His Life


Casper was sweet and lovable just like Diomond. almost like ther brothers. u acted very strange one day wen i was 5 and dad took  u to the vet wit u in a box. i stood there next to u hoping there isnt any bad news, but ther was... something was detected in ur body and it was horribly bad. i really didnt want to say farewel to u... just like Diomond. :'( the vet put u down and after she started to pet u, u purred til u finally went to sleep.i tried to wake u up but u wer already gone,gone for good.i made a promise that ill always be thinking about u, including Diomond. miss u both and love u both 100 % , u both know it


Diomond was such a sweet, adoring black cat.Wit such green eyes just like Casper's, they both melted my heart.They both had an adoring meows and purrs that i miss them so much! i  never wanted them to pass. i was 7 wen i found out that diomond wasnt anywhere in the house. I asked dad were he went and he said " in the backyard... hes gone." I asked him wat did he mean and he replied "hes dead." After i herd wat happened i sobbed for hours. Now diomond AND casper wer gone! how can i survive witout them?!