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The fight for anonymity

July 23, 2015

 Many people don't understand Anonymous. They don't understand that there are people out there, past and present, who have dedicated a significant part of their life building up an infrastructure and idea so that people can take the name and use the resources to fight for a better world. They don't understand that there are strong connections and friendships that get built through these pseudonymous channels and that many individuals take on real risk when they supported various political causes around the world through the banner of Anonymous. Owen was one such core contributor who fervently believed in the idea and egalitarian ethic behind Anonymous and who also worked on building and maintaining the IRC infrastructure so that others could join in and be part of something larger than themselves, so that they could be part of a collective who fights for the right to be obscure. This right embodies a series of defiant, principled refusals; a refusal to allow the state to track its citizens; a refusal to allow corporations to convert personal communications into profit or manipulate their personal desires; a refusal to capitalize off each other’s labor and, especially risks; a refusal, in essence, to prevent a powerful idea—that we are and can be anonymous—from withering away. Before Owne left his body he has done his part to ensure that a powerful idea will remain here with us for at least a while longer. Thank you Owen.


A dear friend and great mentor

July 22, 2015

Iowa (I still prefer that nick) was not only a great friend, but for the last five years has been my mentor as well. As always, he was a very honest, upfront and rough, but always caring and always looking out for me. If it were not for him, I would never have come this far. He inspired me, and helped me develop a curiosity for learning, and improving myself. He did not only teach me about IT, but also about basic things in the world, like respect, willingness to learn and teach, and so on. A lot of people who knew him well know what I'm talking about. Dennis and I had a special kind of relationship. We often called each other "dad" and "son". Though I do have a great father IRL as well, I considered Dennis almost as a second dad.
During the time he was on trial, it was very hard for us to keep in touch, which was a very difficult time. I sent him mails, once in a while. Though he was not allowed to reply, he told me he really appreciated them, and that he always kept an eye on me, through facebook, which we shared a long time before ( stalking much :') ).
Regardless of his snappy behavior and his cynical remarks, he was a caring person, who never had to think twice about spending time and effort caring about his mother, his friends, or the network he had maintained for such a long time.
Owen, my dear friend/mentor/semi-dad, thanks for guiding me, looking out for me, and teaching me. Thanks for all the good times we spent together, you being there for me when I was down, trusting me, even though I was a brat... I wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for you. I will miss our idle chat and your advice. But you will always be guiding me. It was a shame we never got to meet in real life, even though we were already planning to make it happen. Instead, I, and all your friends from IRC, will raise a glass in memory of you. You shall never be forgotten.

The best friend I ever had

July 19, 2015

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to my friendship with Dennis.  We talked so often that it all seems to be a big blur at the moment.  I used to jokingly tell people that I was his wife and he would respond "Yeah and the only one I will ever have".  We laughed.  Our son of course was a furry character named elmo.  Dennis and I spent countless hours on the phone and to say I feel so lucky to have known him in such a personal way is an understatement.  We talked about so many things;  his deep love and concern for his mom, his plans for the future, his court case updates and we talked about me.  He told me I'm too emotional, I get my feelings hurt too easily and sometimes he would even snap at me and say "damned women"! lol.  When he was upset, he would send me a message to call him and we would talk and find a way through things.  When he was worried, we worried together.  When he was angry, well then I was angry too.  And when he was having medical problems, I lectured and he ignored me. He was the best friend I've ever had.  So many times we talked about meeting and just talking face to face.  That chance never happened and I regret that so much but I know one thing to be true;  Dennis was always so open with me and me with him, that a face to face moment wouldn't have changed anything other than my one wish and that would be to have hugged him and held him.  Oh Dennis how you made me laugh.  Your online antics kept many of us laughing.  Just last week I kissed him in IRC and he responded with "ewww" lol.  I can't think of all the times he teased me and picked on me for being an "internet dummy" but little did he know, I was smarter than he thought and I did it just so that we could chat together.  Yes, I could not have loved him more if I had been able to give him that hug.  He's right where he belongs and where he's always my heart.  Somehow, with the help of our mutual friends, I will find a way through this and to a place where I smile and laugh each time I think of my dear friend but for now, I'll sit here and know that he is smiling down on me and saying "Ha!  I got you this time"!  We both know what that means.  My friend is not gone and he is not forgotten because I just won't let that happen.  <3 <3 <3 

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