Dennis Owen Collins
  • 54 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 13, 1960
  • Place of birth:
    Toledo, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 16, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Toledo, Ohio, United States
The light of our dear friend Dennis will remind us all that there is still goodness in this world.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dennis Collins, 54, born in 1960 and passed away on July 16, 2015. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Green Pastures on 6th August 2017

"Got to know about you from other anons..Its been 2 years since heavenly father came from above and took one of us. Look after my fellow anons from above and we say again may your soul rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by anon anon on 15th July 2017

"It's two years and you still live on. Love you Owen."

This tribute was added by The Name on 11th July 2017

"We are Miss you Man, Don't worry!"

This tribute was added by 3rph3von an0n on 23rd May 2017

"-d.o.c.-, the savior of us all. One way or the other.

In mindset, attitude, ideology and most importantly, in manor... doc was a true an0n.

Back before mitnick sold out, red boxing was cool and while google was still on a table in the garage, I was still nestled in daddies ball sack. I was born soon enough though, just in time to experience the crash in the 80's and grew up poor as all hell. Lucky for me an Uncle was going to a tiny community college and he lived so close he was able to study at grandmas in his room. Needless to say, little ol me was curious to see what uncle was doing upstairs. Turns out he was playing some karate game on the tv, while typing homework and fidgeting with a stick box button. When he asked me if I wanted to know how to change the colors (shades-b/w) of the figures on the screen, I was skeptical but I watched. It was the coolest thing in the whole friggin' world to me. Since the whole family had to scratch money together to get him through the cost of college books, he was happy to regurgitate everything he learned that day for the sake of memory refresh. It came easy while I was young and I practically graduated with my uncle from college with a bachelors, yet I was just 12 years old. Moving on from that point, my mind hungered for knowledge of the digital realm. It was missed and of course, school bored me and my grades took a hit since I didnt have any motivation to complete the provided 'establishment' education. *ihatenuns. Now the only science I consumed was from an 8th grade class level writer, a failed individual that can do nothing but tell kids what is correct and what not. I failed in math and many other subjects, they tried to flunk me. Got testing and ended up skipping a grade, for the first time have I tasted the sweet sweet nectar of proving that the system doesnt work. In a way, I manipulated my own progrm. Knowing the secret of getting through school quickly, be lazy- wait until fail- get testing and skip grade, I knew I had an eye for patterns. Once I got into it, I was hacking my whole life. I graduated from 'high' school when I was 15. I had all the testing done and everyone said I am a genius but the problem is that my family didnt have the funds to send me to the schools these people suggested I needed. Doomed from the start, IF you follow the system and allow them to lead you. Here I chose to do what I could do as a 15 year old shitty public school graduate. Not a god damn thing besides getting high (pep, cocarettes, speed, pot, lsd, shrooms and spinning vinyl at local clubs w parental permission.) and hacking ALL the things. Sometimes hacking them together with others during times when nothing was automated.. A hop meant: run to the next phone booth (or port, infrared beam etc), strap up, dial and check your cords.. Yeah those were the times (heavy backpacks!). Then I had to get a job to afford ISDN stuffs + laptops and everything shifted to internet cafes and the 'homeless hacker'/google era. Ill just cut right there, otherwise this will go further than it already has. Anyways, doc inspired me to not 'just' be a hat but to be able to appreciate all the hats. I would have to say, that was a life saving inspiration in a time they were hunting people that owned computers and were armed with curiosity. I will always be thankful. It gave me time to get my real life together, play the systems game again, clean my vest, hide the hat and get a move on professionally. Did what I had to do, built an avatar that the system accepted and I even ended up working for the very people that have oppressed people like us for so long.. Coincidence? I think not.

Being human caused me to become a natural hacker, a social engineer extraordinaire. I learned like/feel/need/perceive is a variable depending on where you go. Some places, folks give you their like for nothing at all and other places: I had to work for it. Either way, I had to harness this newly found knowledge and tinker further. Life has big one big puzzle if you ask me and I was destined to find the box cover. Every advantage is great, even those advances that people are no longer capable of thinking of. They are in old sheep mode, guide dog not needed or might heard themselves.

It is the direct result of society and perceived humanity attempting to mold each and every one of us they way a consensus perceives it is the best for the individual. I have always protected my true self and merely 'agreed' to the delusional opinion being a necessary evil to the ends of freeing me from their control. Yes, it is sad on all counts.

Remember, they only mattered because I needed certain results in order to move forward, they are all just nodes I bnc'd off of. WHen I met doc, the seed of what anonymous is to me was planted. Surely back then he had the right idea. Now that I am back, I am proud to see what has grown out of how he lived his life. All I can say is, its unbelievable how strong his spirit lives among so many worldwide. Its like we are offspring in a way, which is sick because ive probably fucked 3 of my own sisters, lol.. anyways.

We all morph and move on eventually.


This tribute was added by Prince von Michael Huffman on 21st May 2017

"lets resurrect him man...  hey its me cofounder of anonymous black dragon apocalypteon aka GOD tru flux tfc old skewl...  I have a way to resurrect...  lets get some brain surgeons that know about super stem oxygen brain cells...  lets have them first replace all the damaged and dead cells of the areas of the brain with the correct type of brain cells of those areas, then lastly plant the super oxygen brain cells in the areas that control the heart...  then jump start the heart...  I'm starxing, I got anonymous to create gps and to sell masks on amazon for extremely awesome prices...  I'm creating cures outta the whazzoo...  ptsd, stroke, hiv/aids, lymphoma/leukemia, lets create a medical anonymous branch so I can lay out the foundation for the black dragon apocalypteon botz, the tools used to create cures for every single cancer and disease...  its simple as a titty f*ck, but I haven't gotten laid in 8 months so...  my exgf cheated on me so much...  but you just gotta man up or woman up when the significant other cheats, I dropped her like a bag of frozen ice...  my number is 2107233109...  sext me...  send me a vag pic of the anon mask on the cooter...  so I know this message got to you...  I want to have that cooter mask pic on my android...  and desktop..."

This tribute was added by Euler Angle on 18th October 2016

"A man who risked his freedom to make the world a better place. Thank you for being an inspiration to many."

This tribute was added by Joseph Ford on 15th September 2016

"He did so much for so many, a man or a saint, carry on forever.

~A face in the crowd"

This tribute was added by Anonymous Dragon on 29th August 2016

"The lives and hearts that Owen has touched, even to this day, are tangible. Not just in the Anonymous collective, but as part of the worldwide hacktivist community. It is a tragic thing when any of us dies, but as always "We do not forget"

~Anonymous Dragon"

This tribute was added by Salar Noubary on 24th August 2016

"RIP. My prayers to you and family... In our hearts, Love from Canada"

This tribute was added by Maurage obywan on 26th July 2016

"RIP Denis"

This tribute was added by Jessica Harr on 20th July 2016

"<3 I wish you were still with us. I have a lot of respect for you :')

Always in my heart,

This tribute was added by Sam Sutherland on 16th July 2016

"It's been a year already. I don't know if it's felt longer or shorter than that. Some days the pain is still fresh, but other days I don't think about you at all. It's hard to move on after losing someone that had such a big part of your daily life for so long, but always know that you had a positive impact on me.

At times I wish you were still here, but I know life was a struggle for you for a while. I can't imagine that pain. I don't know how you did it at times, you were so strong.

You will never be forgotten, nor will what you taught me."

This tribute was added by Doe Mela on 16th July 2016

"Miss you brother ~Anonymous"

This tribute was added by Logan Thomas on 13th July 2016

"Owen- a well-loved funny individual, who we will forever love and cherish memories of at AnonOps, where I was introduced to the man we all hold in our hearts. My condolences to family, friends, and people who had a chance to get to know him, for someone that awesome, shouldn't leave the earth so soon.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us..."

This tribute was added by Vincent Milulumar on 15th June 2016

"Rest in peace m8. This may have come a year too late but I hope 8t means all the same. With love and sincerity from a fellow anon."

This tribute was added by Peter Belanov on 2nd June 2016

"RIP Dennis"

This tribute was added by Kris Johnson on 31st May 2016

"R.I.P our friend,
may we all remember,
Αυτός που με ακολουθεί δεν θα περπατάει στο σκοτάδι, αλλά θα έχει το φως τις ζωής."

This tribute was added by Anon Nylon on 24th May 2016

"Riposare in pace."

This tribute was added by brkn sys on 20th May 2016

"Dear Owen,  I prayed when I was a teenager for someone to come and help me change the world.  I remember talking to you and asking you to help me with that.  If it weren't for you, none of these people would be here.  Now of these people would exist for this cause, for this group.  I did not have the skillz nor do I have them now but you did. Thank you Owen for answering my call, for listening to my God and helping set this off.  You were a good friend. Peace. I hope you are enjoying Heaven just as much as I did.   Also, I never liked the term old fag, nor did i like new fag.  It sounds weird. even though it's an acronym."

This tribute was added by Anonymous Delta on 20th May 2016

"Damn buddy look at what you have done.. All of these Anons here for you I know you're proud of us carrying on your legacy a Legion formed because of you and nobody could have do it better I miss you Dennis or Owen as a lot of people no you by, you were a good true friend to me and taught me a lot of what i know now I still find it hard that your gone I think of you and Aaron all the time. you well always been in our hearts We don't for get and We don't forgive We are a legion We are Anonymous  may you rest in peace bubba. you voice is heard around the world."

This tribute was added by anon anon on 9th May 2016

"Your work has inspired many of us. Thank you for everything and may your soul be at peace."

This tribute was added by Jayson H on 27th April 2016

"I didn't ever have the pleasure of meeting Owen but after reading about him I feel I knew him well. I will remember you always Owen.

We are Anonymous.
We never forgive.
We never forget.
Expect us."

This tribute was added by Vngeance Fps on 18th February 2016

"All things, because we are human, eventually lose their full value and effect because we have such short attention spans and things that were the forefront eventually begin to fade into the background and blend in.  At that time it is quite necessary for something of precious value to be plucked away... only to gain the attention again, to bring things back to the forefront... to strengthen the cause even more than it ever was.  I never knew Owen... I have not yet known any of you... but I have watched... I have heard and I have listened and I will soon don the mask with my brothers and sisters.  So, no I do not know you yet but I respect and love you all and I trust when you say how precious Owen IS that you are more than righteous and probably can not, with mere words, express how great he is (not "was") and how important a role he has played in the many lives of those who knew him and also in those who are clueless to the changes he has provoked in this world on their behalf.  I just know for a fact that the loss of him physically from this world was for 2 reasons.  To make you all stronger... and so he can represent us all in another realm.  He is certainly making his connects and building his following there where he is now while watching over us all here at the same time.  I am convinced... I need to learn nothing more... Thank you all for what you do.  I will be honored to be with you in every way."

This tribute was added by white rabbit on 4th February 2016


I can't begin to describe how much I miss you. You where the bravest person I know. You will be missed each and every day. We will carry on the fight now brother, its your turn to take it easy. RIP my friend. Ill see you again some day. <3

We are Anonymous, We are legion, We will not forgive, We will not forget, EXPECT US!"

This tribute was added by ZR41X 4N0N on 5th January 2016

"To think about the future, first change the present. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we will not forgive, we will not forget, expect us. 2016."

This tribute was added by Aaron Finnigan on 25th December 2015

"Dennis I've heard about you I've never seen you or talked to you but I respect what you believe in and wish alot of people had the courage and  kindness you did your dream as of everyone else's will soon be just takes time and patients im very new to this but I am happy to be fighting for a cause to stop this corruption. Long live and much condolences to your family. RIP Brother We will carry on from hear."

This tribute was added by rosemary b hayes on 13th December 2015

"Happy Birthday"

This tribute was added by Clelia Albano on 13th December 2015

"Your words of wisdom and your kind heart are on my mind since the day I happened to learn of you and your precious social commitment, from a book. I am sure many will follow in your footsteps to make this world a better place! On this very day you were born and your birth has been a gift to us. My thoughts are with your parents, relatives, friends and beloved ones. RIP"

This tribute was added by Anon Ymous on 6th December 2015

"It's always hard to hear that a brother has passed, especially one as well known and inspirational as yourself. May the light never die in this fire. It is often said that when one of us die, two will take their place. For a man like you my friend, it will take more than that, but you know that the battle never ends and you knew that you were a part of something way bigger than yourself. As a collective, we will fill the shoes that you have left behind and eventually accomplish the goals that you share with us to mold the future and create a better world. May you rest in piece my friend and may whatever reality or entity you have found watch over you and protect you. Until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Kiniku Chan on 16th November 2015

"I've never met you before, but I have most certainly heard of the things you've done; I have a friend who was obsessed with anon and he would go on rants about how great of a person you were. You're really a cool and amazing guy, and still are. Ubuntu ftw. :D"

This tribute was added by Cold Line Pusha on 13th September 2015

"Hello Mr.Owen never had a chance to meet you but from what I heard your a great person much respect to you and your family. R.I.P. DOC"

This tribute was added by Bert Classen on 7th September 2015

"Sorry to hear you're gone doc, you were one of the good guys. Sorry for all the trouble I made. I planted a ton of flowers in those woods like in the pix to make up for it. I'm sorry and I'll meet you up there.

Bert <3"

This tribute was added by dfsdfg fdgfg on 7th September 2015

"Heard some great things about you, I wish we had the chance to meet. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. May your soul rest in peace for all eternity."

This tribute was added by Jose Hernan Tatto Heredia on 7th September 2015

"Owen. i never had the chance to meet such a awesome person, but you will always we remebered. and you flame of passion it's never will turn off. im sure you're now on heaven on god arms.

rest in peace Owen."

This tribute was added by Krelason - on 21st August 2015

"I've heard so many good things about how kind and sympathetic you were, from so many anons and we could never thank you enough. Rest in peace mate"

This tribute was added by risk risk on 6th August 2015

"Owen, legend. Friend.
You get a big thumbs up from grandpa!
We salute you."

This tribute was added by - - on 5th August 2015

"we will learn to fly
we stand on the shoulders of giants
years from now I'll know
love and strength brought us here
thank you Dennis"

This tribute was added by Martha Wagner on 31st July 2015

"I didn't know Dennis personaly but have heard so much about him. I know he will be missed by so many. He was a k ind, loving , man who had so much to give. He will live on in everyones heart that he touched. Much Love and condolences to his family and friends <3"

This tribute was added by Green Pastures on 30th July 2015

"Never got a chance to say hello before saying goodbye.. You are missed by your friends and family.. Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Francisco Garcia Baldera on 28th July 2015

"siempre estara entrenosotros ."

This tribute was added by drew 010 on 25th July 2015

"Glad to have met you. You were brave, fair, and kind. Will miss you. Thanks for everything you did."

This tribute was added by adam frederick on 25th July 2015

"Uncle D. Its been a week today and words cant describe how mad I am that god took you so fuckin early. Your words of wisdom will be instilled in me forever though and will be past down to my kid. You were more than an uncle you were my friend. I could ask you anything and you would have an answer. If you guys dont know but dennis was better than google. He had a super computer as a brain   he knew everything about everything  he was an amazing specimen  and im so glad that you were a part of my life for 32 years. Im so lucky to have been a part of your life as well. I love you and will see you again in heaven  save me a seat"

This tribute was added by Cody Pangle on 24th July 2015

"It's truly hard to sum up my final goodbye to you. I still can't even believe you're really gone. Throughout these past years you've been like a father figure and my best friend. Indeed, I have saw you go through rough spots in life and you'd always manage to overcome your struggles without fault. This is why it truly saddens me knowing you've moved on. Your presence on this Earth was a blessing to all of us who knew you. You had the kindest and most gentle heart. Nobody will ever forget the mark you left on us. Forever missed and forever loved. Rest in peace Owen. I will never forget you until the day I die. Thanks you for making such a massive impact on the lives of many. You were truly one of a kind. Love you and your family. There's so many things I have left to say but I'm still lost for words.. I was really looking forward to talking to you the night before you left us too..

Thursday, July 16, 2015. 6:26 PM Eastern Time

[18:26:47] .:owen:. im too stuboorn to go quietly into the night
[18:27:05] .:owen:. can it wait until i serve dinner to my mother?
[18:27:17] .:owen:. about 30 mins or so
[18:28:51] .:Riotday:. Ah, excellent. Well enjoy your dinner. Hope to hear from you soon. You're a good man for taking care of your mother too.

Unfortunately this was our last conversation and you never returned. It tears me up everyday. I'm just glad I was able to tell you how great of a person you were before your passing. Rest in peace my friend. <3"

This tribute was added by f society on 24th July 2015

"do not know the guy persoally or really at all but he was a brother of anonymous and we are legion we are 1 and divisable by 0 hes in a better place now -fsociety"

This tribute was added by Donna Priestley on 24th July 2015

"Another brother lost
But never forgotton
Cause chaos on ur next journey ma brother
May u fly high and may ur family find comfort"

This tribute was added by Adam Farnsworth on 24th July 2015

"A tragic loss , RIP brother and know that all who believe in a better world will continue the struggle you gave your life for. My sincerest condolences to all your family both biological and anonymous. Love and peace."

This tribute was added by Cate Smith on 24th July 2015

"To the family of Dennis - may you be incredibly proud of this wonderful man - he did so much to help the world become a better place,  and his legacy will live forever - sending you much love, Cate ♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Cate Smith on 24th July 2015

"To the family of Dennis - may you be incredibly proud of this wonderful man - he did so much to help the world become a better place,  and his legacy will live forever - sending you much love, Cate ♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Lenore Albert on 23rd July 2015

"This is on behalf of the many people who would like to send their condolences to Mr. Collins’ family but fear the dreaded Facebook app or giving away their privacy by submitting an email address in order to do so. It is sad that in today’s world that Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, and the right to protest have been so eroded in such a manner. This also bespeaks to the respect to Mr. Collins’ and his family knowing that his mother raised a son who was willing to stand up for his convictions.  May he rest in peace.

هذا هو نيابة عن كثير من الناس الذين يرغبون في إرسال تعازيهم ل عائلة السيد كولينز " لكنهم يخشون ان الفيسبوك التطبيق اللعين أو التخلي عن خصوصياتهم من خلال تقديم عنوان بريد إلكتروني من أجل القيام بذلك. ومن المحزن أنه في عالم اليوم أن حرية التعبير، حرية التعبير، و الحق في الاحتجاج قد تآكلت حتى في مثل هذه الطريقة. هذا ينم أيضا على احترام للسيد كولينز وعائلته مع العلم أن والدته رفعت الابن الذي كان على استعداد للدفاع عن قناعات . فليرقد بسلام.

Ceci est au nom des nombreuses personnes qui voudraient envoyer leurs condoléances à la famille de M. Collins , mais craindre le redoutable application Facebook ou de donner leur vie privée en soumettant une adresse e-mail afin de le faire . Il est triste que dans le monde d' aujourd'hui que la liberté d'expression , la liberté d'expression , et le droit de manifester ont été tellement érodée dans une telle manière. Cette témoigne aussi à l' égard de M. Collins et sa famille sachant que sa mère a élevé un fils qui était prêt à défendre des convictions . qu'il repose en paix.

Dies ist im Namen der vielen Menschen , die gerne ihr Beileid zu Mr. Collins ' Familie zu senden , aber fürchten die gefürchtete Facebook-App oder verlosen ihre Privatsphäre durch die Vorlage eine E-Mail -Adresse, um dies zu tun. Es ist traurig , dass in der heutigen Welt , die Meinungsfreiheit, Redefreiheit und das Recht zu protestieren Zeit habe ich in einer solchen Weise ausgehöhlt . Dies zeugt auch für die in Bezug auf Mr. Collins ' und seiner Familie zu wissen, dass seine Mutter hob einen Sohn , der bereit ist , sich für Verurteilungen war . möge er in Frieden ruhen.

Hoc velim pro quorum multi ad D. consolantibus Collins donandaeve familiae uitam egerunt sed metuito submittendo metuendaque Facebook app ut an email oratio est. Tristis est quia in mundo huius temporis libertatem significationis libertatis poenas pendentis erosis et ius ita fuisse queri . Ad hoc etiam dicit de Mr. Collins suscitavit filium matris familiam suam voluit sciens stabit persuasionem. Requiescat in pace.
Esto es en nombre de las muchas personas que deseen enviar sus condolencias a la familia del Sr. Collins ', pero temer la aplicación de Facebook temida o regalar su privacidad mediante la presentación de una dirección de correo electrónico con el fin de hacerlo. Es triste que en el mundo de hoy que la libertad de expresión , la libertad de expresión y el derecho a la protesta han sido tan erosionado de tal manera . Esto también nos habla de la relación con el Sr. Collins y su familia sabiendo que su madre crió a un hijo que estaba dispuesto a defender convicciones. Que descanse en paz.

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This tribute was added by patrick reeners on 23rd July 2015

"May the best attributes of this life you shared be remembered for ever!"

This tribute was added by Samantha Jones on 23rd July 2015

"Rest in peace my brother"

This tribute was added by Kiran Zimmerman on 23rd July 2015

"Rest in peace brother."

This tribute was added by Peter Strong on 23rd July 2015

"Rest In Peace Comrade"

This tribute was added by A Holly on 23rd July 2015

"We will always remember...and never well brother ~"

This tribute was added by Sylvain Nangirac on 22nd July 2015

"Je eu le plaisir de discuter avec vous  une cpl de fois. Il a combattu pour nous tous, et son courage et son esprit vit. Il était spécial. Vous allez nous manquer frère. Repose en paix.
Anonymous A6 Hackers"

This tribute was added by Doe Mela on 22nd July 2015

"Rest In Peace, the legions salute you brethren."

This tribute was added by tux punx on 21st July 2015

"Owen was one of the the most humble anons i have ever met, he gave his freedom for you and for me. And still after being taken from us, he came back and continued to support our cause. We must carry on and fight the good fight for those  that laid the foundation of this revolution before us. We will all be waiting for you to log back in, im sure they have ubuntu up there....."

This tribute was added by stacey rawling on 21st July 2015

"Rest in peace owen you are a star shining down on us and you will alway's be remembered never forgotten always in our harts."

This tribute was added by Deena Hall on 21st July 2015

"To Owen's family and all that knew him, my deepest condolences. Also,  just know he touched so many people & will always live on in all of our hearts...never forgotten. He inspired so many, and also fought so hard for alot. Dennis was such a wonderful person. I know you are in a better place. We all love you & we will miss you dearly, but never will we forget you & all that you done & all that you were: a very special person, friend, anon, and loved one. My thoughts, heart, and prayers are with your family during this time and everyone else. RIP my brother <3<3<3"

This tribute was added by Allan Littmann on 21st July 2015

"Dear man we have lost another free spirit we much needed here,  but we fear not many of us know we shall meet again in a much better place.  
Be it in person face to face or through the pulse on a keyboard like a heart beat no matter how each of us knew you know this you will be missed."

This tribute was added by Ajay Harris on 21st July 2015

"You will be remembered evermore, when we march, when we fight for freedom, we will remember you, the one who fell to the bullet of a cowardly dog of a man. You fought, you protested, and then, in your final hour, you wore the mask that means so much, you selflessly gave, you served us all, as humanity, it grieves me so noble a man was killed in so wicked a way... You, shall be remembered...."

This tribute was added by Kiwi Anon on 21st July 2015

"RIP brother. Thank you for your contributions to everything you had the ability to contribute to. You've done your family and us proud, in many ways. May you lay in peace and we'll meet again on the other side. /me always bad at writing these things"

This tribute was added by Spy HackerBot on 21st July 2015

"Rest In Peace,Brother... Fly high,fly high. You will not be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Strudalz ~ on 20th July 2015

"There is a passion and love which cannot be expressed with words, the feeling is of love. Though you may be gone, the bond between love and loss, brings not only sadness, but hope and family, a bond for which cannot be broken."

This tribute was added by Z3uS © on 20th July 2015

"Rest In Peace, We miss you Owen."

This tribute was added by Joey Presley on 20th July 2015

"More condolences than words can express. Rest easy in the home of your dreams, brother. Your brothers and sisters still here will do our best to carry your bright torch you have left us to carry on through the darkness."

This tribute was added by Lucy Anonymous on 20th July 2015

"I did not have the pleasure of knowing Owen but any person who fights for what they believe in and works for a better world has my admiration and respect. This life was a lost for us all. May we all be more like Owen and fight for a better world. - Lucy"

This tribute was added by winston anonymous on 20th July 2015

"I didnt have the honor of getting to know Owen well before he passed, but I will always remember and appreciate the support and help that he provided me as a new "anon". With Owen's passing, we have lost someone who exemplifies the type of person the world needs more of.
May you rest in peace in the world of your dreams, Owen."

This tribute was added by Anon Pedestal on 20th July 2015

"I really liked your radio talk shows, just the day before I was talking about making posters for your radio events. Your dedication was an inspiration to me, thank you and see you on the other side."

This tribute was added by Ken Bailey on 20th July 2015

"Just a week older than me, an unkown brother. We do not forget!
Requiescat In Pace."

This tribute was added by P King on 20th July 2015

"They may have struck down a beautiful, strong man, but not his message, nor his light. Those will forever burn in the hearts, passed down to each & everyone who will pick up the torch to carry. As with all Anons, strike one down, will cause many more to appear. Do not weep long, for we must continue the fight that Owen carried. With great respect. Love Peace Truth & Justice."

This tribute was added by a non on 20th July 2015

"Rest in Eternal Peace Bro.
you did good work when you could. Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to all your family and friends.
Shine On Brother, shine on.

This tribute was added by Lissa Chapman on 20th July 2015

"Respect and sympathy to all who knew Dennis. Respected as our Anon brother. With love."

This tribute was added by Kylie Ochoa on 20th July 2015

"You were an inspiration to so many, your strength was admired by all.
Your final words to Hig were, "say hello to your beautiful wife for me!" Those words will stay with me forever. We love you Dennis, you will continue to live on in the hearts of the collective. Rest peacefully <3 <3 <3"

This tribute was added by Stephen Handlin on 20th July 2015

"owen, I read a comment made on an article by a child once, it said, "I am 14 and when I'm old enough I am going to join Anonymous." That means you've already won, owen. Your compassion will live forever through the example you set for Anonymous and the World. One of these days Anonymous and the World is going to get it all put straight, and it is because of you. "And the World will live as one." Can you imagine, owen? I think you did and that's how you won. Thank you and bless you."

This tribute was added by Thorben Thomas on 20th July 2015

"People like Dennis "Owen" Collins never truely die. They live forever in the heart of every man who stands up for freedom, love and humanity.
Thomas from Germany"

This tribute was added by Green Pastures on 20th July 2015

"Miss seeing your nick on chan. May your soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Raymond Johansen on 20th July 2015

"Dear Dennis Owen Collins Loved Ones,
Anonymous Norway would like to honor his memory by telling you that all over the world we see sorrow in the wake of his passing. His character and strength will never be forgotten. Stay strong, you are not alone."

This tribute was added by Dat Kat on 20th July 2015

"I never really know what to say for these type of things...,but I do know DOC was a very good person and was one of the most dedicated of us all. You will be forever remembered and never forgotten! /me sends Owen <333s #RipOwen"

This tribute was added by Wendy Carr on 20th July 2015

"I didn't know Dennis, but I know Sue Crabtree...for his loss to have such a devastating effect on her then I know Dennis must have been incredibly special. His loss will be felt as deeply as his massive presence in life was felt.
When someone dies that you love even more than yourself, you realise they can never be gone. They are often the one who looked so deep inside you and the further in they went , the more lovely you became to them.
This is a two way transfer process, sitting deep inside of you is the essence of that person.
The essence of a truly uniquely wonderful man.
Love from  Wendy."

This tribute was added by Azzurra Crispino on 20th July 2015

"To me, owen was the answer to, "why in anon math is 13+14 equal 26?" Because the paypal 14 and the payback13 shared a defendant: Dennis Collins. To those who had the privilege of knowing him better, he was much, much, more.

Rest in Love, anon. You can't arrest an idea. You are noe free to roam mischievously in all our hearts. WE DO NOT FORGET."

This tribute was added by Genco Gün on 20th July 2015

"I have never heard of him, let alone meet him until today. But reading about how he was, I can safely say, I knew him. During OccupyGezi in İstanbul, when I helped save 54 cats from tear gas clouds, risking to get caught by the police, and when I hid 6 other protesters in my flat, for hours, I was Dennis Owen Collins a bit. This is what being true means, holding on to the notion that the entire mankind is your brethren, even those in power don't agree, and are not happy that you do. Dennis Owen Collins and alike, they were born when mankind invented empathy and compassion, and will live through us and new ones to come as their values and love. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Debi Davies on 20th July 2015

"I have no doubt Owen will remain in the hearts and minds of many people. My heart and prayers are with his family and I hope they find some comfort in knowing that he was well loved."

This tribute was added by Clelia Albano on 20th July 2015

"I didn't know Owen, but I know who he was. A kind hearted guy who fought in the name of freedom, equality and justice. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends."

This tribute was added by wArning   on 20th July 2015

"You have changed the world, you sacrificed yourself for just causes, Operation Italy was born also thanks to your work, when it ends a life there are no enemies. The pain can not be erased, but your strength has brought many smiles around the world. A sincere greeting."

This tribute was added by R Parker on 20th July 2015

"Thank you Owen! I am a stranger to you but I humbly thank you for all you have done and intended to do, for your own world specifically, and humanity on mass.  You are the exemplar of what it means to be human sir!  No doubt your short time on this planet will continue to inspire minds as long history proceeds forward.  My empathys to those close to Owen, whom feel this loss most directly.  You are not alone.  Please do expect us... know that Owen will never be forgot.  Thanks again my anon brother.  hà¢k┼hΣP└âπΣt"

This tribute was added by Jody L Lavery on 20th July 2015

"Deepest condolences to all that knew and loved Dennis. Dennis, thank you for your selfless work to make the world a better place."

This tribute was added by Operation Manning on 20th July 2015

"To Owen's family, you must have a pretty good idea about how much we all loved and respected him. Hopefully that is a comfort knowing we share his loss. No matter what future unfolds Owen was a warrior fighting the good fight. His fearlessness was contagious, inspiring an unapologetic lulzy and effective rebellion against seemingly unassailable forces of corruption. Thank you, for sharing him with us."

This tribute was added by a friend on 20th July 2015

"You were the best of us. I hope you knew how truly loved you were."

This tribute was added by canadian glen on 20th July 2015

"To the Collins family and all of Dennis' friends, my deepest condolences. Take pride in the fact that Dennis helped so many people so selflessly, with only their interests in mind. An exemplary human being that we are all lessened by his passing. Rest In Freedom, Dennis <3"

This tribute was added by Melodie Melodyssey on 20th July 2015

"A great mind- A good heart.... thank you Dennis Owen"

This tribute was added by Mogli   on 20th July 2015

"Owen man I miss you already. I know we didn't talk much but when we did it was you un banning me from something, and I never got to thank you for that and for being so understanding. You were a great guy and you will be missed by many. Rest In Peace <4"

This tribute was added by David Crabtree on 20th July 2015

"To a brave man who will not be forgotten anytime soon thank you. Thank you for all that you have done. You where a true solider in the fight against everything that's wrong in this world and stood up for the people who could not stand. You will truly be missed. RIP Dennis."

This tribute was added by Sam Sutherland on 19th July 2015

"There truly is not enough that I can ever write down to let you know what an impact you have had on my life. You were a mentor, a friend, and someone who I could lean on. It's been so many years that I've known you, but it feels like just yesterday we were getting started, and I wish we had more time. You accompolished so much. You beat them, you didn't think you could, but you did. I don't know how you managed the strength sometimes, and I admire you for everything you did even until your last moments. I'm sorry I wasn't there for them.

Thank you for everything that you did for me. Wherever you are now I know that it's a better place, somewhere without the pain and the burdens. You left me and many others in a better place than when you found us. Even when you yourself were being tried so harshly by life you still have encouraging words and time for me. May your soul rest in peace and find the happiness you deserve."

This tribute was added by Snape Slytherin on 19th July 2015

"We traded pics on AnonOps. Owen was a basket of awesome wrapped in a black flag. He was the cat's pajamas, because in his words, Cats are FTW. RIP to an awesome guy."

This tribute was added by carine Tanagila on 19th July 2015

"My best thoughts for family and friends
Rest in peace..Dennis"

This tribute was added by jonathan girard on 19th July 2015


This tribute was added by Anthony Tarrant on 19th July 2015

"I didn't know Dennis.  But to the family & loved ones of the man movingly eulogised by Stanley Cohen from his cage in a Pennsylvania gulag, I add my deepest condolences to the many others on this site.  From a writer who understands the price of dissent. Yours in the rev.  Peace.  AT."

This tribute was added by William Zhang on 19th July 2015

"May be I never meet you.. but I have friends that does... and you were a great person.. The life is pretty short.. but in that time, people touch others and leave a mark.. you did... a great one.. I share the pain of my friends.. But also you are with God, and that´s because you were a great man.. Bless you and strength your family and friends.


This tribute was added by Angel Ybarra on 19th July 2015

"Rest well, valiant soul. Your loss will not be in vain. Sincerest condolences to all who had a care for Owen."

This tribute was added by Gregg Jocoy on 19th July 2015

"I am so sorry for your loss.  For our friends, our passing is a terrible burden, but for our family there is no going back nor moving forward.  Owen will be forever Owen, and that is a good thing.  May the peace which is beyond all understanding be with you always."

This tribute was added by Some faggot on 19th July 2015

"RIP - now who will read my PMs? :(
You'll be missed."

This tribute was added by Papa Puff on 19th July 2015

"A wonderful soul taken too soon, you was kind, funny and always went out of your way to help others. You are loved by all and will be missed. Peace be with you and your family and friends. Goodbye owen."

This tribute was added by Eva Valencia on 19th July 2015

"Dennis, you have made my soul full by doing what you love most. You made so many people's hearts with your love and existence. Thank you for being on this planet and showing us how a good person lives. You are in a better place and I'm glad to see you happen once again. All the love."

This tribute was added by Susan Watson on 19th July 2015

"I had the pleasure to chat with Owen a cpl of times. He fought for all of us, and his courage and spirit lives on. He was special. You will be missed brother. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Sue Crabtree on 19th July 2015

"My best friend and the kindest person I have ever known.  I will miss you always.  You touched my heart and the heart of every person who was fortunate enough to call you friend.  I miss you so much, Dennis.  I am lost without you.  <3"

This tribute was added by rosemary b hayes on 19th July 2015

"An awesome soul.He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Michel Cécilia on 19th July 2015

"Never knew him and he never knew me but he fought for the rights of all of us. Thank you and may peace be upon him and his family."

This tribute was added by Nix Norelli on 19th July 2015

"Owen was the heart and soul of Anon. He is my personal hero, and often the first person I thought about when I awoke. He was brave, kind and as humble as was humanly possible. His wicked sense of humor resonates throughout the cosmos, and will reverberate for ages. He's the real deal - a part of a history that generally remains unwritten - that of the people. Owen, I will miss you, friend. I'm sorry we didn't get to keep our last appointment, but never fear, we will have a blast next time we meet. Much love to you and your family."

This tribute was added by Sherry Hedges on 19th July 2015

"Rest in peace brother"

This tribute was added by Gray Sea on 19th July 2015

"We feel the loss of Owen
In a world where so many
are dead and dying
Who don't know where they are going
Owen will remain in the hearts
Of the many people whose lives he touched
And make all of us richer for it"

This tribute was added by Zeus One on 19th July 2015

"Thank you Owen for all your hard work and sacrifice, you will be greatly missed by the oppressed of this world."

This tribute was added by Opportunity Doe on 19th July 2015

"Dear owen, I only got the chance to speak to you a few times, but in those moments you left a great impression. You truly we're a man who stood behind what he believes and was determined to keep fighting for these ideals. I hope that you are in a better place now, you were one of the best Anons in existence. Rest in Peace owen"

This tribute was added by Thanks Owen on 19th July 2015

"Thank you owen , you are a awesome guy and i am pleasured that i met such a Awesome person.

This tribute was added by SLRK SLRK on 19th July 2015

"Hey owen i never really got to know you but you where faimily of anonymous we loved you very much so and we wish you the best and best regards to your family much love brother you did so much we all love you and your in a better place where ever that is much love, SLRK"

This tribute was added by joy mcray on 19th July 2015

"Good Bye Owen rest in peace we are friends for ever ever and however condolences to the families
bye italy. Evilulz"

This tribute was added by anon Phonemix on 19th July 2015

"I have not got to talk so much with owen. The few times he was always present and available. He loved to joke with everyone. Sometimes it was very serious, but his role to "oper" forced him to make tough choices. He was a magnificent man, and even more, a fantastic Anon. Thanks for everything."

This tribute was added by twelve fuu on 19th July 2015

"Times like these rotten my cognitive structure. Owen was a great man, a visionaire, a good soul and a friend. I hope his family have some comfort knowing that he tried very hard to fight injustice in this wicked world and worked for a better future. All my loving, cheers."

This tribute was added by Charlie Lance on 19th July 2015

"There are some in life you meet, some you just get influenced or inspired from their aura, and some that create subtle ripples that build strength with ever person they pass. His wave will be with us for a long long time gaining more and more strength."

This tribute was added by Cogi Cogitabundus on 19th July 2015

"Words fail me, we've lost a great friend and a devoted Anon whom always had more time for others than he did himself.  Requiescat in pace owen.  I guess now you'll finally get a kitten to raise.  <3"

This tribute was added by Brandon Conley on 19th July 2015

"A good man he was, we will all miss you Dennis."

This tribute was added by Jessica Harr on 19th July 2015

"My fondest memories of Owen was when we argued(indirect mentoring) :') He taught me so much in the few years that I knew him. He inspired many, and mattered to many more. Owen, friend, guide, you were one of very few good human beings. I know you are in a better place. This beer is for you <3

This tribute was added by Marcos Wolf on 19th July 2015

"What can one say about a life lived in service of your fellow man? Needlessly, selflessly, affectations of sincerity at your brothers and sisters until the moment you are no longer here? It humbles. Plain and simple. Humbles. Rest in peace are in a better place."

This tribute was added by Jone Pierantonio on 19th July 2015

"In loving memory of a special person <3 from Italy all my love and my prayers"

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