Forever And Ever Together

Shared by Maureen McGinn on August 27, 2018

Our life together will never be forgotten. We were just 10 years old on the beach at 31st street. That was the beginning of 63 years. Every summer I looked forward to seeing your family and being together as we became teenagers winter breaks were spent at each others homes. Always looking to the summer in Ocean City. When we fell in love with our life life time husbands Phil and Michael they also became part of our world. Weddings follow with little children that are all growen up with children of their own. Oh how we loved being together in Pennsylvania and Ocean City families with families. Where has the time gone? Now we are on another journey. I've have lost my most precious sister, life has changed. Diane has now returned to God. Her Mother,Dad,and Debbie, and Missy were there in heven to welcome her with open arms. May she rest in peace. God Bless Phil and the children. I pray for the family and God be with you all. My Love to you. God Bless,

Maureen and Michael

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