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Thank you

February 23, 2021
Thank you nephew Allan Portugal for taking good care of Kiko and his family during his sickness. You were God sent to Kiko and his family when they needed help.

RE: When We Were Young...

February 22, 2021
Long time ago when we were young...

In the picture,  Uncle Bembot (Older brother of Uncle Kiko),  Mrs.  Salud David Lopez ( Uncle Bembot’s Mother-In-Law),  Cynthia ( Uncle Bembot’s wife),  oldest daughter,  Rowena,  Delilah, Uncle Kiko.  This picture was taken in early 70’s

posted by Delilah “Iya” Tuason Arenas
Vancouver,  British Columbia,  Canada  

Memory from 1979

February 21, 2021
It was April 1979.  Kiko and Alu were living at 240  Wellesley Street East on 28th floor at that time.  Emy Lachica was staying with them because she didn’t have a place to stay in Toronto.  Kiko & Alu opened their one bedroom apartment to her at that time.  Emy helped Alu to take care of Vivienne at that time before Emy went back to Philippines.  Emy and Boy came to Canada together with Ed Bitanga who brought them to Canada .  Kiko was their Immigration Lawyer during that time.  Kiko was still doing his medical internship at the hospital nearby that time.  Boy became immigrant.  Kiko was able to change her status to volunteer status instead of deportation.  Mission accomplished.
In this picture,  Boy ( Ernesto Reyes Iligan), Kiko ( my older brother), Sammy ( youngest brother),  Emy LaChica,  Remy Portugal
February 21, 2021
In 1971,

e were freshmen in med school when I first met Kiko, It did not take long for us to become friends. Our friendship became so close that in a short time, we turned like brothers. We studied together, reviewed for final exams often in his small room with brother Venny. We overcame all the hardships with flying colors. One summer, we were in Iloilo for a vacation and every moment was special and unforgettable. We were very much supportive of each other especially when he started to court Alo. The wedding in Manila was grandiose with lots of fun, we missed Kiko when he moved to Canada but distance was not a concern because he visited us often in the Philippines and we have visited him too several times in Toronto. Our fifty years of friendship will be missed and remembered for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine why his life ended early, but I'm sure my friend, my brother, Kiko is happy to join our Lord God almighty for eternity. Rest In Peace my friend, my brother.

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