This tribute was added by JMK Olly on February 15, 2020
Dearest Uncle Femi,

I still cant believe you are gone, you were such a wonderful Uncle. You will always check up on me anything you were in Nigeria, you will visit me in my office and we will chat for hours inspiring me to be the best at what I do etc then you called me and told me you and your siblings were coming for my wedding all the way from the US and UK and you even came with Mama Siju (She had her royal cap on) !! How can I forget that in a hurry?

You always kept in touch Uncle and we will chat and chat, there was no dull moment with you. I remember you teasing me that i don't hear from you again now that you are married lol. I was planning to come see you when I travel to the US, I never knew that will never happen. I will surely miss you Uncle. Thank you for being a blessing to my family and parents especially. Rest on dearest Uncle may your legacy live on and may the good God comfort your family amen!! RIP Uncle Femi!!

Jumoke Olaiya-Adeola for the ADEKANYES
This tribute was added by Omowunmi Ajibulu on February 8, 2020
Ever since I heard the news of you passing, I've been asking God to wake me up from this dream and still wishing it was a dream. You were one of my best professors at Duval High School. You were such a hardworking man and always wanted the best for your students. Thank you for giving us an excuse slip when my friend and I were caught in the hallway of the school and for one random reason, they called for hall sweeps. You saved us that day or else we would have been in detention. How I wish you were still here. Until we meet again, Rest in Peace Mr. Femi.
This tribute was added by Abbey Akinrelere on February 6, 2020
Dr Fęmi...God fearing and caring soul,genuinely kind humble a gentleman,you serve others and gave your best to all people you came across.
   Dr Fęmi Aji,May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace... amen.
            Chief Lomafe & Mrs Akinrelere.
This tribute was added by Adewale Ajimatanrareje on February 5, 2020
 It is with a very heavy heart, but total gratitude to God Almighty, the giver of life that we celebrate the life on earth of a valiant pilgrim, Lion Hearted, Dr Femi Ajimatanrareje, who passed on to glory on the 26th day of January, 2020

Dr Femi, highly accomplished educator, 
Mentor, Pillar in Ile Oluji Community, home and abroad, totally devoted and caring father, brother and uncle. You impacted many lives for good and inspired commitment  to God by your actions while you were alive. Dr. Femi, you were passionate about the things of God while you served at Royal Seed Church International, Laurel,  Maryland. We are forever grateful to God for giving you to our generation for a season during your earthly journey.

An epitome of humility,  forever championing  the cause of the needy, our own General, Dr. Femi, you are so sorely missed, but we commit you to the care of the loving Saviour that you served so diligently till the end.

Rev & Mrs Wale Ajimatanrareje.
This tribute was added by Madame Buggs on February 5, 2020
Dr. Femi, a few years ago several colleagues prayed with you and your family during a time of loss. Today I offer my prayers and condolences to your family and wish you Godspeed. Thank you for the care you gave the Tigers.
Thank you also for being one of our Chiefs and a constant and generous supporter of A Taste of Africa. Your elegant attire and warm spirit graced the event yearly. What a pleasure to have known you! Merci et au revoir.
This tribute was added by Papa N’’Tji Coulibaly on February 5, 2020
The news of your passing caught me off guard. If it had not been delivered by our principal, I would have denied it. I still remember visiting you on 12/23. You were in very good shape and good spirit. I will miss you forever. Thank you so much for being a friend, a colleague and a brother. The entire Duval staff and students are grateful for touching our lives. We will miss you forever. Rest In Peace brother!
This tribute was added by Akin Oladiran on February 5, 2020
It feels incredible that I'm writing a tribute to you at this time, when all I want to do is hear your voice on the phone, call you the latest grandpa in town, and hear that unique laugh that was always full of unbridled joy and warmth. Uncle Femi, your love for life and genuine love of people was unmatched and a constant example for me to be better as a person. No words can express the loss we all feel at this totally unexpected departure, my heart grieves especially so for your wife and children. I take comfort in the words of the lord that says in Prov. 10:7 " We have happy memories of the Godly... NLT. Goodnight uncle femi.
This tribute was added by Rose Ajimatanrareje on February 5, 2020
I love you forever Dr. Femi, my brother, my friend, a consummate gentleman, in a class all by yourself!!! You were a classic example of what it really means to be a child of God, humble beyond compare!!! Truly the good die young! How else can this make sense to us, your loved ones you have left behind?

I know for sure & I’m not in any doubt whatsoever, that God our Heavenly Father has a special assignment just for you in heaven! So Father, it’s alright, I understand, that this must needs have happened for You & the Kingdom!

I also know, Bro Femi, as you’re being given a tour of the streets of gold, you are definitely saying, “O yeah? O yeah?” I also know, what a glorious reunion that must be between you, Mama Sijuwade & Daddy Joel, as they welcome you to glory!

Resurrection morning is not afar off & what a spectacular reunion that will be between you, your beloved brother, Dr. Yemi, me & the rest of our family in Christ Jesus, our savior & Lord! So for now, good night!

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Philippians 3:20

Dr. Rose Ajimatanrareje
This tribute was added by Janet Adegbenro on February 5, 2020
Boda Femi, Adenusi my dearest elder brother, *Logho nebi* An epitome of humility, honesty, peaceful, compassionate and ardent believer in Jesus Christ.

Your last conversation with me few days before you passed on, assured me that you are not dead, your Spirit lives on....I quote..."I have told God to do the Ultimate, the best in His heart"

When l asked God further about His Ultimate for you...He said to me, He has showed you His *Merciful Loving Kindness!*

I therefore rejoice greatly in my heart and happy for you because you OVERCAME and defeated death forever and you are in the best place than everyone of us here in this Sinful world and all your labour and sorrow has come to a glorious end!!

Live on our dearly beloved, Peaceful and trustworthy brother at the bossom of your Lord and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ until we surely meet on the resurrection day and part no more.
Revelation 3:21

ADIEU saint Isaiah!

Maranatha... Come Lord Jesus

Dr. Janet Bolaji Adegbenro
Pretoria, South Africa
This tribute was added by Adeyoyi Ajimatanrareje on February 5, 2020

_*An Icon Of Trust - The Good Samaritan*

"......the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away
to be spared from evil" (Isaiah 57:1)

Boda Femi, it still a huge struggle for my spirit to align with the truism of your departure from this sinful world. Your exemplary good deeds with the fear of God remain unparalleled. You proved to the world that despite vicissitudes of life, albeit disputations, you stood firm on the rock, which is Jesus and fought a good fight of faith. We love you but God loves you more. Sleep on in the Lord egbon mi till the day of resurrectio
This tribute was added by Gbenga And Funke Odusanya on February 4, 2020
Our Beloved Femi Aji, we are still very much in shock. We thank God for your wonderful life and the opportunity to have known you since you arrived in the U.S, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We cherish your friendship and will forever remember your kindness and faith in God. You will remain in our hearts as long as we live.

May you rest in the arms of the Lord who formed you from the dust of the earth. May the Angels and all the Saints welcome you now that you have gone forth from this life. May Christ who was crucified for you bring you freedom and peace.
Rest in peace friend.
This tribute was added by Olga Velasquez on February 4, 2020
Words cannot express my sadness. I had the opportunity to have Dr Femi as my teacher (one of my favorite teacher).
I may not remember everything he said, but I will remember how special he made us feel in his class and how he taught me to face my fears.
Thanks/rest in peace Dr Femi!
This tribute was added by Ebenezer Akinsunlola on February 4, 2020
Dear Dr. Femi Ajimatanrareje, you went away so suddenly, Many could not bid you goodbye. But beautiful soul can never be parted because Precious memories never die. Sleep on Omo Oijefon
This tribute was added by David Villeda on February 4, 2020
I had the opportunity to have Dr.Femi as my teacher freshmen and senior year, he was a very proud and comedic man at times and he had always taught class in a light hearted manner. He was very supporting and assuring whenever I spoke to him about my dreams to further my education. I wouldn’t be where I am now without having him as a teacher and his compassionate ways of teaching.
This tribute was added by Karen Andrade on February 4, 2020
Dr. Femi,

You are and will always be one of my favorite teachers. The Lord took a very special person from earth and he knows why. You were such an amazing person, your class was always fun, you always had some great advices for everyone, you were always there to listen to us. I remember how you always taught us not to settle for less, to always continue our education. You were such an amazing person. You will forever be missed!! Please watch us from above, and may you continue to teach all those kids in heaven! I’m sure they’ll have a blast with you!! God bless you and your family. You are loved very much.
This tribute was added by Precious Chelsey on February 4, 2020
you were one of THE best teacher i’ve ever had. you made teaching into a job that you loved and for that i respected you so much more. you always joked around, man i was always laughing in that class. i’ll never forget your story about returning the loads of money you found. i always thought about things like that and how i would keep the money, but after hearing your story, it made me realize by doing one good act.. an even greater one could come from it. i always came to visit you, regardless of where you were in the school or what class i was in. i just know God has you now. condolences to the family he was a great man! may God grant him eternal peace
This tribute was added by Manuel Fuentes on February 4, 2020
Dr. Femi you were the best teacher I ever had and helped me through so much freshman year and continued to do for me for my whole High school experience and you made me look forward to going to class every single day. I will never forget the laughs we shared and the memories we made. Thank you for being a role model and thank you for being the best teacher. You will be deeply missed, never forget “laughing my way to the bank”
This tribute was added by Chris Campos on February 4, 2020
Forever in Great spirits, keeping us laughing and never allowing us to fail! I’ll forever remember your line “ laughing your way to the bank” forever. thank you for all you’ve done, you will be missed
This tribute was added by Joyce Sumaru on February 4, 2020
Rest in Peace to my favorite teacher. You thought my brother at Duval and also me during my freshman and junior year. I’ve had the best experience with you, you were such a great teacher and I truly loved being in your class. I’m so saddened by this, you will forever be missed Dr. Femi.
This tribute was added by Folasade Oladiran on February 4, 2020
What a gift to have known you and be a part of your family. Your energy and excuberance for life was second to none. You always took the time for your loved ones.
I will never forget the shock of seeing you and the family at my pharmacy graduation... the 5 hours trip from Maryland to New Jersey was a small sacrifice to celebrate with me. Again you flew to Nigeria for my engagement and there you were again for my wedding in Sacramento,Ca. You and mommy were always there to support and generous with your time and heart.
You always took the time to fellowship with all... young and old.
We thank God for the life you lived and the great legacy you left behind. Though your early departing was a great shock, I take joy in the memories you shared with both my families: Adesinas and the Oladirans and know that you are saving us the best view with our heavenly Father.
I pray for God's comfort and protection over the beautiful family you left behind.
Adieu sir, may we keep your legacy of unbridled love and the spirit of God and family first going.

Mrs Folasade Adesina-Oladiran
This tribute was added by Olayinka Aloba on February 4, 2020
Rest In Peace Dr Femi, thank you for always been you , thank you for always listening and supporting all your students. We love you but God love you the most. I pray that God be with the families he left behind and comfort his family.
This tribute was added by Oluwabusola Ajiboye on February 4, 2020
When I first walked into DuVal, you were my first period teacher. You were so polite and really made me interested in taking your class. Of course you were even nicer to me because I was Nigerian and you knew my brother. Over that year, you had become my favorite teacher. You were sooo caring, one of the most caring teachers I’ve ever had. You watched over me over four years, but I was only in your class for one. You consistently checked up on me, helped me whenever I needed it, and have just been so supportive all through these years. Whenever I needed something you were always there for me. I just want to say one last thank you Dr. Femi. For being the best teacher I’ve ever had. For being so inspiring. I’m sorry for not staying in touch after I graduated, I regret not doing so. I’m heartbroken. I will miss you so very much. Rest peacefully. Gone but never forgotten. - Love Busola
This tribute was added by Olanrewaju Ajiboye on February 4, 2020
I had Dr.Femi my freshman year of high school. I remember how he would go out of his way to help students out. Remember the famous quotes he said “laughing your way to the bank” or saying the number 4 in a funny way. May you rest in peace Dr. Femi, you have truly been a blessing to me.
This tribute was added by Jason Pleitez on February 4, 2020
Dr Femi, since I had your class freshman year I never saw you as my teacher, I saw you as family. No other teacher has cared and had such a bond with all of his students as Dr Femi. He had nothing but love for his students and always set great examples to help us do the best we can in whatever we do wether it be big or small. Thank You for being the best teacher I ever had and the only teacher I can proudly consider as family. Thank you for everything and may you rest in peace ❤️Laughing my way to the bank 4L
This tribute was added by Madison Thony on February 4, 2020
Dr. Femi had no bad energy, never once was he down. He was there for all of his students and was a second father to me. He wanted to see us all graduate and succeed so he tried to wait until class of 2020 graduated. My heart aches so much especially for his family, but I know that he left this earth in the best graces and light. He lived a full and wonderful life and he’ll continue to watch over family and his beloved students. We love and will forever miss this amazing, out of this world, one of a kind man. Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Prince Ukpai on February 4, 2020
Definitely a top 5 teacher. I learned a lot in his class my freshman year in High School. He was a great teacher and taught us everything we needed to know in order to become successful in that specific field. He answered questions in a way that we’d be helped but still learn it ourselves. Thank You Dr. Femi, love you, and Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Ayoyemi Ajimatanrareje on February 4, 2020
Uncle Femi! You were and will forever be my favourite uncle. I remember watching a video of myself as a 2 year old in Alaka estate and seeing you. Though my dad had relocated to America, and wasn’t around, you made it a point to visit Tobi and I on your trip to Nigeria. You loved us before we could even grow to love you. You always spoke to me with unmistakable genuineness and sincere care. Your approachable charisma made it easy to open up to you. You never snitched on me. Hehe. There was nothing I did or celebrated that you weren’t a part of. If you couldn’t be there physically, you showed up financially and emotionally with the kindest words. Uncle, I will miss you greatly! I will miss your “oh yeeeahs?” I’ll miss the pet names you give everyone, the encouragements to keep making those “buns,” thé consistent calls, and reminders that I am a star. Most especially, the warmth and safety your voice exudes. Save me a seat up there and make sure you enjoy the glorious songs the angels are singing to welcome you. The world won’t be the same without you. Love you sir.

Ayoyemi Ajimatanrareje
Brentwood, CA
This tribute was added by Samuel Adegboyega on February 4, 2020
Awe Femi,

The questions that have been agitating my mind since your departure are: why did you have to leave without a parting word to some of us; what really happened; and did you consider the impacts of your leaving so soon on Opeyemi, the children and your siblings? Why! Why!! Why!!!

The last time we met in early November 2019 in Maryland, there were no signs that that was going to be the last time. We partied, joked, exchanged banters, danced, ate and drank together. We had fun and a good time. And when I came back to Houston barely 2 months later: you were gone.

Ever since we both discovered that your mum and my mum were very good friends, our friendship took a new turn to higher levels. I got close to your family and siblings. I even attended the wedding of your daughter in Maryland.

Knowing you was such a delight. Our desires for a long lasting friendship has been cut short. But you left good and indelible memories. The good Lord, who has the final say in the affairs of all men has called you home. Blessed be the name of the Lord. And may you have eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord.
This tribute was added by Jin Choe on February 3, 2020
Dr. Ajimatanrareje, thank you for leaving behind nothing but good memories and lasting impressions. From the first day that I met you being the father of one of my closest friends, you and your wife have shown me nothing but generosity, hospitality, and gratitude. The many times I would visit I felt as if your house was my second home, whether it was just a regular day, or Thanksgiving. Something that is seemingly so small as that will reside with me forever and your legacy will be passed on forward by your loving children. I will be praying for your family.

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