This tribute was added by Brillow Ilesanmi on July 11, 2020
I will always remember him for his humility, love for God and his family. The few times I had encountered him in Church was one that comes with a good feeling of a great and diligent man.

I pray that God keeps the family you left behind.

Adieu Dr Kalejaiye
This tribute was added by Oluwatoyin Solarin on June 29, 2020
My favorite and wonderful Doctor is gone!learnt this morning...a great and passionate man.I will miss you sir..Dr Ayo kalejaiye,Oak Hospital ikorodu.You shared my experiences with me..
You indulged me and pampered me like a baby and never refused any request I made as a patient.You were a good father sir!you saw me through all the surgeries I had,took great care of me.I remember the first time I saw you .I was 9months pregnant then and mom brought me to you even when you didn't have my accepted me wholeheartedly.
I will forever be grateful for your love for me,my mom and everyone in our family.pls hug momma for me.Rest well sir in the bosom of your maker till we meet again.Late (Rev)Mrs D.E Adeyomoye's daughter
This tribute was added by Oyinda Otutuloro on June 29, 2020
We never met & I kept saying that we ought to write to thank you for your self-less care of our mum, Mrs. Ogunmodede, but we never got round to it, only to hear this evening, of your demise! We believe that you are in a better place. We would have wished for more time for you but God had a better plan for you. May God grant your family & the Church the fortitude to bear this loss. #restinginpeace.
This tribute was added by Adewale Adesanya on June 27, 2020
It's so sad to hear of the demise of Dr. Kalejaiye! He was one of the most compassionate and professional family doctor I've ever seen. Oak hospital was great hospital for my company through HMO. My first two kids were delivered there. I remember when my wife was to be delivered of my second child through CS while I was away in Germany, Dr. Kalejaiye volunteered to sign the consent letter on my behalf. Your staff are so respectful and professional in their dealings. He was a perfect gentle, caring and soft-spoken man.
I will never forget the day I rushed an unknown lady (fellow passenger in public BRT bus) who was at the verge of dying from unknown ailment to your hospital. Oak hospital medical personnel attended to that young lady, struggled with her life for more than 5 hours before and resuscitated her without initially asking for money or other crazy demands common to some Nigerian hospitals. Having such hospital of high caliber of professionals, owned and lead by a world class expert like Dr. Kalejaiye is a blessing to Nigeria.
As others have mentioned, the memories of your good deeds and legacies lives on. Till today, I still keep referring people to OAK hospital, even having left the country for many years. You came, you saw and you made significant and undeniable impact. May God keep your family and loved ones that are left behind.
This tribute was added by Olajumoke Akinjide on June 27, 2020
My dearest and wonderful Family Doctor is gone! Oh Dr, it was so sad hearing about your death some days ago. You were part of my family, my late mom( Rev. MRS Adeyomoye) loved u so much and so do I and all my siblings.
I remember when I first met you at your office on my marketing call( Diamond bank) and we just clicked and chatted as if we knew each other before then. Your care and humility was second to none as you fondly called me “Aunty Jummy” even though I could pass for your daughter.
I had my babies at your hospital and my sister too because u were a family friend we were comfortable with.
I was home in November last year for my mom’s funeral and couldn’t make it down to see you. You were not happy that I did not inform u about her death and the burial too. Thank God for always looking out for us and your love and care was well appreciated.
I pray that the gracious hand of God will continue to rest upon your beautiful wife and sons.
We will surely miss sir and may your soul rest well.
This tribute was added by Debola Alaba on June 21, 2020
“Lady B, you are still around. Thank you”
That was your last statement to me.
Neither of us knew it would be our very last communication. God surely understands.
Brother Ayo, a gentleman per excellence and a lover of peace.
You came, you saw and you conquered.
I am grateful to God for your life.
We love you but God loves you most.
Brother Ayo, rest on…..
Till we meet to part no more.
- Engr (Mrs) Bola Alaba (Sister)
This tribute was added by Debola Alaba on June 21, 2020
Thank you so much sir for the role you played in my life.
You stood for me as a brother and as a father.
God will be with the family you left behind.
Sun re o.
- Boye Kalejaiye (Brother)
This tribute was added by Debola Alaba on June 21, 2020
Dr Ayodele Kalajaiye!

My Great Uncle!!

Growing up, you were one of the few people I admired so much and looked up too.

I remember the times I, my siblings and cousins would come spend a week with our grandma at your residence during summer.

I remember how you'd always ask if I was enjoying my stay and if I needed anything. Irrespective of the time you got back (busy life of doctor), you tried as much as possible to spend time with everyone!

A great family man indeed!

When I heard of your demise, the name you call me (Debonnaire) rang in my ears. I struggled but I couldn't but shed tears. We have indeed lost a great one.

I am however consoled by the fact that you're resting in the bossom of the almighty. .

While you were here on earth, it was no news that you touched lives. It was in your very nature. So was peace and humility. Now that you're gone! Greater testimonies abound!!

I remember in June 2016 when I started searching for a job; you took it upon yourself to ensure I got a placement. You secured interviews and we constantly communicated till I decided to go study for my masters.

I'm very proud to have met you. Your journey on earth is an inspiration to me.

Rest on Uncle!

By God's grace, we will meet on the resurrection morning!

It is well!
This tribute was added by FEMI ONAJOKO on June 21, 2020
Words won't qualify, time won't quantify all my heart desires to express about you, my Oga. For you have showed us that life in itself should be regarded as a gift, an instrument for 'touching lives. Not ours to squander.
You were selfless. A sacrificial leader per excellence. A man who chooses at all times to expect the best out of all circumstances - an optiimst. A true inspiration. A good model of what a man should be both to God and mankind.
Oh! how grieved I was to hear about your abrupt departure from this earth. It really shook the cradle of my heart when I realized how helpless I was in restoring life for I am just a mortal man.
A great man with heart of gold. You were a man who never hold good from them to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do. (Prov. 3:27-28).
May the good Lord keep your family in perfect peace and fill their hearts with endless stream of divine joy.
You were closer to me than a brother. Helpful than a friend. Adieu. Rest in the bossom of the Lord till we shall meet. GOOD NIGHT.

This tribute was added by Angel Onuegbu on June 19, 2020
Dr. Kalejaiye,

I never met you but meeting one of your sons (Dr. Ayoola) was enough to tell me so much about you Sir. I saw how you constantly showed up and out for him. I didn't need to be told of how amazing you were. I pray God comforts all the people you left behind and may you find eternal peace in the bosom of the Lord. Rest in Glory Dr. Kalejaiye.
This tribute was added by Doyinsola Kalejaiye on June 19, 2020
Daddy I still can’t believe that you are gone , it still feels like a dream.... You were kind, loving, caring, generous and so much more.. I remember each time I came visiting while I was dating my husband and I was about to take my leave you would always say “make sure you call when you get home”, oh how caring you were daddy!!!. The first time I met you I was really nervous and anxious but you received me warmly and was so jovial.
  You were always there to talk to daddy, all through my pregnancy journey , you were always there, always telling me what to do , always providing medications if needed , you always would ask about every scan result and you kept asking for feedback from the Doctors, you were so involved Daddy!!!
  You were such a loving grandfather!!! You play with your grandchildren and loved them so much... I remember Anjola always wanting to sit on that particular chair you sit on and you would sit next to her and just laugh about it.
The few years I knew you for will forever be cherished. It’s sad that we didn’t have the opportunity to spend more years with you , we love you but God loves you more.
 Your memories will forever linger in our heart. Rest In Peace Daddy.
This tribute was added by Layi Afolabi on June 19, 2020
"Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom." ~ Psalm 90:12. This pasaage is quite applicable to the memorable life lived by Dr. OAK. He fulfilled his purpose in life in all ramifications. His love for humanity was signified by his chosen profession. He served humanity to the end by saving many from deadly ailments as a medical practitioner. His love for his family and everyone around him is admirable, enviable and worthy of emulation. He will forever be missed!!. However, our grief is short lived because of our convinction that he knew Jesus and that he his on the right hand of Jesus Christ enjoying the glory of God. Sleep on darling Brother!!
This tribute was added by Oluwatobi Bamgboye on June 19, 2020
Dr Olusegun Ayodele Kalejaiye!!!
My dear Uncle,
If I do not write you a tribute, I would be indebted!

You lived a potent life. You were kind and generous, friendly and jovial, accommodating and fatherly.

You extended your love to a lot of people in different ways that meant a lot, yo u were undoubtedly loving and compassionate.

I have memories of you that I cannot erase because of how deeply your actions touched me... You bought me my very first designer suit, a black pierre-Cardin, I cannot forget. You showed interest in me as you did in my younger sister.

You always said I didn't keep in touch often and this was my greatest regret. If only I knew how short time was, I wouldn't have been distant in the periods that I was.

Your hardwork and success story inspires me. You modelled ambition, excellence, discipline, generosity, humility and attainment.

You will remain endeared to me and though your demise literally hurts, I am really so glad to know that we will meet at the feet of Jesus.

You were indeed a great man!

Rest in your Saviour's embrace.

We love you but God loves you more.

Good Night!!!!
This tribute was added by Oluwasanya Abosede on June 17, 2020
Dr Kalejaiye!! Why so sudden. . You’ve been my jnr brother’s best friend and an in-law. Pleasant and always smiling each time we meet. Will you miss you and you’ll forever be in our heart. Sleep on Sleep on Sleep on. I know that the Almighty who chose to take you away now will surely take care of your family that you left behind in Jesus name.
Mama Tayo
This tribute was added by Kunle Tayo on June 17, 2020
It is very heartbreaking that our dear Dr. Ayo has gone to be with the Lord sooner than anybody would have liked. His passing has definitely left a huge void in his family, nuclear and extended.

I was a frequent visitor to his Ibadan childhood home in Ososami, during my high school days, to hang out with his younger siblings, Kunle, Nike, and co., and to deliver messages from my mom to her big sister, his mom, the beautiful aunty Elewa. It was that long ago, I was the message delivery pigeon.

We were cousins. While I’ve looked up to Engr Sunday as the big cousin and cool university student doing all the right things for a “guy”, I was star-struck when his older brother, Dr Ayo, landed in my parents’ living room aboard a space shuttle from Russia; that was what it felt like when he returned home to Nigeria and came to say hello to my parents. Dr Ayo was cool, smooth, and suave. It was obvious he was going to be a star. A shining, super star.

I had the pleasure of seeing him a few times and interacting with him over the years, but always heard of the amazing things he was doing as a son, husband, father, brother, standup family man, and businessman. We were proud of him and I remain inspired by him. What a loss we have suffered!

May God comfort and strengthen his wife, sons and grandchildren. May He give us all, the fortitude to bear this huge loss. Rest In Peace, big bro. We love you.
This tribute was added by Akinpelu Wazzy on June 16, 2020

I never imagined I would ever be in a position of writing this for a dear friend, atleast not on this type of occasion.
I and Dr. Segun Ayodele Kalejaiye, known generally as Dr. Sege among friends, knew each other way back in Russia about 40yrs ago, during our university years. He was known to be a compassionate, excellent, generous and successful medical student. He was well liked and respected among Nigerian students in Donetsk. He exemplified the “Noble Profession” as he used to call it, he was a mentor to many in the field and line of duty, he encouraged them to always uphold dignity, honor and integrity which was the basis and foundation on which Oak Hospital, which he later founded, was built.
We lived our youthful lives on love and mutual respect. On returning back to Nigeria from Russia, he successfully combined his career and building of a family structure which was the envy of many friends and classmates. Dr. Sege was a devoted family man to the core, he would go any length for his wife and kids. A shining star and pillar worth of emulation within the kalejaiye family. He was constantly thinking on how to improve the welfare and comfort of his friends and family right until he was called away. Sege never planned on leaving his family and friends in the foreseeable future, but the call of the Almighty is sacrosanct.
During our college days in Russia, Sege was a rallying point for Nigerian students in Donetsk, now in Ukraine. He was the gregarious football team manager loved by everybody. Since his demise over 100 old students have been rallying and coming together because of the beloved Sege. What he did in 1980 by rallying everybody is what he is doing again in 2020 with his demise. Human souls like this are rare, we thank the Almighty that our very own was among the choosen ones.
Dr. Sege merely discarded his physical body, but his spirit, thoughts and memories will forever be with us as he was able to pack so many good deeds into his time on earth. He touched and impacted many lives’ positively.
Adieu my friend, Segun Segunovich Colombo, you will always be with us all the way. May your gentle soul find grace, help and mercy of the Almighty Father. Amen
This tribute was added by Flora Nwagagbo on June 15, 2020
I met you once. You were so warm, charming and open. You talked so much about your family. May your legacies live on. May your gentle soul rest in the peace of the Lord. May the Lord comfort your family. SHOPS Plus will miss your sterling leadership but we know your legacy will continue. Adieu Sir.
This tribute was added by Mosun Olubajo on June 15, 2020
Dr Kalejaiye,
(Beautiful is the remembrance of the righteous) Didun ni Iranti Olododo; oorun won yio wa titi ise rere won maa n to'wo le'hin .……… I pray that the good Lord will give every member of your family his beauty for the ashes (Is.61:3 )
This tribute was added by Stella Adesanya on June 15, 2020
Dr Olusegun Ayodele kalejaiye
You are the best of all bosses I have ever worked with may the light of God continues to show on your path, Thanks for been part of my success story, The last time I saw you I thank heaven that I was able to knelt down to say thank you for your support. Rest in peace Boss
This tribute was added by Bayo Fekoya on June 14, 2020
Words fail me!
Where do i start from!....You were more of an uncle than a brother.A lovely and lively fellow with no barrier for age or class.Your smile and laughter lights up everywhere you went.
Oh! on great brother and friend.
This tribute was added by Bemiwo Ogedegbe on June 14, 2020
Without knowing this man as well as his peers do, I knew that calling him a kind-hearted, joyful, focused, determined and strategic man of character would just be scratching the surface of who he is. My uncle was more than words can describe and was always fun and a pleasure to be around. I will forever miss the times I got to be around him and talk to him about his past, and his relationship with my dad, and I am grateful for having the ability to have known a man so uplifting. I will love and miss you uncle, forever.
This tribute was added by Tomatse Ogedegbe on June 14, 2020
Words to console are hard to find at a time like this. But amidst the turbulence and heartbreak, we must always bear God’s Plan in mind; only He can understand why He does what He may.

The soul, spirit, and memory of my uncle will live on forever in the hearts and minds of all those that he loved. I’m thankful to have been touched by such a gentle and reverent being.

May you rest in paradise and peace Uncle, forever❤️
This tribute was added by Okpe Ogedegbe on June 14, 2020
Rest in paradise Uncle , Gone too soon...
This tribute was added by Chinwe Ogedegbe on June 14, 2020
Tribute to a dear Friend ……

Saturday June 6th 2020 was a really sad day in our home, in New Jersey!

This was the day we lost my husband’s best friend from Medical School and a dear friend to our family. The mood was that of significant heartbreak and confusion. With teary eyes and heavy hearts, we all hugged each other, especially hugged his third son, “Dr. Ayoola”, here with us in NJ.
My friend “Sege” was one of a kind…. I still hear his voice in the distance, calling me now and then …… “lady Chinwe”!  Oh, how I miss him !

Dear Sege, Gbenga and I have decided that though we are still mourning you, we realize we must celebrate your life, from here on. Celebrate the wonderful stories, the laughs, the good times we shared together. I am so glad we had such a wonderful time with you and Funmi at the Broadway play (the Temptations), NY last summer. Your wonderful spirit is reflected in your 3 handsome sons. Your awesome legacy of hard work, integrity, and true friendship shall live on into the ages. Rest in Peace my dear friend. Lots of Love and Respect!
“Lady Chinwe” Ogedegbe, MD
This tribute was added by Adejoke Omotosho Raji on June 14, 2020
I have been very reluctant to talk on this since last week when the sad news was broken to me. My heart is very heavy and the reflection of trauma of your death continue to reverberate in me at every secs ,Being a very good boss, whom you are always there for us at every challenging moment at OAK HOSPITAL. I found it difficult to bear the lords judgment on us sir , But there's no appeal against his judgement . its very difficult to bear the exit of Dr KAEJAIYE in OAK and among his family and friends nonetheless we can not call him back to continue with us again . The little joy of his death is that he lived he come ,lived and fulfilled he had impact on several others, hmmmmmn! Dr OAK continue to rest in the bossom of your lord ,ADIEU MY BOSS ,from joke oak lab
This tribute was added by Nyerhovwo Igoru on June 14, 2020

A good soul has passed on, a good Man, Boss has gone up to heaven. With a heavy heart, we miss our beloved CEO.
I feel honoured to have worked under you and be mentored...Though you may not be with us physically, we know that you will always be in our hearts and minds.We wish you farewell in your journey to eternity. You'd never be forgotten, rest in peace
This tribute was added by Abe Oluwafeyisola on June 14, 2020
..sure a sad news
..Really can't generate sufficient syllables needed to form deep words strong enough to convey the stunned state of mind experienced by this news... an obvious discrepancy it is between your sudden demise and your numerous good deeds..

..Looking back at different encounters with you..its always geared towards two major improve one, and to be a blessing....You furnished our work environment with so much care and diverse motivations..will surely miss your impact.

But..all the same..may The lord grant your home much more grace,peace and love even after your departure.

..and may his blessings and preservation remain upon the vision (oak hospital) you birth thus far.(Amen).)

OUR DEAR exemplary leader..

This tribute was added by Rosemary Anne Ibironke on June 14, 2020
Nothing breaks our hearts more than having a world that no longer has you in it. You weren’t one in a million but just you and it was an honor to have shared this life with you. Rest in peace Dr.kalejaiye.RoseMary Ejumedia.
This tribute was added by Opeyemi Adebayo on June 14, 2020
My dear Boss, I can't explain how much i'd really miss you. You are an inspiration to many. You were full of faith, courage and strength. I wish you farewell in your journey to eternity. You'd never be forgotten, rest in peace dear Boss.
This tribute was added by Kalejaiye Ayoola on June 14, 2020

Dear Father,  
I have been trying to write this for a week now and I could NEVER be ready. It hurts that I never got the chance to tell you goodbye. When you visited in the summer of 2019, I did not know that it’d be the last I would see your face. I could never imagine.

  Going back in memory lane, I remember when I was very young, you played video games with me and we even did “play wrestling fights” together. We were BEST FRIENDS. I wish that I had spent more time with you, I wish you did not have to go so soon.

Dad, you are so inspirational and your success story inspires me all the time. I chose to become a doctor because of you. I watched how you cared for your patients with so much empathy and compassion. You are the BEST Father, role model and mentor anyone could ever ask for. You loved mom like your best friend. I could not choose you to be my father, but if I could, I would choose you OVER and OVER and OVER again in a heartbeat. 

You spoke very few but very powerful words. I learned a lot by observing your actions and the way you treated others. You have a very large heart and I could never forget how sacrificial you were to a lot of people, even in your “struggling” days. You did not only make sure that me, my brothers and mum lacked nothing but you also took care of everyone around you. You came into this world and left it a way better place. 

When I heard the news that you were gone, a part of my heart broke for life. You occupied a space that NO ONE else could ever. I love you so dearly dad, I love you. We have so much in common, I am glad to have the opportunity to walk in some of your paths. I am glad to have spent two years in the same medical school you attended (M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University) and I would do that again in a heartbeat. I am proud to have been taught by some of the professors that taught you. You called me “сынок” which is the Russian translation for son whenever you were very proud of my accomplishments.

 You sacrificed so much to make sure me and my brothers got the BEST education that we could, you sacrificed so much for me in particular in my very long journey through medical school. You were ever so patient, kind and supportive, you stood by me in every step of the way until I graduated as a debt free, physician. It hurts that you had to go now but I am grateful you saw me get into residency. I know that you are in heaven with the angels, watching over us. I would forever miss you. 

They say that legends never die……... 

Your legacy lives on forever. 
The love that I have for you would last forever. 
I love you so dearly and I miss you. 

Goodbye for now,
Your сынок.
This tribute was added by Oluwabukunola Obayomi on June 14, 2020
I got to meet you in the year 2012 while I came for my antenatal. May 12 2014 my mum said you were really concerned for me while I was in the theatre for my second child. The little I know about you was that you touched lives the little way you can. Continue to rest in bosom of our Lord. RIP DR KALEJAIYE.
This tribute was added by Owoeye Kayode-Micaiah on June 14, 2020
The pathfinder of OAK, what a great lost to the entire healthcare sector. i want to believe that the good legacy you left behind will forever remain ever green in our heart. The CEO good bye. we love you but God Almighty love you most.
This tribute was added by Abang Esther on June 14, 2020
I have been unable to accept this sad reality.
Legends never die in our dreams. Because they will always live within our hearts.
I have worked with u for yrs, I have grown....... I am proud to have worked by you and with you.
This tribute was added by Biola Bolanle on June 13, 2020
Your death came as a rude shock to me, a medical personnel per excellence, a boss that understand every of his staff, he touched my life in no small measure, my best boss, as a young graduate, he tutored me to understand the true calling of nursing profession. I missed a rare gem. Sleep on, the Lord will preserve the family you left behind.
This tribute was added by Edna Thomas on June 13, 2020
What a miss to the entire world! Dr Olusegun Kalejaiye was a caring boss. I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing away, words cannot express my sadness. He was a great and wonderful boss and he will always be fondly remembered
I remember the last time we discussed, i got burns while discharging my duties at work, you saw me and told me to go home after the treatment to rest. i never knew that would be the last time i would be talking to you.

You remain forever in our hearts.

Boss with a merry heart.
This tribute was added by Tola Adegboro-Olowojebutu on June 13, 2020
I met Segun in 1980 in Sept 1980 on board Aeroflot flight to Moscow USSR.We were posted to different cities for language/preparatory school but came back together in1981 in Donetsk. A gentle young boy then. Ever ready to listen and offered useful advice.
Segun your demise was a shock to my system but I believe you are resting in the Lord now. RIP my dear friend /classmate
This tribute was added by Abang Esther on June 13, 2020
My oga, as i fondly call him, is compassionate, kind and merciful. I have worked with him for 12 years and seen firsthand how he shows care to us as his staff, we have always felt comfortable around him because he had confidence in all his staff. I was always ready to go the extra mile especially in times of emergency at the workplace because you always appreciated hard work, commitment, sacrifice as well as diligence. You were ready to assist us even going the extra mile when needed.

I am honoured to have a mentor like you sir.

Rest on Boss.
This tribute was added by Doyin Talabi on June 13, 2020
Dr. Ayo Kalejaiye was a very compassionate classmate. We used to have private conversations about issues of life and career. He showed his kind heartedness to me on various occasions, particularly when my wife was ill and in hospital in 2018. He came to the hospital, saw her and made a call to Dr. Eboda to come and also evaluate the position to get her the best possible help. Thereafter, he would call me on a weekly basis to know the progress. He sent money on three different occasions to help with the medical bills. Even after her demise, he continued to call and encourage me to rest on God. I cannot forget our private conversations. Rest in Peace. Adieu.
Doyin Talabi
This tribute was added by Temitope Fadiya on June 13, 2020
I first met Dr. Kalejaiye in 2003 as a young doctor. He made a lasting impression on me with his poise, tenderness and pleasant disposition. He was someone who loves to give opportunity to the younger ones. So, that was how he employed me to work with him as a doctor. A kind man. Even thereafter when I moved on to pursue other career interest I still kept in touch with him. Hearing that my Oga has been called home to glory has left me, somewhat, sad. I pray that God in His infinite mercies will receive his soul and grant him eternal rest and God comfort his beloved wife, children and extended family. Please, on behalf of my wife and I, accept our condolence. Peace to the Kalejaiyes and to Oak Hospital. Amen. Dr. Temitope Fadiya
This tribute was added by Oluseun Orenuga on June 13, 2020
AYO KALEJAIYE: Reliable and Dependable

Fate brought us together in January 1972 as form one students at Ijebu Ode Grammar School.
Meaning we have known each other for more than four decades, during which I have found him to be a distinguished, respectable gentleman and a thoroughbred professional of an impeccable character and a man of high integrity.
Ayo is a real friend who is reliable, dependable, supportive and is ever ready to give helping hand.
He was a seasoned professional, industrious and diligent in his work.
At the home front, he was a loving and devoted husband and a caring father, who has always been there to lead by example and available at all times for the children.
Despite his professional busy schedule, Ayo was a dedicated and loyal member of Jogs 72 club, where he played a major role while alive.
With your passing, there appears another empty seat in Jogs72 club. It is so obvious that we cannot pretend that it is not real.
You represented different chapters to different people.
We lost a gem, a shining star, it was indeed a privilege to have shared the journey of 48yrs together.
We will miss you, though you are gone but your good deeds have outlived you.
ADIEU, JOGS mate, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ayo, Goodnight till we meet to part no more.

Jogs mate
This tribute was added by Azizat Adekemi on June 13, 2020
It's really hard to accept sudden death like his,and we will never get accustomed to it. Gone before us too soon . However, the precious memories of you will remain in our heart.
Dr Olusegun Ayodele Kalejaiye .
This tribute was added by Tender Phil on June 13, 2020

People never die as long as someone remembers them.
       Long live 
This tribute was added by Ola-Akindeoye Ajibola on June 13, 2020
I was in shock when I heard about the death of this wonderful doctor. I can never forget how God used him to safe my life and that of my daughter in year 2015. When others are pursuing how monetary documents will be signed before I was taking into the theater because it was an emergency, he screamed at them and said everyday is not for business let's safe the life of this woman and baby first. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus.
This tribute was added by Ayomide Kalejaiye on June 13, 2020

Dear Dad,

I am struggling to write this tribute and this is because I am still in shock that the world has lost a great man. You touched many lives; you dedicated most of your lifetime helping anyone who needed aid at any time. You gave everyone a chance and equal opportunity to succeed in life and you did it with love and with the best of intentions. You are an example of everything God wanted in a man. You are an incredible person and made touching lives your priority.

I am very fortunate to have you as my dad, I have never questioned if you cared for me or loved me because you made that obvious. There are no words to express your influence in my life. You’ve taught me everything I know today; through you I have learnt to be the father and husband that I am today. The qualities I admired in you were how hardworking, gentle, loving, humble, kind, generous, patient, disciplined and most importantly how God-fearing you were.

I can never forget while growing up, the day Ayoola and I went to a game centre to play video game, you and mum came home looking for us while we left the doors wide open. We got home that evening scared that we were going to be seriously beaten but to our surprise, you were emotional telling us how you would have loved us to have ours. I remember vividly that within few weeks you took us to Leventis at Maryland and bought us a PlayStation 2 that very day. We were very excited and we shared lots of memories playing football together on the PlayStation.

All who had the pleasure of knowing you will remember you for your kindness and generosity. Your love was unconditional and this is something I will cherish from your character and take with me forever. Also, your attention to detail and perfectionism was infectious.

I am humbled by Mum’s strength over the past few days and her ability to focus on the amazing life she shared with you and not dwell on what she has lost. I hope that through this I can find strength from her example and be there for her whenever she needs me.
You are the world’s greatest dad and your legacy lingers on.
Rest in Peace Dad!

This tribute was added by Olabode Shoda on June 13, 2020
I had goose bumps all over my body when I had the sad news, Dr. Olusegun Ayodele Kalejaiye (OAK) till today I’m still benefiting from the opportunity you gave me in your organization, i was employed as a zero experienced personnel and now have developed a career in it.

I remember those time I will report to you in the morning and those times you will call me to come closer account in your office.

You and the entire organization will always be remembered in mind.

Thanks a lot for the opportunities sir.

May your soul rest in God’s blossom

HMO/Billing Officer ( Oct 2018 - Feb 2019)
Account Officer ( Feb 2019 - March 2019)
OAK Hospitals Ikorodu.

This tribute was added by AYODEJI Kalejaiye on June 13, 2020
Tribute to the Greatest Dad
You were a great man who did not accept your own greatness. The testimonies since the news of your departure broke has been overwhelming. All the lives you have profoundly touched, all you have done for the Church of God and mankind, I wish you could see or hear all the testimonies of your selfless service.
You are the most down to earth person ever, but I am so sure that you were very proud of your family. You are my hero Dad, you spent virtually your entire life in service of others even when it meant a cancellation of planned family outings. As a little boy, we played video games together and really had a bond. As we got older, we shared ideas on business and life in general.
Your intellect was really matched by your humility, it didn’t matter how smart you were, you respected everyone, I learned from you at a very young age – never to use my intellect to make others feel inferior and that “Silence is Golden”.
I have known you for 27 years Dad, it seems as though the words “NO” were not in your dictionary. You were always willing and able to help everyone around you due to the amazing grace of God Almighty upon your life.
Thank you, Dad, for being the world’s greatest father & Grandfather. Thank you for shaping my thinking pattern especially as regards care and love for my wife & kids.
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure; you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. You are loved and appreciated even in death.
Your last words to me were “Ayodeji – Don’t panic, I’m Okay, I’m fine, I’m strong” 
Sail on Dad, Say me Hi to mum’s Dad (Eni-owo)
Your 2nd Son.

This tribute was added by Bamidele Eniola on June 13, 2020
My CEO as we do call you in Oak family
Nothing breaks our heart more than having a world that no longer has you in it, you were and still an inspiration to all with a heart that radiated love and warmth through all our lifes. You have left a void no one can fill, you are not just a boss to me you are also a father. You will truly be missed forever.
This tribute was added by Femi Fatunbi on June 13, 2020
It was a rude shock to me that a good man with a kind heart would be snatched away from us so soon. Adieu Dr Kalejaiye! U came u saw u impacted humanity and you left.

This tribute was added by Hakeem Asiru on June 13, 2020

Your death came too sudden but we all take solace in the fact that you lived a worthy and selfless life. You were a cheerful giver and lived as if you had premonition of your sudden death.

You were an embodiment of humility and a fantastic family man with flawless character. You were a pure definition of a responsible father. You worked tirelessly nd gave all to your immediate family and every other person (s) you came across.

You committed all you had to humanity and touched lives positively. This you exhibited when you cheerfully supported me financially while on admission at the intensive care unit about two (2) years ago and several other instances.

You adopted and treated me like your biological son and always willing to support my career growth and general well - being.

You were my supporter, fantastic benefactor and a great man. It's sad you left unannounced but God knows best.

We had a smooth and cordial relationship which has been truncated by your sudden demise but be rest assured that you're always in my thought.

While I commiserate with your darling wife, children and entire Kalejaiye's family, I have no doubt that you're resting well in the lord.

So long My Doki.....
This tribute was added by Dayo Odukoya on June 13, 2020
Brother Ayo, for over three decades you were more than a brother in law to me. You were my Brother, mentor, confidant and friend. I never for once imagined that you will depart this sinful world so soon. You never said I'm leaving, You never said Goodbye, You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why. The news of your death on Saturday June 6, 2020 was very shocking and devastating. I take solace in the fact that even though your Golden Heart has stopped beating, your hardworking hands are at rest, The Almighty God only takes the best and you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. May your kind, gentle, generous soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Sunre o Brother Ayo!!!!!
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