He thought of me only days before he passed

Shared by Job Pontillas on June 15, 2016

My dear lifelong friend Dr. Meechai asked Oy to call me regarding my chronic ailment from my recent car accident with advice to help me with some of my pain issues.Just shows how very caring that he was to do that only a few days before he passed away.He always put others before himself. He and I enjoyed many many times of golf games,dinners, etc. I will always remember him for his kindness and loyalty as a friend.     Job

First time I met Meechai

Shared by Job Pontillas on June 15, 2016

First time I met Dr. Meechai and his wonderful family was after I married my husband Dr. Job Pontillas.This family became like family to me.We have stayed in their home many times and was treated like family.I will never forget Dr. Meechai and his kindness.Our prayers are with Oy and and his children at this most difficult time.     Job and Teresa Pontillas

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