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Shared by Pauline Loft-Sylliboy on March 18, 2019

Doris and I became friends first until she told me you know Pauline your my cousin on the McComber side. My Mom's maiden name was McComber. 

We hung out a lot and she was lonely so I took her under my wing. We cooked meals at each other's home and I never painted before she said I love to paint give me them brushes and turn  up the tunes girl and she went to town. 

I felt so sad for her when she told me that she'd be moving back to Detroit. She said life was too hard on the Rez and plus she missed city life.

We kept in touch by phone for years then lost contact. But the bonds between us were never broken. 

Having had the chance to talk & hear her voice on the phone made time stand still. She told me if all went well she'd be home for the 2019 Pow Wow and I was so happy. 

I felt my heart drop when she passed away she will be missed my me forever. Until we meet again Doris I send you my love up into the Spirit World Cousin

MY Aunt Doris❤

Shared by Theresa Maatouk on March 15, 2019

Aunt doris u were always one of my favorite people in this world and i was just blessed that u happen to be my aunt growing up u were always present in my life u taught me things no body else ever did life lessons and u were always easy to talk to growing up and if i had issues in life i could come to u and talk about them and u would help me u were always uplifting to everyone!I know Tony and Paul will miss u so bad because ur were an amazing mother I use to watch u be a mother as a child and u were amazing at it tony and Paul realize how lucky they were i know they do i am totally greatful that I was blessed with a crazy realistic and funny Auntie but stearn when needed love u always Auntie Doris Rest in Heaven u did ur part here on earth


Shared by Jackie Plas on March 14, 2019

Waiting for her to call to tell me about coupon deals  or  just coupon talk

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