His Life

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Donnie grew up in Rockford, IL-  On March, 31st 1977 at "Rockford Memorial Hospital", he was born at 7:25pm, my Mom, Dad and the rest of the family were so happy to have gotten to know my parents first baby boy...

Mom and Dad took Donnie to Bible Study with them when they would go and he enjoyed being there so much especially since he had his blanky!

Time moves on....

My Grandma took such great care of her Grandson and I thank god for having such a Great, Grandmother. always coming to the house for holidays/birthdays.

Donnie had started schooling at "Faith Academy" here in Rockford, IL -  Getting to meet his first of friends and interacting with some people whom he have never known of before and has probably grown with him later in his life without us knowing.

Donnie, loved his cat Misty he had gotten her when he was really young I am not sure how young? Cause you have to remember I came into Donnies life 10 years later in his existence: )

More news we didn't know, we didn't know about Donnie....

Donnie attended Grade school at "Hallstrom Grade School", which was across the street from where the rest of the family had lived including me in latter times. He enjoyed going to school and with having his school right across the street, one of his favorite things about going to school there was when he had lunchtime he would run across the street to go home and have lunch. Not much more you could ask for! "Convieniant", as Donnie would say.

We are not done yet this is his, and he would of liked you to get to know him: ) Even though he didn't always need to be around people to be happy!

Later on the road Donnie had went to "East High School" for one semister...and I am in belief that he did not need schooling as much as others did to achieve their smarts, cause he was just that intelligent.

Donnie started working his first job at UPS here in Rockford, IL doing Computer Work and along with some office as well. He became a "Computer Trouble Shooter".

Other Jobs he worked at were in his earlier times:

K's Merchandise

Electric Avenue

Moving on to where he becomes an "Adult" brother an Adult? Wait I remember him a teenager never an "Adult".....

Donnie became an Owner of his own apartment. Finally getting out on his own and becoming the "Adult"...taking Precious with him which was originally my little girl from where we had grown up at on 12th avenue.

Donnie going out to the bar scence and opening his eyes to new adventures. He enjoyed shooting darts and throwing back a couple of drinks with his friends even though me and the rest of us weren't the most supportive of him being a consumer when he was. I give Donnie so much respect for never drinking Infront or Around me.

Donnie had always been the best-secret-keeper-you-could-have-ever-known...shhh! Did I say that:) I couldn't help it especially when I had told him while we were at Rock River Towers, one night I had stayed over there and I had told him not to tell Mom that I was a consumer of alchol too..and Donnie never spilled one bean to my Mom. Even though she found out later in times.

Donnie had went through a lot over the years with being an Epileptic even though I will not mention much in this Bio about the eplilepsy since that was not his life, but only a struggle that god had strenghtened him through, also surviving being off work while going through an open lung surgery. One tough Brother!

Still have not mentioned enough....

Donnie lived in a total of two Apartments and Three Houses in Rockford, IL

The next place where Donnie had went to live was an Apartment in Rockford, IL- That his great friends Rick and Ann, had found him and where he had became a Tenant to them that was a nice place but not much else I can really say that I would remember about there? Besides the Day he Moved out. 

So the last place Donnie had owned here in Rockford was the house in which I am sitting in right now creating this. Which I choose not to disclose my address:)

It the House that we shared more memories with him...the house where he had worked at Aqua Aerobics in and had lost his Job at Aqua Aerobics in's the house where me and my boyfriend would come to do our and laundry and the house where my boyfriend became Donnies Brother-In-Law, the greatest ever that could be is the wedding that Donnie attended and took pictures with his camera and in which I am sharing a picture of me and him hugging on the right side of this Bio. Not too mention where we all shared our last Physical Moment with Donnie: ) Donnie helping my Dad with replacing the heater so we could have heat and paying our cable bill so that I could still make contact with Donnie and so that he could use the internet while he was here closer to the end of October 2010, and so that we could still keep in contact with him when he moved back to Dubuque, is what I mention more of.

So here we go....

Donnie Got A Job Offer!!!! Where at?? IBM....dude thats awesome! Didn't really say that but yeah...I thought that...

So, me, my dad, Donnie and Jeremy drove out to Dubuque, Iowa where Donnie began his new life and career...within a new city and state...we drove him to Loras College where he had his interview in October of 2009 to be a Specialist at IBM. He was told by the Interviewer that he'd probably be starting his Job in Febuary..long wait to get out of Rockford Donnie had counted down the days till he had moved out of Rockford, only me and Jeremy took Donnie and Precious out there to his new Apartment, dropped off Precious at the Apartment..while trying to find a Walmart all we had found was a Kmart in which I had bought a newspaper and we got Donnie some bedding and cat items, litter etc,. So after all of that we were hungry and chose to go to Ground Round the only good sounding place and knowing that I have been there before and I wouldn't be so picky:) Donnie paid for me and Jeremy's food, he was a great brother we sat there ate our food and talked about Mom Dad Josh and the other cats that were back here in Rockford. So went back to his Apartment and settled Donnie in the best we could not a place for a little guy and had went back home..thinking wow Donnies gone! This is weird trying to get use to Donnie not being I began to deal with it. By using FaceBook and chatting with him and on the phone until we got to go back out there and see him. It really sucked because I had worked a lot and didn't get paid enough but the times i did get paid we went and seen him and made sure he didn't need before we became to that tradition before we would leave that night or it be daytime. Whichever it was: )

So...Donnie came back here in October of 2010 to spend some vacation time from work with us and that is when we fixed our heater and paid our cable bill lol Donnie had spent most of his time upstairs on FaceBook, drinking his pop, eating his chips and sleeping or going out to get his pop and chips we really enjoyed Donnie coming back...we were in thought that he was going to stay and collect dissability and that is what I had wished...but it didn't so.

Here we are the now its getting closer...

Me and Donnie continued talking on FaceBook..and I remember asking him if he was going to be working the Friday after Thanksgiving and He said no....I was thinking Me and Jeremy would be able to go out there and visit Donnie Friday, we didn't cause there wasn't enough gas money. We thought OK...we'll see him later and we will talk to him. So I talked to Donnie on Thanksgiving Day wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving and had asked him if he was going to be eating any turkey? His words were "Not planning on it". I was like yeah. I knew he liked Turkey, he asked if anything was going on here I said that Me and Jeremy were making Turkey and Ham for the rest for of the family and that it didn't feel like thanksgiving, just felt like another day. And after that not much of he had posted On December, 11th after 9am that "Dubuque does not seem to know what salt is", and I had replied to him thinking that he had fell...i asked him you didn't fall did you? He said no, i said Ok, just checking. Is it real nasty over by you? And he said "Not too bad", so That's good, we are in for some winter weather advisory. Other than that it seems okay outside. And I had heard nothing after that those my last words to Donnie and will always remember those words: ) I always warned him and alerted him of what was going on here.

So this was it...Do not feel to mention much more just pray for me and my family we gladly appreciated the help and are appreciating it still; )


Love you Donnie/Brother/Son/Brother-In-Law/Great friend/ Great Grandson/Grandmas Boy/ Nephew/ Boyfriend to whom you never mentioned of a girl to me that I could even remember... now watch i Donnie I am going to meet her and flick you on the back of your head for not telling me who she was lol will never stop loving you.

1 Month and 1am 1st Month of the year a lot of ones lol 

Big Hugs to you!!!!! Love you so much.


Written by: Julianne Ferris

Date: 1/13-1/14/2011