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May 22, 2023
by Kee Kee
i always tend to never listen to my gut. i got so wrapped in depression that i .....i was looking for you on fb today and ran across a RIP and i lost it. you was one of the realest. when you came around us, man you dropped hella gems. i hate that i am finding out this way. prayers to the Chamblin family. I am so sorry for this loss also. 

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January 19, 2023
After graduating high school I went to stay with my big brother Antoine. He was always on my case lol and always proud of any accomplishments I made. I remember when you cried because you weren’t ready for me to go off to school. Before he passed he told me he was proud of me for graduating from college. I just wish you could’ve lived longer big bro to see your little sis graduate for the second time. Until we meet again big bro I love you dearly

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