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In a letter to my parents

February 22, 2013

Heaven, His Kingdom is so greatJust standing before him was good enough for me. I could of stood there forever, happily,silently. I knew love, peace,and had complete understanding. I knew who I was and who He was. There are no words to describe it, the beauty. When I was there, I was perfect. All about my life here was gone. I was and still am forgiven. I was burned in sin and He welcomed me with an embrace. I could talk volumes on it. I know what is waiting for us. To be on the throne, with its crystal blue radiance, and its millions of angels in front of it, all glowing like the sun, its the most awsome thing I will ever know in all of eternity. The spirit is just a small reflection of what it feels like there. And the spirit is the greatest feeling we'll ever have here. i don't know what our new bodies will look like, but if its like Jesus, they are so beautiful. Like bodies of water or crystal with light in them. Yet we can touch and feel..I want so bad to be there and I know when he chooses me to leave this world, I will truly be going home. 
  This was written to my parents from Eli, what a blessing that Jesus gave him, it gives me comfort to know he looked forward to truly going home to live with Jesus and that we will all be together again in such a beautiful place, Thank you my love for sharing your heart with the world, my Love forever  Mom

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