Shared by Terri Mohr on June 4, 2018

I’ll never forget the years I spent “helping” mom at D’s. I swear my love for Pac-Man comes from the years I spent in the shop playing that and the mortal combat game. Even though I’m sure you only gave me the quarters to get me out from the back.  I’ll fondly remember the days I sat in that front booth at the old D’s playing or doing my homework and you’d come and sit and read the paper or have me fold pizza boxes even though the stack in the back corner already seemed to reached the ceiling.  I loved when you would give me a hunk of pizza dough and tell me to make something.  All the fireman’s parades I spent outside the shop. Even after We moved I love stopping in just to say hi to you. I’ll never forget all the childhood memories i have with you are the rest of the D’s crew.  I send My love to Robin, Dom,   and the entire Randazzo family. Rest In Peace Dom <3

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