This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Donna Mae Findlater who was born on May 2, 1939 and passed away on December 31, 2010. We will remember her forever.

Donna was born in Stettler, Alberta to Evelyn  and William Konshuh .She was the oldest of four children-Jack, Wayne and Joan.

Donna grew up in and around Stettler, Alberta. Besides her siblings, she had 23 aunts and uncles. Her hero, Ma Ellen, was her favorite aunt, and she had close bonds with her aunt Beryl and Ivy. She was one of the three musketeers along with her cousins Peggy and Pansy-where one went the others would follow.

One of her fondest memeories was when her father taught her how to drive a car. She was close to her family, and had many memories of them. She loved visiting family, and she had a great time going to a family reunion in Gull Lake. There are many pictures of her, her borthers and sisters, aunts, unlces and cousins. It was one of the best weekends she ever had.

In 1952, Donna left the small town and made her way to the big city. She had met Art, a handsome welder and off they went to Calgary. They made their home in various areas and finally settled in Forest Lawn. To them were born 4 children- Dennis in 1958, Jay in 1961, Glen in 1962, and Lee in 1969. One daughter, Heather Marie, was born in 1971, but did not survive.

Donna and Art, together with neighbors Marge and Roger, and Mae, they raised their children. If one of the 12 kids couldn't be found, one just had to cross the street to Mae or Marge's house or Donna' s house. Laughter, love, and good food was always to be found.

After leaving Forest Lawn, they settled in Bowness. Many a day was spent at Bowness Park having a barbeque and canoeing on the lagoon. A special day was when the family went to Happy Valley on top of the hill, or tobaggaining on the hill at the end of the street.

Then Donna and Art packed up the kids and moved to Togo, Sask. Two years were spent ther, living on a farm, and working it. The boys would play in the barn, skidoo with the nieghbors and hole up in the cold winters. One of the best times, was going to the store  and buying our comics and books. Donna always made sure her kids were reading.

In 1974, Donna and the kids came back to Calgary and moved to Acadia. The house was always full of teenagers and family. Christmas was always a great event, with family coming for dinner, and then playing Dice. All you could hear was laughter!

Donna was close to her siblings and at one time or another, Joan Wayne and Jack were sharing her house-her door was always open. In 1965, her parents also moved to Calgary.The circle was complete.

Another good set of friends for Donna were Pete and Irene. Many a new year was spent together with them and their children. The dads were welders and loved to watch hockey on Saturday nights and Donna and Irene would talk and visit with each other and the kids.


Donna was a loving mother and friend to all her children-Dennis, Jay, Glen and Lee. She fixed ther hurts, laughed, cried and remained strong for them always.  She was always there for them- taking them to Lacrosse, hockey and baseball. 

Donna pride was in her children and grandchildren. Donna loved kids, and always made room for them. Brandy, Stacey, Heather, Devin, Dylan and Josh were a source of love, laughter, and light for her.

 She was pre-deceased by her daughter, Heather Marie, her mother Evelyn, her father William, her brother Jack and her brother Wayne.


She will be forever missed, and truly left a legacy behind. In any of her kids, and grandkids, you can see her smile, her laugh, her twinkling blue eyes, her love of reading, drawing, and most of all her love.

Posted by jay danychuck on January 1, 2011
I love you mom, and will miss you always. Because of you, my life is better. I miss you and love you.
Your daughter,

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Posted by jay danychuck on January 1, 2011
I love you mom, and will miss you always. Because of you, my life is better. I miss you and love you.
Your daughter,
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Movie time in Robin, Manitoba

Shared by jay danychuck on February 5, 2011

When we were living in Togo Sask. Mom decided it was time to get out of the house. It was the middle of winter, and she had been cooped up wih 4 kids. Enough!

She decided to take us to a movie, and the only place was in Robin, Manitobe (just across the border. Off we went in frigid conditions-Mom, 4 kids and a really big car. We made it to Robin, and Mom decided the car needed a wash. We went, got the car washed and headed off to the movies! I think the movie was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Everyone had a great time.

Until we got out to the car.

The doors were frozen shut! Because it was so cold, the water from the wash sealed the doors tight! It was freezing outside. Mom figured out a way to open the doors, and we all had a good laugh all the way home. Mom always was very creative, and tht night she got thoe doors open and got us home safe and sound. Needless to say, we never went to the movies in winter again!