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Her Life

Betty Lackey

April 18, 2011

Betty was born in the home of her Grand parents, Frank and Agnes Schlappert. They changed the spelling of their name to Slappert so that it would seem more American. They came over from Germany, when her mom, Maria Francisca  was 2 years old. Maria Francisca became Mary Frances after her arrival to the states. Betty was delivered by her grandmother, who was a practical nurse, because the doctor arrived late and was drunk. He was not much of a help.

Betty was an only child. She had a lot of fond memories of her childhood and particularly enjoyed many happy family gatherings among the relatives on her mother's side of the family.

During World War Two Betty enlisted in the Army Nurse Corp.  She then received orders to go to an area south of Japan.  But then the war ended and her orders were canceled.

Betty met and married our father Ray Lackey while in the Army Nurse Corp.  In fact they had started dating and then one weekend they snuck across the state line and were married and then snuck back each to their own camp.

As a child and throughout her life Mom played piano. Her favorite songs were Star Dust and Deep Purple...hits in her day.  She enjoyed classical music which we heard in our home a lot.  When I was little Mom would play the Teddy Bear's Picnic for me.

Mom was a housewife and mother when we were young, going back to nursing only after we got into the upper grades in school.

Mom enjoyed embroidery and crochet which she learned as a girl at home. Mom enjoyed a quiet home life and, in later years, looked forward to visits from her grown children.  God bless her.