Shared by Ryan Keyes on March 27, 2013

I remember when my grandmother passed away, Pastor and First Lady Wilson met us at the hospital, my mother was so broken and hurt, because her death was sudden. I remembe her holding my mom like a mother would and Pastor Wilson offering a word of prayer. He would always say "The Hedg-e-bess" family. My uncles adored him as their pastor. I loved to see him kick up that leg on the podium and throw that handkerchief. He may have been small in stature, but he stood tall in God. And no one could sing those old songs like he could. He is truly missed and never forgotten!

Wishing You Could Be Here

Shared by Delinda Downing on May 16, 2012

On June 1, 2012, I will be retiring from the Town of Plymouth with 25 years of service.  My children will be honoring me with a dinner on June 9th, and I wish My Pastor was here.  He has always shared in the big events of my family - simply because he was family.  For every occasion, he would show up with his "beloved Lou" whom we also love.  He was the greatest Pastor in the world, and my family will always hold the memory of him in our hearts.   That smile, that wink, that way of always making you feel special - no matter what walk of life you came from - that is why he meant so much to me.  Yes, you are gone - too soon, but I know that God loved you much more than we.  Take care of my mom and my other family members up there in Heaven, because I know you all are having a holy ghost good time, just enjoying Jesus!!!  Love you much, Pastor. 

Pentecostal Temple COGIC - 04/2009

Shared by Brenda Bazemore on May 14, 2012

Eyes To Heaven

Eyes raised to Heaven

Searching for any signs of you.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Embracing you.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Remembering your love and gentleness.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Remembering your courage, strength, and determination.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Remembering you celebrated life.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Treasured memories of our time here on earth.

Eyes raised to Heaven

Knowing you are safe, and happy --- free of pain.

Forever !                    


His "lil Bay-Bay"

Shared by Brandy Riddick on March 5, 2012

As I read the poem from Pastor's dear Tyra I too was reminded of Pastor's words.  My lil Aaron, whom Pastor affectionately called "Bay-Bay suffered from asthma terribly as a baby/small child.  He was hospitalized every year from an infant to 5yrs old.  It seemed as if once we settled into the hospital room and right before injections or and IV could be done the room phone would ring..  Who else but Pastor checking on his "Bay-Bay.  His phone calls were right on time; as he could hear Aaron crying in the background.  He would calmy say "Hey Hun what's going on with Bay-bay"?  I would give the report.  Then he would say" put him on the phone".   Let me remind you Aaron would still be crying.  I'd gently place to phone to Aaron's ear and Pastor would say "Bay-Bay be a good boy and let them take care of you; take the medicine n what not and be a big boy cause Pastor don't like to hear you cry"..  Ofcourse his "Bay-Bay" would quiet down and let the nurses/dr. finish up..  Funny thing is the nurses and doctors would always stand there smile and wait until he finished having this conversation with Aaron..  He was respected by all..   Oh how my lil Aaron did love his Pastor and his Pastor did love his "Bay-Bay"..    He was so kind and loving to my sons his "Bay-Bay and Baby Duke" as he would affectionately call them..  Just a lil story to add to the memories....
Love and Miss Your Pastor

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