Christmas 2010

Shared by Andrea Hultzen on August 24, 2011

 This is one of the only videos I have of my mom.  It was taken just this past Christmas.  Luckily my mom decided to get the boys Flip cameras for their gifts so we now have this precious footage.  People in video:  Elke, Tre, Jace, Sonja, Andrea and Bobby's voice.

Giving on Getting Day

Shared by Anne Rowley on March 19, 2011

I'll always remember when Elke and Andrea made a huge number of gorgeous blintzes for Grandparents' Day at school. On a day when she could have been receiving, Elke prepared a breakfast feast for her fellow Gateway Grands. That generosity of thought and deed is a hallmark of the Landis-Hultzen clan, and we are proud to know them and count them as friends.

With love,

Anne, Mat & Rowan Rowley


Shared by Andrea Hultzen on March 12, 2011

My mom hated least at first.  She always said she wanted to hear my voice instead.  Eventually she caught on and as I scroll through my inbox, I can remember the love she sent me.  Almost every day she sent a message saying, "Have a wonderful day, my love!" 

Birthday Table

Shared by Andrea Hultzen on March 12, 2011

One of my fondest memories of mom was the "birthday table".  Sonja and I could count on this every year.  We would awake to the most beautiful breakfast table, adorned with our favorite flowers, balloons in our favorite color, bountiful gifts and our requested breakfast.  Even on a school day, when she was rushed to get us out the door and herself to work, she would wake up extra early and make sure it was ready when we awoke.  How she made Eggs Benedict with homemade Bearnaise sauce by 7:00am to taste like heaven, I will never know. 

I continue this tradition now with my kids so the memory of my mom will continue to be honored.

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