This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Hon.Eddie Dakoru JP. Daddy Dearest.
Obsequies :
Thursday 2nd September,2021: Service of Songs @ 30 Circular Road, Elekhahia housing Estate, Phc.
Saturday 4th September,2021: Burial activities in Buguma City, Rivers State.

Posted by Odeyemi Gbenga on June 21, 2021
With love and found memories. A beautiful soul will never be forgotten.
Posted by Femi Osibanjo on June 20, 2021

For so many years, we always spoke on your birthday. Always, your warmth and exceptional intellect was captivating. Not surprising. From how compelling the warmth and good manners of your children turned out to be, it is un-arguable that you did so much as a father. Most importantly, you touched my life positively by producing Ibiso. - a Gift of/for Life.

Thank you so much and please Rest in Peace, “Honourable Dakoru".
Posted by Obioma Achara on June 18, 2021
Sad to say good bye to an amiable father inlaw a few short months after we got to know each other. I wish I had a longer period of time to enjoy the blossoming friendship. God bless your soul dad. I promise to continue taking care of your beloved daughter the best I can. She talks so much about you, and now I will have to live with what she tells me about you. Good bye.
Posted by Tokunbo Orekoya on June 18, 2021
It was with great grief in my heart when I heard of the passing on to glory of my dear friend, Daba' s father.. Daddy as we used to call him. I met Daddy when as a new bride/stranger in Port Harcourt in 1982 while living in 18 Nzimiro Street Amadi Flats Port Harcourt. Daba and her family were my neighbors. We became very close friends and I met Daddy. Daddy was a gentleman to the core and a very loving and supportive parent to his children. I remember the remarkable role he played in Daba's life when she became a widow at such a young age.
He was very full of life that I thought that he would live to be a centenarian especially as he was still very articulate and agile at 90.
Well who are we to judge God the giver of Life. We thank God for the wonderful life that Daddy lived and pray that God will grant him perfect rest.
On behalf of my family, I commiserate with the entire Dakoru family and pray that God will give you the grace to bear his loss.
Adieu Daddy till we meet at Jesus' feet Amen
Posted by Ibiwari lilly-tariah on June 18, 2021
Forever with us - A tribute to our unique great uncle.
Good people are like the wind, you can neither see nor touch what is inside of their heart.
But you can always feel their goodness and sincerity of heart.
We the children of late Ma Susanna Ofin-Kio Dakuro ( Ma Ada) as fondly known in the family,count it a great privilege to honor you (Daddy) as one who has impacted lives tremendously. You have given life and light to several of us and left a Worthy legacies.
More especially our granny Ma Susanna Ofin-Kio Dakuro ( Ma Ada) of blessed memory, who is very fond of you (Pa Eddy), She is always looking forward to Fridays, when you will come home for the weekend. And you never fail to come along with goodies and money for her up keeps.
I and my siblings can never forget the love and attention given to our granny,and we her children. There's this drugs that she normally takes 'Franol' you don't allow her to run out of it, you always give her money to get it. That was the kind of good relationship you both had until her demsie. That same love was transferred to us, we her children.
We will always remember you our great uncle.
Dein na mu wamini-ibidabo
Ma Susanna Ofin-Kio Dakuro (Ma Ada) Awome
Posted by Amakiri Young-Harry on June 18, 2021
A perfect Gentle Man to the core. He is a friend to my late Dad, Chief Nye Johnny Young-Harry, growing up I saw him as a Teacher ,mentor, perfect Gentle Man and a true Kalabari Son. I will describe him as a 1 Peter 2:9 person.
Rest in the Bossom of the Lord Sir.
Posted by Winifred Ntia on June 17, 2021
A great man has gone to be with The Lord. Father to my dearest friend and sis. We give God all the glory for a life well spent for all the great memories Daddy has left his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with(not forgetting we, the members of his large "extended' family!) Memories from childhood to his 90th birthday, where Daddy did us proud with his solo rendition.(a voice that strong and clear @90!)
Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are a testament to the wonderful man you were.
Rest in the bosom of The Lord Sir. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Jacqueline Ugwu on June 17, 2021
This is truly beautiful. I never had the chance of a one on one meeting with him but one can tell that he really enjoyed his life. And for me that's just enough. Adieu gramps. We all love you.

Thank you for showing us how to live. Thank you for 90 glorious years. Thank God for the gift of you.
Posted by Ose Imoukhuede on June 17, 2021
I did not have an opportunity to meet this dashing, suave dad to two very dear friends of mine. But judging by the quality of the character of his children, no doubt he was a blessing to them to to all who had opportunity to share space with him.

Every life on earth is bordered by two counterpoles; birth and death. The day a human spirit is born into earth, there is certainty of leaving this earth; afterall, the earth is a part of one’s journey through God’s Creation.

So with love, I join my friends Soki and Ibiso in prayer that Pa Dakoru’s spirit will return to the Eternal Gardens of God our Heavenly Father.

Posted by Dr-Liz Ikiriko-Onabowu on June 16, 2021
Oh ! My dear gentle, calm, benevolent and understanding uncle. We will miss you so much. You consistently stood by us and with us in our challenging times and led us through the right path.                            
Despite your regard for our tradition, you sure served your Creator until your glorious call. May we find solace on the premise that you lived well. 'Dein na mu', uncle.  
Rest in perfect peace!!
Posted by Helen Omu on June 16, 2021
I was privileged to have met elder statesman  & father to my bossom friend during his life time . What an inteligent a , calm and a man with a sharp memory 
Posted by Chisa Erica Ogbobula on June 15, 2021
Daddy, we know there is a time to be born and a time to go join the Lord. The memories you left with us can't be forgotten in a hurry. You were full of life, jovial and spiritual. I remember the church choir where you devoted your last active years and I am deeply blessed to have enjoyed those moments. Daddy, you lived well. You will be remembered by your Good works. Chisa
Posted by Ibim Semenitari on June 15, 2021
You were a dad my friend shared with us all. You were a jolly good fellow and a dear dad who loved your daughter and made her laughter ring out loud. Thank God for your beautiful life. Thank God for His grace that kept you and thank God that your beloved Ibiso is here to send you home in grand style as you mos roundly deserve.

Ibim Semenitari
Posted by Blossom Adaelu on June 14, 2021
JOLLY DADDY, you were truly a jolly fellow. Always jovial and caring. I thank God Almighty for such a fulfilled life.Sleep well Papa Daba.You will be greatly missed indeed especially by your Great family you left behind. Goodnight Daddy.
Posted by Efe Obichere on June 14, 2021
Wow!!! Daddy indeed will be missed forever. He was an all-around daddy with an excellent spirit. He must have sang his way to heaven. May Papa's soul rest in perfect peace amen.
Daba my Sis our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. Be consoled he lived a fulfilled life.❤
Posted by Dcns Zainie Mac -Mbiwe on June 14, 2021
Dad...the news of your passage came to me that Monday morning as a shock..I'd just finished burial rites of my Biological Dad Ogbuagu Chukwuemeka Mac Mbiwe in December and IB was such a part of the planning...I was certain I could share you with her for a loooong time..oo I cried hard..Go well Papa Eddy..Go well
Posted by Shade Mokuolu on June 13, 2021
Daddy, as we fondly called you, the memories of the good times we shared in Port Harcourt will forever remain with us. You freely shared jokes and advice. You honored everyone regardless of age and hung out with us as if we’re of the same clan. May your soul rest peacefully in the bosom of your creator. Sleep well, J.P Dakoru, the “elder Honourable.”
Posted by Arinola Agoro on June 13, 2021
A great loss indeed. May his soul rest in peace, May the Lord comfort the family. It is well...
Posted by Isaac Iselobhor on June 11, 2021
A wonderful and lovely man who was loved and adored by everyone. Very upright and straightforward when dealing with people. I always remember my encounter with him for his broad perception of life as we are all one and the same people. A detribalized man of honour and impeccable character of inestimable value. Continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Ipalibo Amachree on June 11, 2021
No matter where you go, we will always be connected in our hearts. My heartiest good wishes will be with you always. Farewell dear Uncle!
Posted by Da Bilaye Tariah on June 11, 2021
Daddy, continue to rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord. You came and you conquered and now you have left us with a legacy filled with ever green memories of whom you are each day, each hour, each minute and each second.

Your children, family and friends are immensely proud of you and what you have achieved. You lived a life full of happiness and integrity and above all your love for singing can never be forgotten. I’m particularly grateful to God that I had the opportunity to talk to you shortly before you passed on to be with our maker.

Daddy you are only gone physically but not spiritually, for we know you are our guarding angel watching over us.

Rest on our daddy till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Edosa Uhunmwagho on June 10, 2021
Hmmm...Daddy, so you have truly bid goodbye.
My first contact with Daddy was in Port Harcourt in the 1990s. We were all undergraduates in UST & I went home for the weekend with Ibiso. After we all left school contact was mainly through phone calls, pictures &videos. Our birthday phone calls to you were very important deals to us.
Daddy, we looked forward to every opportunity to chat with you. You were very interesting & had a wide knowledge of 'everything'. You also made us understand that there is dignity in labour, hard work, integrity & credibility.
I had a lot of love & appreciation for Daddy because he was indeed an amazing father - one who was fun to be with. Quite a Gentleman he was...
Daddy you were a power dresser. A pacesetter. A fashion icon you were Daddy. You were always impeccable dressed. Looking good was serious business for you. You had an accommodating aura around you. Your laughter was infectious. You loved life to the fullest.
There is no doubt you lived a good life and the Almighty God has deemed it fit that you return home. As much as we would always love to have you here with us, we wish you farewell until we meet again. Rest on in perfect peace. You will surely be missed by all who loved you.
Adieu! Ibiso's gist partner, confidant and 'boy friend'.
Posted by Dele Omosule on June 10, 2021
You gave the world a daughter (Iby) who is immensely proud of you.She has made us all understand how a great loving,dedicated and loyal a father,uncle,brother you were.

You lived a honest and simple life and you were always there to help not just your immediate family but everyone who approached you for one thing or the other.You were and still is a blessing to your community.

May the good Lord continue to rest your soul in peace Papa and may all your loved ones find the strength to continue this journey of life with the belief that you are in heaven and one day we shall all reunite,never to part again.

Posted by Lydia Olubiyo on June 10, 2021
Rest in peace daddy.we really missed you but I will definitely be listening to those songs you left for us.Thank you for all the love you shared with us through my lovely sister.continue to rest well daddy.
Posted by Adeyinka Kilani on June 10, 2021
A great loss indeed. He left a great legacy for us to follow; May the LORD comfort and console the entire family and friends. We rest in the fact that we will see again.

Rest in peace Daddy.
Posted by Joseph Obari on June 10, 2021
I knew Pa Eddie Dakoru more by his reputation for love of elegance and attention to detail. All from fond accounts from IB, my dear friend, his beloved daughter. Then social media came and I could see that all I had heard and more were true.
Here was a gentleman in and out. Always dapper and spotless. A model to any young man.
It's so sad that by the combination of my previously crowded life and IB's departure from Port Harcourt, I couldn't fulfill my dream of tapping from his rich history and colourful life through our friendship.
As you journey on, Pa Eddie, fare ye well. May you find faithful helpers on your path. Amen!
Posted by Moni Gasper on June 10, 2021
Dear Uncle ,
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace .
From the children of your paddy man , Alabo Dr CIT Wokoma .
Posted by Emeka Echefu on June 10, 2021
Never met you
But goodness runs in family

Your daughter
Her daughters
Their children,
Goodness runs in family

Many sided, the picture changes
All good and all pleasant,
Not a blight, even in the night
Grandpa remained a great song

With your maker your melody sing
All pleasant remain in your dance
Till the family in the great dance reunite.

Adieu Pa Dakoru
Posted by Cynthia Adeoye on June 9, 2021
Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen unheard. But always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear.                    Daddy may your gentle soul continue to rest with the Lord. We love and miss u, but God loves you more.
Posted by Anne Damisa on June 9, 2021
Dear Iby and the entire Dakoru family,
Clearly your father was beloved by all. I pray the fond memories you shared with your daddy will help you feel his presence always. As his beautiful soul rest peacefully in Heaven, I pray you all find comfort in God as you celebrate the life of your family patriarch, Honorable Eddy Dakoru❤️
Posted by Chinyere Didia on June 9, 2021
Daddy you will be missed dearly. Still can hear the voice in my head "CHICHI". You were a loving father not only to your Children but to their friends. Dein na mu daddy
Posted by Abimbola Olusola Sowoolu on June 9, 2021
My padi man that's how I call him,the man with a swag. No dull moment when you're around him,he had a lovely spirit, his smile captivating....I could go on and on.
He's had a fulfilled life,he's gone to rest.
May his beautiful soul rest in peace.
Posted by Sunny Hughes on June 9, 2021
Posted by Dieye Willie-Harry on June 9, 2021
To: The Dakoru Family,
On behalf of The Willie-Harry family of the Ombo-Ikpo compound, Buguma, please accept our deepest sympathy, on the passing of a veritable icon and Father figure to us all.
We mourn with you and join in commending the soul of our "Uncle Eddy" to Almighty God.
May his soul and the souls of all our dearly departed, Rest in Perfect Peace, Amen.
Posted by Temi Nunu on June 9, 2021
He was sure a lively and accommodating Father. Ever so jovial. May his soul continue to find peace in the Lord. Amen
Posted by Eyebee Dakoru on June 6, 2021
I try to write, but its hard. Feels unreal. I will come back, give me time. Even yesterday, I was looking out for you on a zoom program for your cousin Mother in Buguma, it took me a while, to realise that he that I seek among the crowd is no more.
Give me time Daddy, I will come back. I will come back to write a befitting tribute, but for now, I am blank.
Sorry, I just took it for granted that you would be with us a while longer, sorry I was not prepared to say goodbye, tell me Daddy, how does one prepare?
Yes, some will say "wow 91, he tried", yes indeed God was very kind to us to have kept you with us this long, yes God tried for us and we are indeed grateful, we are blessed yes, but like Oliver, we wanted more, who wouldn't? You were not just our father, you were our friend.
Oh yes, our God is God and He alone knows when to say Enough. It was your time and He called you.
See, I am trying but, its still blank......give me time Daddy, I will come back.....

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Posted by Odeyemi Gbenga on June 21, 2021
With love and found memories. A beautiful soul will never be forgotten.
Posted by Femi Osibanjo on June 20, 2021

For so many years, we always spoke on your birthday. Always, your warmth and exceptional intellect was captivating. Not surprising. From how compelling the warmth and good manners of your children turned out to be, it is un-arguable that you did so much as a father. Most importantly, you touched my life positively by producing Ibiso. - a Gift of/for Life.

Thank you so much and please Rest in Peace, “Honourable Dakoru".
Posted by Obioma Achara on June 18, 2021
Sad to say good bye to an amiable father inlaw a few short months after we got to know each other. I wish I had a longer period of time to enjoy the blossoming friendship. God bless your soul dad. I promise to continue taking care of your beloved daughter the best I can. She talks so much about you, and now I will have to live with what she tells me about you. Good bye.
his Life
Hon O. E. Dakoru fondly called Eddy Dakoru was born in Buguma at 2pm on August 29th 1929,into the family of Dakoru Ernest Harry and Sister Iyawo. He lost his father when he was barely 4 years old. He attended St. Saviours School, Buguma from 1938-1945. He was employed right after as a Teacher in Ebenezer Primary School, Ido and later transferred to his Alma mata. He held this position for two years during which period he enrolled into an Overseas Tutorial College.
He gained admission into West African People's Institute,Calabar,  where he studied secretarial administration and Speech writing. On the 11th of June,1951, he was employed as Confidential Secretary in UAC. With the wave of independence passing through Africa, the potentials of Eddy Dakoru was identified and he was subsequently chosen for training. After passing through the crucibles of carrots and storm, he was promoted Acting Provisions Sales Manager and posted to Enugu(coal city). He was promoted to Full Managerial status and seconded to Tate &Lyle Nigeria limited and thus became the First Nigerian to be so appointed. He attended several courses in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He rose to the position of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Manager, before opting for early retirement in 1975.
In 1976, Daddy was elected a Councillor representing Horsfall ward in the Degema Local Government Council. On the release of ban on party politics, he joined the NPN and was elected into the FIRST Rivers State House of Assembly. 1979-1983. He brought so much vibrancy to the floor of the House and was referenced as MATURITY by his colleagues. His second term was however truncated by the Military junta in 1983. He returned to his familiar terrain of Business and Trading. He founded Steady worth Group Agencies. This he engaged in until age started to take it's toll on him. He finally took the side of laissez faire and retired from active service. 
Daddy was a good ballroom dancer, musician and Singer and enjoyed travelling a lot, traits most of his children have imbibed.
He was a consumate member of the African Church and An Avid FreeMason. He has several Awards ( Honourary and Substanative).

Recent stories
Shared by Ifeoma Ifejika on June 10, 2021
The demise of a loved one is made more painful with the thought that we'd never see or hug them again. But we are consoled with the fact that the separation is only physical. Sir, you are now a guardian angel to all your loved ones. May your soul rest in most perfect peace through the mercy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen. 
Remain consoled my dear Ib. God is your strength.