Her Life


  1. My Granny,,Worked Hard All Her Life To Raise Her Kid's,,Then All Of Us To. My Granny,,Was A Loving Grandmother,,Even When She Was So Tired From Work,,She Alway's Had The Time For All Of Her Children,,And Her Grand children. She Baked For The Turkey Supper's We Had In Stonecliffe.  She Also made Home made Delicious Bread,,Pie's, ,,raisan pie's apple pie's. etc etc. We Had The Best Of Grand Parent's That God Could Send Our Way. My Granny Was A God  Fearing Women,,Who Was Much Into Her Faith.

  She Also Belonged To The Cwl,,In Stonecliffe. Christmas, At There House,,Was ,,Awsome. My Grandpa,,Would Go Out With Us,,And Pick. Out The Perfect Christmas Tree. There'd Be Music,,There Friend's Would Come Over,,,It Was Just An Old Fashion,,Christmas's. Of Course Granny Would Bake Her Fruit Cake From Scratch,,Put The Egg Nog Out,,And Visited With There Friend's,,It Was Nice To Watch.