no matter what he was doing, playing with his cousins, sports, fishing or whatever, Dennis would say "Isn't he something." He's proud of the man Matthew is today, proud of his accomplishments. The love he had for his children and grandchildren couldn't be put into words. He was a proud Father, tough, but proud and loved both of you.
This past February I experienced the love Dennis had for my sister, after 23 years of marriage. Not feeling well and struggling with his illness, he called me at home. He wanted to take Kathy out to dinner for Valentines Day, he said "She deserved it and I want to do something nice for her." Dennis made the reservation and they dined at the Inn. Not long after that he was hospitalized.
Because of Dennis, we all gathered together today as a family, all different, but family. Life is short, we need to enjoy the good times, accept each other for who we are, not judge and always be there for each other.
I love all of you and will keep you in my prayers.
                           Love Always, Mar
This tribute was added by Sherri Westervelt on April 22, 2014
I was so sorry to learn of Dennis' passing so unexpectedly.  However, I have no doubt he is in a better place, chatting it up with my Dad about airplanes and cars like old times. My sympathy and prayers are with Kathy, Matt, Merayah, Tony, Cyndi, Derek, and Jason at this difficult time.  I hope your present sorrow will soon be replaced with cherished memories. I love you all. xo Sherri

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