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What a lady! :)

September 5, 2012

I worked with Dee about 17 years ago at Ball seed.

She taught me alot of things from proper catering set up (she about had a heart attack when I told her I use disposable ware for holidays!), NOT to mix chemicals, paying attention to how much coin is being dropped into our "honor system" bowl at the register, setting up a salad bar in lightening speed, making GREAT desserts & always NOT wanting your boss to do your job when you where on vacation.

I think of her often through out the years & I am sorry to hear of her passing, my thoughts & prayers go out to her family & friends ~ I am honored to have known her

R.I.P. Dee! xoxooxox

My friend Dee!

July 18, 2012

Kathy's MOM and my son Rick's mother-in-law.
She welcomed me into her family with open arms no question asked!!
Not too many people can say their kids in-laws can have a great time together.
The Tan-Tar-A trips to Osage Beach at the Lake of the Ozarks were the best!  Dee and Paul would get an estate home for all the clan, which included their children and their families, and friends.  Several had boats and we could be out on the lake all day long and into the evening.  Stopping at different bars along the way. The place that will always stick with me is Big Dick's Halfway Inn.  All the gang kept telling me was drinking a minnow was the way to go and sweet potato fries.  I loved the fries, but no drinking a minnow, which I believe most the fellows did not sure if Dee did. Lots of fun!!!
All her parties were over the top!!! 
She produced some wonderful and caring children.  Tony, Chris, Paula, and Kathy are the best ever! We share the best ever grandchildren, Rowan and Felicity.
Thanks Dee for being so generous, fun, and caring.  I will love you forever and miss you.
Your buddy, 
One more thing!  Dee was Paul's bride.  He called her that so often.  I thought that was so neat. 

Class, class, class!

July 10, 2012

I knew Dee through my friends Paula and Dave Porter. She was always very nice and warm to me and I enjoyed her company. She brought a certain class to any gathering I was at with her. She had more class than the Queen of England. There are going to be some real nice parties up in Heaven now that Dee is there to run things.

My Mother-in-Law

July 10, 2012

Everyone I have talked to in the past few days said to me how much fun my mother-in-law was and how much she made them feel warm and welcome. Whether it was her legendary Christmas Eve dinners, sometimes for fifty or more, or one of the many adventurous vacation trips we all took together. Her motto was: the more the merrier. I can remember one of our annual trips down to Lake of the Ozarks. Dee had run out of space in her full-size conversion van and asked me if I had any room left for some things in my boat. I said, "Sure Dee. I have some room." The next thing I know, my boat is full to the top of the windshield with all kinds of stuff including a full-size freezer. It took us all of half of day one to get the boat unloaded, but this was only because Dee wanted everyone who came along to want for nothing.

Dee Surta was so much more to me than my mother-in-law, she was my friend. Dee you will be remembered always and forever.             (Nay Nay)

AUNT DEE!!! :)

July 9, 2012

going to aunt dee's is one of my best memorys as a kid...cuz paula and kathy always had some of the best barbies and a swimming pool!! LOL... and when i would stay over she would make us chocolate gravy for breafast!!!! (YUMMMY) that was one of my grannys secret meals...and as i kid we always begged her to make it..and as a grandma  she never said no..and aunt dee b n the wonderfulll person she was never did either...even if she didnt feel like gettn up as early as we did!! as a kid u think people will b here for ever...cuz they r ur family..they will always b in our is short and as we grow up and start our own lifes we over look the little things like cousins,aunts and their familys they have now..but in the end we r still family..and nothing will change id like to say thank u aunt dee for all my wonderfull memorys and for b n part of my family!!!! i love u and will miss u dearly..but its nice to know ur danceing on the streets of gold with GRANNY and CHRIS keep that wonderfull smile on and know u were a wonderfull aunt!!!!!

Awfully smooth...

July 9, 2012

I've had the priviledge and honor of being a part of Dee's family since 1998. I have so many memories and stories that will stay with me forever.  One of the great characteristics that Dee possessed was her generosity.  I've never met someone(outside of her wonderful daughter, Kathy!) that was so giving.  She was always there when her family needed her no matter the situation.  Whether someone needed money, a roof over their head, simply someone to talk to or toilet paper even if you were 3 hours away (I'm not kidding)...she was always there!

Over the years I became an expert on two very important items for Dee...A steak and a drink!  The steak was two flips on the gill in the matter of about two minutes...and trust me...three minutes is entirely too long!  The drink was a little easier and less freightening...but her common phrase to me in the earlier years was it's "awfully smooth!"  Just so you know...this was not a compliment!  However as time went by, I mastered the two minute steak and the not so smooth drink! Although my heart always paused a beat when she took that first bite and that first drink...but when I'd see her heart would beat again and I would say to myself...that was awfully smooth!!

I will miss you Dee!!   





July 8, 2012

Dee and I first met about 7 years ago in Chicago during the holidays and I was a guest at her home. She was a true Southern lady, well-mannered, and an excellent hostess. Her food was always something to dream about but the one thing I admired most about her was her generous spirit.
We'll miss you Dee! We know you are with us in spirit whenever a delicious smell is wafting from the oven.

i love you grandma

July 7, 2012


please watch over us all, i know your in a better place now with mom and dad. you showed us love that only you could give. i wish i could kiss and hug you again like you used to do us when we came to your house. i want to thank you for everything because of your love made me into a better man.i love you and miss you always. 




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