This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2020
My Beautiful, Beautiful Boy! Fifty-Nine Years Ago Today You Were Born! January 19, 1961. “The Most Wonderful Day of My Life was that Day!” We Shared So much Love, Laughter, Life, & Happiness. Just knowing You Made My Everyday Complete. I Miss You So Much!! I Love You Beyond all imagining & Long to Be With You Again. Too See you & hug you, talk to you & be with you. You Are My Precious Shining Star! I Will Always Love You. Mom XO
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 6, 2019
My Darling Douglas, Tomorrow you left us. Tonight you were with your, Beautiful Wife, Granddaughter Megan Marie, Son, Andrew Alexander, and your precious Grandson, Payton. You & Payton were playing as always. You Loved your Grandchildren so very Much! Payton & Chloe' were your greatest blessing! Then you were blessed with your sweet grandsons, Maddox & Jonah! Wow! Can it get any better? Well, guess what! You now have another Grandson!, Easton Andrew. You would be so proud & so happy. I wish & hope that they can know what a wonderful grandfather they have & believe that you love them beyond everythin g they can imagine. I Love You My Darling Son! Mom XO
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 18, 2019
My Beautiful Son, I Miss You So Much & I Think about You Every Day. In just a few hours it will be January 19, 2019, your "58th" Birthday! I remember that day so vividly as if it were only yesterday. What a wonderful blessing you were & how much Love you brought into my life! You will always be my precious child, so young, so brave, so smart. You are now a grandfather (Pepa) to 5 wonderful grandchildren. Chloe', Payton, Maddox, Jonah, & Easton. You & they would be having a glorious time together! Your children speak of you often & love you more than you can imagine. Chante', Megan & Andrew Alexander. Your wonderful wife, Carol Jane, misses you & Loves you dearly! I wait until you and I are together again in the time yet to be, to see you is my dream. I Love You Forever & Ever. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2018
Another Year Has Gone By Without Your Beautiful Smile My Glorious Son. You were the Sunshine of my life & always will be.. Today is the 57th year of your Birth, the amazing day you were born! And Oh! What a Day It Was! I never dreamed in a million years that you would be the angel I would hold in my arms for the very first time. I miss you so very much. We shared so much joy, love, laughter and life that still is alive in my heart. In the pages of a scrapbook, filled with pictures of your life. I Love You beyond all measure of time and space. Your family misses you more than you could imagine. Our world revolved around you and you made everything we did complete. I'm waiting for the day when we will be together again.May Love & Peace be yours always. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 7, 2017
Today is the 8th year since you left us my beautiful son. I miss you so much and long to see you again. Remembering your wonderful light. You were our shining star. And still are the best of us. I am asking God to give us just what our hearts need to comfort & strengthen us through the grief, pain, tears & sorrow we carry today & every day without you. So many memories of love that we share. There was no time to say goodbye. No time to tell you how much we love you. Our hearts are broken into a million pieces. I know that God prepared a special place for you & we will see you again. Your children and your grandchildren have your great spirit within them. I see and hear so much of you through them. I wish you love, peace and amazing grace. Love, Mom
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2017
Another Year Has Gone By My Beautiful, Amazing Son. Today would have been your 56th Birthday! We shared 48 Happy Birthdays and all those years together so long ago now. Oh what a time it was. I Miss You So Much! 1961 was the beginning of our journey together here on earth. We will see each other again & what a wonderful reunion that will be. I remember how you loved to take your speed boat out on the lakes and go fishing. When you were only five yrs. old you used to swim the length of our swimming pool underwater. As a young adventurous little boy you rode your three wheeler like the wind, over trails with your friends. When you were around eight yrs. old you had your very own bunny rabbit in a cage you kept in your room so he would be close to you. Of course in the 1960's, G.I. Joe was the popular toy with all the kids, and you were always playing with them, fighting the battle for the good guys.When you were only nine months old you and I flew on a big airplane to Washington D.C. We stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital. When you were a teen ager you & I flew to Hawaii, you would go swimming in the ocean there & go to the rain forest to see birds of paradise. Night times, we watched fire dancers on the beach. Your favorite shoe of choice, the high top converse. tees, anything psychedelic, your favorite singing group, the Beatles. From a very young age we had to call you Paul just because he was your favorite. Your personality was so great! You were off the charts! You could ride a unicycle perfectly at 14 yrs. of age.You Married at 19 yrs. old! A Father at twenty! Somehow I now believe you knew you had no time to waste,so on with the business of living! Life is precious, life is short. Three Fabulous Children, Four Gorgeous Grand-Children, a family & friends who loved you beyond measure, and still do. (we love you madly!) Forever & Always. I send you all my love on your special day, I only wish we were spending it together like old times. Love & Prayers, Mom xo I thank you for all the blessings you have given us.
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 31, 2016
Another Year has gone by. I Wish You Were Here My Wonderful, Beautiful Son. Our 8th Christmas & New Year without you is so sad & lonely as we try to remain hopeful that some day soon all of us will see you again.You were always my rock & my hearts delight. Every joy I experienced was when you were here to treasure each moment of your life. I look at your photographs everyday. Talk to you & think of you. I cry for you & still cannot imagine how I can possibly go on another day without you. Your loving spirit remains with us always. I Love You! I Miss You! I Shall see you again my precious son. My memories of you are and will always be everything good & amazing. Just like you. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 8, 2016
My Darling Precious Son, I Miss You So Much! Words cannot express how much our Hearts are Broken without you here in our lives everyday. The comfort of just seeing you gave me all the happiness I could ever possibly need. From the day you were born you were the most awesome thing in my world. My memories of you are what sustain me now and just knowing that I will see you again someday in the future. November 7 is such a sad day when I think of your leaving us on that day already seven years ago. I Love You So Very Much! Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2016
Today would have been your 55th Birthday Douglas. January 10, 1961. You & Me Babe! In 1961: Hospitals did not provide birthing rooms nor a private room for me & you and family to wait so that we could experience your grand entrance into this world.The very beginning of your days & life here on this earth...which lasted only 48 yrs.& 10 months. Your Birthday was the Best Day of My Entire Life a thousand times over! I Miss You So Much!! The Wish I have for Us today & everyday is that we could be celebrating your awesome birth (birthday) together. Douglas, I love you my precious, incredible, wonderful, beautiful son! With Love for you throughout eternity forever & forever, always in my memory you will be, love without end. Love You! Miss You! Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 25, 2015
I still cannot believe another Christmas has arrived & you are not here to bring your special love & joy to our hearts. You were always the reason for all our happiness and love and laughter. I miss you so much it hurts.I am forever grateful that God allowed me to be your mother, the most wonderful time in my life.I treasure those precious 48 years and dream of being with you my precious son for eternity in that time of glorious reunion coming soon. I Love You & Miss You Douglas.Mom
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2015
My Beautiful Son....My Heart....My Soul...My Everything. Today you would have been fifty-four years old. I Miss You Each and Every Day, My Birthday Wish for you today is that you are not lonely or afraid and that the Light of God's Eternal Love Lights your way as you journey through the world to come. I cannot imagine what a Glorious day it will be when I see you again and see you smile, hear your voice and feel your touch. My memories of all things past from the very beginning of your life to the end of it on this earth is where I can close my eyes and know you are near. The new born baby, the little toddler, the young boy, the teenager, the young man, the grown man. All these I cry for and try to be thankful for what years that I did have to share with you. All My Love To You In Heaven. I will see you soon my Amazing Son! Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 31, 2014
My Darling Douglas, another year has gone by without you. I miss you so much, and dream of the time when I will see you again. It should be
very soon now. I pray to God too reunite us each day. Everyday is so empty and lonely without you! You are the light & very soul of my life. I Miss You and Love You More than words can ever express. Until we meet again my angel. You are the precious miracle of my life. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 25, 2014
Douglas my Beautiful Son, here it is the fitfth Christmas without you! I Miss You More Each Day! I never dreamed I could survive without you for such a long, long time. It is said that time is only an illusion, if this be true then we will all be together again with you in our arms very soon. Your wife, your children, your grandchildren, your friends & I think of you with so much love & respect. To think that 25 days from today you would have been having your 54th Birthday. My tears fall like rain. I Love So Much! You live in our hearts, everything we do includes you!
Until that day in The-World-To-Come I will dream of you.Love, Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 7, 2014
Douglas, it has been 5 years ago today that your beautiful body and presence left this earth. The pain of being here without you is a never ending sorrow. I think of all the happy times we shared and all the precious memories. I smile when I think of all the fun & love. I look at your children & grandchildren & See You in them. Time is just an illusion so I feel we will be together soon without any of these years apart apparent to us. I Love You So Much My Wonderful Son....Forever Young and Precious! We want you here so much with us. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2014
Fifty-three yrs. ago today the Miracle of Your Birth-The beginning of a Blessing beyond anything I could have ever imagined became everything I could ever
have possibly dream of. The Joy & Love you brought & gave to me was with
me everyday for 48 yrs. & now beyond. You, "The Sunshine of My Life"
will be with me Forever. I Miss You & Love You Beyond Infinity. Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 25, 2013
12/25/13>My Memories of all the Christmas's we shared will always be a time that I Treasure. So Loving & Happy. From our first Christmas to our last, Forty-Seven of them were not nearly enough! Oh! to see You again.We love you so much! I Miss your Beautiful Face & Wonderful Voice. God Bless You My Son. Life seems so unreal without you. Our hearts ache. I wish we could have You back. Eternal Love, Mom xo
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 7, 2013
How Can This Be, Your Not Here With Me! Before You were Born, I Dreamed of You, I Imagined You, I Prayed for You. I will Always Love You & Miss You. Mom...Even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, the despair of losing our loved one is almost to much for,us to endure. May God always keep you safe. Until I see you again my darling son.You are with me alway
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 6, 2013
Douglas, it has been 2,462 days since God said; take hold of my hand and come with me. Your heart stopped beating that tragic day when we
lost the most wonderful man in the world. I think of you everyday, and miss you so much! I pray you are resting in the arms of our Lord and
I know I will see you soon again. I Love You! Peace, Mom
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 6, 2013
Douglas - Four years ago November 7, 2009 you were taken. I see your pictures everyday and wish you could be here. I Love You & Miss You So Very Much! My Beautiful Son. Forever Young, Smart, Funny, Amazing, Handsome, Brilliant, Kind & Wonderful. The time will come soon when I shall see you again. Each day I ache to see your smile & hear your voice saying;'"Hi Mom", T'amo xo "PEACE"
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2013
You & Me Babe. In the Beginning, it was just You and Me. Fifty-two years ago on a Winters Day, You Entered this World & brought more Love & more Joy than I could have ever Imagined! Today, Your Birthday, will forever remain the most Glorious of all my Days on Earth. I Miss You My Most Precious & Adored Son. I celebrate the day you were born. Ti Amo, my Enchanted One. I Love You, Mom XO
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 31, 2012
It has been 1,150 days since God took you away. There is not a day that passes that I don't cry for you my beautiful son. I look a your pictures & wonder what you would be doing each day. Your family & friends miss you & long to see you again. We wish we could share with you every event in our lives. We will see you again and what a glorious day that will be. I love you & miss you so much!
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on December 24, 2012
In Memory of Douglas this Christmas...In Peace. In Glory. "You Have Become Love" We Miss Your Beautiful Spirit. And your Magnificent Presence Today & Everyday. We hold you in our Hearts. Until we see you again we remember you with a Love That Never, Ever Ends. May the Lord Bless You & Keep you in Perfect Peace. I Love You So So, Much! I feel lost without you, you my anchor to life. Mom
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 12, 2012
My Darling Douglas..I dreamed a dream of day's gone by, when your smile was so beautiful & you were so close I could touch you whenever I wanted. My soul aches with longing to see you. It has been 1,1001 days since you left us. You are Loved beyond all imagining. My love will always find you. You are never alone. I miss you so much! There will never be a brilliant divine spirit like you.
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 5, 2012
When I see you again, I don't know if you well be in your beautiful spirit body as God has promised. When will it be, it has been three years. Each day has been hell without you. My heart aches, the tears fall like rain. Why your sweet body & soul has left this earth I will never comprehend. You are our Everything. You are Love. We Miss You So Much & Pray you are Safe. Love You Forever!
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on April 25, 2012
My Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing Son it has been 900 days since you left us and we are so lonely without you. Everyday I look at your picture and still cannot imagine you are not coming home. I miss you so much,
my heart is breaking tonight. I cry for you each & everyday and wish you were here to laugh, and go fishing at Lake Fork as you did every year in March. I Love You So!
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on January 19, 2012
My Beautiful Son, everyday you've been away has been so lonesome. I can only imagine the joy we would have had today on this, your 51st birthday. I miss you so very much! Before you were born, I dreamed of you, I imagined you, I prayed for you. And when that day arrived my heart was filled with Love beyond compare. My world is empty without you. I know your safe here in my heart. Love You!
This tribute was added by Megan Shively on January 19, 2012
Dad, Today is your birthday.. It makes me so sad that you can't be with us to celebrate. So much has happened since you've been gone. Good and bad. I wish I could just spend the day with you. I love you and miss you so much.
  Megan ❤
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on November 5, 2011
My Darling Douglas, 11-06-2011
Two years ago today you spent your very last day on earth, happy & spending time with your family. I remember this day of sweet happiness for you instead of tomorrow when your heart stopped beating. You were taken too soon, I never knew I would have to give you up & let you go. I am never without you. Miss you & love you more ec. day.
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on September 27, 2011
My precious Son, my heart aches for you today and everyday since you left us 689 day ago today, Sept.28, 2011. I thought you would be here forever. It is much to difficult to get through each day when I know I cannot see your beautiful smile & hear your voice. I love you so much.
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on July 4, 2011
This tribute was added by Megan Shively on April 14, 2011
There isn't a day that passes by that i'm not thinking of you. Sometimes it's not even real to me that you are no longer with us. I miss you so much words can't even explain. I love you Dad.
This tribute was added by Sharon Shively on April 13, 2011
We Remember You In the rising of the sun and in its going down. We remember you in the Wind.We remember you. In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring, We remember you. In the blueness of the sky & the warmth of summer. We Want You Back.

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