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my brother

July 8, 2010


you was always there with mr when we were young. now that you are gone i still here you and miss you so much you are the best big brother any girl could ever have i remember all the times we got in trouble i always got in more than you did like the time you and johnny stole that 57 chevrolet from a dealership in town it was on an sunday back then everthing was closed so yopu took the car for the day we rode around all day we laughed so much especially when we ran that car in a ditch we finally went home and i told daddy on you and he made you two take the car back before anyone knew about it and of course we got in alot of trouble it never mattered as long as we were together your loving sister brenda i will miss you forever and always here that great laugh of yours

July 5, 2010

i rember,,i was about 5 or 6 i could walk up to his house,,,,never even knock on his door,,just sit on the porch steps,,,an after awhile,,he would look out an see me sittin there,,an walk right on out,,,an be like "HEY MICHAEL..WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?",,,he would sit there and talk to me ,,like i was the biggest man in the world,,,,smilin from ear to ear the whole time,,,knowin i didnt have a clue,,as to what he was talkin about,,,but  then again knowing that later on,,  i would,,,there needs to be more of that in this world,,,we would all be better off.

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