Posted by Patrick Ayres on July 22, 2021
When Roy Hetherington and I built my new two car garage Eddie delivered seven loads of gravel for my driveway in one day. Hard working, happy-go-lucky guy. I really enjoyed visiting with him and with Roy sharing some of their stories. I'm very sorry that Eddie is no longer with us.
Posted by Lynleigh Stiles on July 22, 2021
Ironically I am writing this tribute while I am listening to a song that says, it is okay to cry, and it’s okay to fall apart…Prior to the first person to come by our accident, I remember sitting on the side of the road, starring at a tree, listening to the river, and asking God - please just let me know that I am going to be alright. I met Mr. Ed while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a truck, bleeding, broken, scared, and slowly falling apart. He and Andy happened upon Mush’s & my accident in December of 1988 on the river road. Mr. Ed came up to me, and asked, ‘so, what’s going on here?’ KR Emergency Volunteers we’re already with me, but he was the only person to tell me, “you’re going to be alright”…I believed him - God answered. Mr. Ed asked me questions, checking for cognitive functioning, which of course me being me, argued one of my answers to be correct! I knew of him, I had even spoken with him on the phone, but I had never met him until that moment - God truly knows when we need certain people to enter our lives, I know this to be true…I just needed to hear that I was going to be alright - I just needed to laugh, talk about football i(t was a a Purdue/Oregon thing hahaha), and presidents (I was right by the way-Bush won, haha). Thank you Mr. Ed ~ I’m alright.
Posted by Brian Smith on July 22, 2021
I met Eddie while surveying his rock pit years ago when it was all tailings. Eddie was a man that the world is going to miss, I remember his love for freedom, he did not let the County or State beat him down without a fight.

When you shook his hand you better be ready for a crushing squeeze. Bye Eddie.
Posted by Ron Berryman on July 22, 2021
I first met Eddie in the late 1980's when he was bulldozing brush for Champion Int'l Corp for our tree planting program in McCloud.  He was such a pleasure to be around. A hard worker that was always concerned with the quality of his work. What I remember most were the great stories he told about his days as a highway patrolman and the memorable people in his life. He was especially proud of his sons and their accomplishments in life. The fact that I can still remember him so well after so many years is a testament to his character. I will miss him greatly.

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