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Liz's Birthday

Shared by Mara Hogan on July 13, 2021
This video is part of a series in the gallery. In August of 2018 parts of Liz's large family including her daughters, some grandchildren, nieces and nephews gathered to celebrate her 95th birthday!

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Shared by Mara Hogan on July 13, 2021
As a teenager, long before she knew about Quakerism, she was asked to read these stanzas aloud in her school chapel. She said she was terrified, but in later years these words led her to the peace of Quakerism.

How Great Thou Art

Shared by Mara Hogan on July 13, 2021
A group of Keith and Liz's close Quaker F(f)riends were in a chapel in autumn in Northern Vermont where they all sang this together. This hymn always meant a lot to Liz she would always say "It is true of the world we live in as it was in that world of autumn colors."  

In The Garden

Shared by Mara Hogan on July 13, 2021
"In The Garden"
Keith and Liz heard a chorus sing this at Ever-Song the evening they were married. After surviving World War II, we were still uneasy about the future and they were reassured by this hymn for the security of the next seventy years ahead together.

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