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The General

Shared by Dan Warlow on May 5, 2021
So many stories its hard to begin.
From the Friday lifts home in the beloved Rover, to you pinching peoples hats at the Jam House. But the one that stands out the most is Warwick Races, having the whole group singing "where did you get that hat" as they gave the best dressed awards out. 

Will miss you at Cheltenham every year too. A Guinness will be raised every year for you mate.

Rest easy x 
Shared by David Jones on May 5, 2021
What a man to be around, I will always remember the lads curry nights, Christmas parties, Day outs at Cheltenham or the rugby, Never a miss word but lots and lots of laughter. Utmost respect for a colossus of a man that was great to be with even if it meant being dropped off last after an hours drive after he had spoken a quiet word in the taxi drivers ear to ensure he got dropped off first instead of me. This happened every time we went out. Who can forget the red wine or the Unicum in the taxi on the way there and also on the way back.
Shared by Roshene Hartley on April 1, 2021
I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with you in Bristol during the Management Team building event. Before then our communication was mainly centered around work so it was nice to get to know you as a person outside of work. And what a wonderful man you were! We all got pushed out of our comfort zones and had to complete some ridiculous tasks... you performing the Hakka dance in the middle of Bristol town center, us performed dances, you killing it at the general knowledge questions. But most importantly we all got completely merry and belly laughed uncontrollably on that trip. You were an absolute pleasure to be around and i feel honoured to have those memories of you. 

One of my favourite memories of you is when we were at Tina's birthday party and out of nowhere you got up on the mic and started singing Luther Vandross.... smooth as anything! I was shocked at how well you could sing and was in hysterics at the reaction from the crowd.

Your laughter and energy will be eternally missed.


Shared by Nicky Robinson on March 31, 2021
So many memories but 3 stick in my head instantly 
The first one was when I nearly put the folk lift truck into your car at Tentec, you loved that Rover and I remember missing it by inches...not sure what you would have done if id have hit it .
The second one is seeing you at the Jam House with the Santa hat on, I was on the balcony and looking for everyone and I could just see you dancing away....the best of it was you had taken it off one of the backing singers .
And last one was Horn,  every time we spoke about this bit of banter your laugh filled the room . Others maybe wouldnt of found it so funny but you seemed to get my childish level of winding people up.
Things I'm going to miss are talking about the TV series we were watching and guessing what would come next , your opinion was always  important to me and sometimes id go against your thoughts just to see the passion you had on any given subject.
Dream team won't be the same without you,  I was never bothered about winning but knew if I could finish above you I'd be there or there abouts (i never was above you). 
Miss you mate 
Shared by Andy Warlow on March 31, 2021
First conversation we had was you shouting me to empty the bin in A&T when I did a few weeks labouring at Tentec, needless to say, I jumped straight to it so you wouldn’t shout again! We went on to become close colleagues and very good friends, miss you every day big man, you’ll never be forgotten 

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