Posted by Patricia Gurin on April 2, 2022
I am thinking about Ellen, Hal, and Eve today as they remember Eleanor on this anniversary of her death. Such a vibrant woman who has been a great influence in all of your lives. I was privileged to have known her.
Posted by Constance Barber on April 8, 2021
I fell in love with Eleanor the moment I met her. People talk about her elegance and dignity and it's so true. Ellen, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your memories bring you joy. I know I will smile when I think of Eleanor.
Posted by Barbara MacDonald on April 6, 2021
I met Eleanor years ago when she came into the Quilt Shop where I worked. She was a lovely lady and always well dressed and well spoken. She always told me "put on some lipstick!" She was something special. I'm so sorry for
your loss, Ellen. But I'm sure you have some wonderful memories to keep in
your heart. Love You
Posted by Phyllis Branch on April 5, 2021
Dear Ellen, I never met your mom but can see how remarkable and loved she was. What a long life, surrounded by family. Something I have myself learned is that your mother will always be with you in a very real sense. You have been very fortunate!
Posted by Patricia Gurin on April 5, 2021
Eleanor, with her elegance and dignity, her beautiful hair, and her openness to the world -- what an incredible life you lived. I feel so blessed to have had times with her and Ellen's family at Glennie, to have shared that gorgeous place with her, and to have shared with Jerry also just being part of the Quart family. 

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