Dear all,

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo who lived courageously, laughed joyously, worked tirelessly and loved all to the fullest. Her legacy, reflected in many, would continue to impact the world around.  Please share a memory or a story of her to tell the world and generations to come.  

Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Friday, 17th June, 2016
Wake-Keeping:  At the family residence, Osu-Ashante

Saturday, 18th June, 2016
Venue: The Forecourt of the Statehouse, Osu-Accra 
7am: Pre-Burial Service- her body will be laid in state
9am: Burial Service

Internment: Osu Cemetary (Private Burial)  followed by the final funeral rites 

Attire: Black and Red 

Hymn 370
The Lutheran Hymnal

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Posted by Prince A. Debrah on April 19, 2022
The memories are still poignant. You are a constant reminder of humanity's joyous capabilities: love, unity and dignity. Lie sweetly in Abraham's bosom.
Posted by Nana Ama Akuffo- Kwapong on April 19, 2022
Thanks for keeping us afloat even in grief! I miss your buoyancy, your optimism and unwavering faith in humanity. Continue to rest in peace, love! Keep shining and shining
Posted by Prince A. Debrah on May 9, 2021
Having fond memories of you on this Mother's Day. A very deeply special mother, friend, and sister in law. May the earth rest lightly on you. Your life, your love and your smile is with us always.
Posted by Nana Ama Akuffo- Kwapong on April 19, 2021
Continue resting in peace as your light shines upon us. I will continue to cherish our time together and hold the memories of you dear. Thank you and Stay Precious, AmaryQ <3
Posted by nana adu akuffo on April 19, 2021
Many things you taught me about life,family and God....Your counsel and teachings I will continue to uphold and pass on to everyone I come into contact with.God bless you for showing me how to love, how to be a family, how to be a son and how to Love and serve our Creator...You will be forever missed my Mum and you deeply
Posted by Nana Ama Akuffo- Kwapong on April 27, 2019
3 years on and it still feels surreal. I miss you, Amary Q! I miss you dearly.
Posted by Maame Abena Debrah on April 27, 2019
I miss you so much. You still live on in my heart. Everyday I realize more and more that when you died a queen fell and a kingdom was broken but with only memories of you we will still fix it because you would want us to. You truly are forever missed❤
Posted by P. Appiah Debrah on April 22, 2019
The memories still riveting. The one and precious Amary-Q, we miss you so much. We thought death took you away, but you are always here. O love that will not let me go........
Death, where is thy victory?
Posted by P. Appiah Debrah on May 1, 2017
You definitely left an indelible mark on our lives. Today on your birthday we miss the ready smiles, the cheerful spirit. We miss you every you are still here. I believe you made it across the waters, to God your glory calls. God be with you till meet again.
Posted by frank agbodzah on June 17, 2016

I remember Emelia In the 1990’s when she was the YWCA National Youth Chairman. At one of the J.H.S Annual Adolescent Leadership Training programmes sponsored by Former Mobil Oil Ghana Limited, she was one of the resource persons for Nutrition. After the lecture of the above, she taught the participants the preparations of queen cakes and coated groundnuts ‘’Nkatie Burgar’’. Based on the previous lesson, Emelia arranged an appropriate excursion at ASTEK in Nsawam.

This was her intention to broaden the participants knowledge on Nutrition.

Her readiness in response to any assignment made her to be chosen as the principal judge at another programme. This time for essay and poetry competition.

This was held at the British Council Hall during YWCA National Youth Celebration. Among the participating Schools from Tema and Accra, the YWCA Secretarial School emerged the best.

At my 70th Birthday Celebration, Emelia was actively involved by being the MC at the party. In addition, she presented a box of cakes and her interaction with the guests brought excitement to everyone.

My last interaction with her was last year when I met her at Mrs. Eshun’s Birthday Celebration. We sat closely together and chatted.

Emelia even though you are gone, memories of you will still linger in my mind.

Have a Peaceful Rest in the Lord


By: Eunice Ama Osei
Posted by frank agbodzah on June 17, 2016

Ooh! Yes Auntie Emelia, Indeed A Life Well Lived:  This is a statement I remember being said by her whenever we are cought in deep conversation. Especially, when she was trying to explain few things supporting them with examples of eminent people of blessed memory. One thing I personally learnt about Emelia was anytime we met,I always learned something educative from our discussions and conversations.
She was so knowledgeable and had broad ideas about any subject of discussion. 

She was indescribable.

Entrust any assignment to her and it will be diligently and satisfactorily carried out.  Unless, she decided not to take it up.

Auntie Emelia was an eminent woman of dignity. She was not a shy person. She always spoke out her positive mind irrespective of the person she was dealing with i.e. ‘’Pempem – si pem – pem’’. She was very hard working and always fished out avenues for cash/kind support from philanthropists, organizations and individuals to host programmes.

Before one could gossip about her, she would have already made her statement ‘’As for me I know I am an extrovert’’. She was very stern when it comes to a serious work to be done. She hates cheating and prefers a fair share of anything to all deserving people. Auntie Emelia could be very ‘’rough’’, making water muddy without looking back when the right thing was not done or said correctly. ‘’Ha buulu hetoo ye nile ni elee le hewↄ’’ supporting her comment with the Bible.

For the 17 years of our relationship, I visited her in all the Schools she was posted, to congratulate her and to encourage her to work harder. Unfortunately I was yet to visit her at Klo Senior High school.

Parting company is very difficult. Little did I know that Auntie Emelia came to part company with me at office on Tuesday, 29th March, 2016, exactly 3 weeks before her untimely death. An incident very painful to recollect. She had endless conversations coupled with ‘’hi! 5’’ handshakes only to bid me fare well. As I picture her and her outfit on the said day, I say memories of her will forever remain with me. Christians as we are I clearly accept that she has completed her God – given assignments on this earth.

My big sister and a bosom friend;
Ayekoo! tsulↄ kpakpa

Okԑ gbԑ nyiԑ mↄ jurↄ, Yesu amↄ onine mli kԑ ya shia Shweshwee shwe 

By Margaret A. Dowuona, Adabraka
Posted by Owuraku Manu-Marfo on June 11, 2016
Aunty Emelia, I am very grateful to God for who you were and how much you've contributed to the development of all the people you worked with.. I still remember your little red car back in AIS.. The encouragements at competitions and all.. You have done humanity an outstanding service.. You have made us smile. And may God receive your soul into eternal rest.
Posted by Matilda Owusua on June 8, 2016
When peace like a river attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll,
Whatever my loss,thou hath taught me to say,
It is well,it is well
With my soul.
No amount of words can tell how much appreciation everyone who has ever encountered our dear Auntie Amelia has in heart for her.
She indeed made a great impart in our lives.She would always urge you on in everything you do cos she saw great potential that you wouldn't even realize yourself.
Auntie Emelia,your presence will be greatly missed and we pray that our dear Lord keeps you rested in his Bossom.
Farewell Mrs.Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo,farewell Ma'am,farewell and Thank you for every word you ever said to me.
Posted by Richard Awuku-Aboagye Jnr on June 7, 2016
Aunty Emelia was more than a headmistress to me, she was a mentor, mother, and simply an amazing individual. She pushed me beyond my limits and showed me that I can achieve great things as long as I set my mind to it. Thank you for the numerous opportunities, advice, and care you provided. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Abigail Oppong on June 7, 2016
Aunty Emelia, as we all called you, was not only a headmistress but a mother to all of us. I had my actual first encounter with you when I met you during the Spelling Bee. You were proud of us who had made it into the top ten, you encouraged us and let us know that we were capable of making it. I however went and failed. You got really mad at me because again you knew what I was capable of. After the spelling bee, you took me under your wing and checked up on me every time. I saw you as a mentor as well as a mom. You have helped shaped me into the woman I am still becoming. As I write this, I am holding back my tears because I know you are in a better place where there is no suffering. I am really going to miss you Aunty Emelia. Rest in perfect peace Auntie Emelia.

“Well, now I looked over Jordan and what did I see
Comin' for to carry me home
There was a band of angels a comin' after me
Comin' for to carry me home”

I remember you used to sing this song sometimes and it’s only right to put it here because I am positive a flight of angels came and carried you into heaven. Auntie Emelia, Da Yie!
Posted by Stephen Mensah on June 5, 2016
Abide with me fast falls the even tide, the darknes deepens Lord with me abide, when other helpers fail and comfort flee..... Lost a mother who never forsake her kids a womaN who pampers her kids when we were worried and grieved. Lost a mom who placed us first over everything. God bless u mum.
Posted by Samuel Howard Quartey on June 5, 2016
“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians, 15:55). It seems too short! But you lived your life to the full. Safe journey home! Aunty Emy, safe journey home!.
Posted by paapa agyemang on June 2, 2016
Affectionately known as Auntie emelia, most friends knew you as their headmistress but i knew you as a confidant and you brought out the competitive nature in me way back in class 4. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kwame Ansah on June 2, 2016
Emelia was my sister and she has always wanted to team up
with me since she trusted my zeal instil discipline in students
inthe course of our career.
She enjoys my company so much that at her first school as a
headmistress, she invited me to assist her management team
at the Dispora Girls SHS.
Though her wish didn't materialize, she kept faith in me and will
always call me on taking decisions on certain eduational and
Sports issues.
Sister Emelia was a sweet woman. She is always on my mind.
Posted by Grace Tetteyfio-Brown on June 2, 2016
Hmmm! It was a busy afternoon on Tuesday, 19th April 2016 when my bro. Solomon whatsapp our family page and asked that I go home to comfort our father because he was in serious tears. I asked, Why? Dad has never wept like that? So why now?

Then, the news of your death made me too wept like a child in the office. My day was over as there was nothing else I could do than to look at your pictures on my phone with fond memories in tears.

Sister Amerley (as we affectionately call her), the last time I saw you was the evening of April 3, 2016 when you passed by to say hi to us, especially to mum and dad. What was the meaning to that short visit - goodbye? I remember you dressed in white lace with a black shoe and bag to fit perfectly like yourself. The swift smile you gave me still feels like you are forever smiling at me. No wonder I dreamt of you smiling at me.

I therefore believe that you want the family to return your smiles and be happy for you because you are happy to respond to a divine call. Hence we share tears of joy; for you were a joy to us and many others.

We thank God for your well lived life and thank you too for not refusing to share the love of God with mankind. Till we meet again in God's Kingdom, my dear sweet Cousin, Rest lovingly in the bosom of the Lord.

Posted by Deirdre Debrah on May 26, 2016
There are two way to be rich - to have everything you want or to be satisfied with everything you have. Aunty Emelia you exemplified the latter. Not with complacency, but with wisdom, passion and drive.
I wish I could say I hope to meet someone like you someday, but I am aware that you are truly one of a kind. I can only hope I make you smile and make you proud. Aunty Emelia gone too soon!
Posted by Japhet Debrah on May 20, 2016
You are the one who first dreamt up me becoming an Akora. It's a tragedy that you left up a week before my Akora induction ceremony. I will always miss you mummy. You will forever be in my heart, Aunt Emelia. May we meet again.
Posted by Nana Aba Amfo on May 14, 2016
I miss you, Auntie Emelia. I remember the last time we talked was on Easter Sunday. We had plans for our young girls - leadership training. Where are you to shepherd these plans? Where are you to compliment my red dress? Yes, you loved everything red! I still think we needed you here with us, but who am I to challenge God? I am sure He knows much better and has ushered you to the best place ever. I cherish the moments we shared together - whether in group meetings or in individual chats. You brought light to a dark moment and a smile to sad situation. You touched lives including mine. Your memory continues to live on in my heart. Rest in Peace, my sister, my friend.
Posted by Abena Benewaa Debrah on May 12, 2016
Auntie Emelia I miss you so much and I wish you here with me you where my first mother to me you helped me through rough times and you where there for me. Ma, you will always be in my heart I will never forget you as I you wait for me in heaven. I pray God will keep you till I come. Amen.
Posted by Efua Sackey on May 11, 2016
God is the Lord of the Famine and the Harvest and He uses both to achieve His purpose. I'm shocked at your passing.Rest easy Aunty Emelia.
Posted by Nana Darkwah on May 11, 2016
Thank you Auntie Emelia for all the interest you showed in all our young lives. God keep you till that resurrection morn. God keep your soul.
Posted by Barbara Ofori on May 7, 2016
I thought I heard her voice that day
Then laugh her hearty laugh.
And then I heard the angel say,
"Her work on Earth is done."
Thank you for the constant love and care shown and encouragement given.... Has indeed gone a long way to help me... RIP Aunt Emelia
Posted by Michael Aryeetey on May 3, 2016
I still can't believe you are gone, I was with you almost a month ago, you gave me food, drink,and water. You asked me to do some few erreands for you as usual. I did not know that was the last time I will see you. You took me as your son and trained me to be a professional, because of you I really enjoyed my national service at association international school. Mum as I call you, I don't know who will fill the vacuum u have created. Why so soon ,who will I talk, you will advice me, who will promote my business. Are you the only person death could set its eyes on?. You are gone but not forgotten. I will forever miss you mun
Posted by Diiana Koryo on May 3, 2016
How can you be so wicked and heartless, I wish I never knew you, I wish you will never come into my life, you don't deserve to be a part of our lives, why do you keep on hurting me, what have I done wrong, you disrupt me of every happiness and love and you only bring pain and sorrow, you are so cruel and disgusting. I hate you, you have taken away most of the things I value so much in life, #DEATH I am so sad and I want to use this opportunity express my condolences to the family, Staff and the entire student body of the Headmistress of Klo-Agogo Senior high school (MADAM EMILIA A. AMARTEY - QUARCOO). Hmmmmm I am soo disturbed but I will keep your encouragement "We Will Get There" and pray God keeps your soul in perfect peace, God be with you till we meet again madam. KPOMO! KPOMO! KPOMO!!!!!!!
Posted by Ewuraba Amakye on April 30, 2016
Aunty Emelia,thank you for believing in me.Thank you for making me know my parents divorce was never the end of the world.Thank you for pushing me to achieve higher things in life .
I met you again in 2014 and you were so happy because I was not that little girl you used to send around but I was the lady you were expecting me to grow and become.I thank God for a life well lived.Im sad ,only but for a while because I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to meet once again.I love you from the depths of my heart,till we meet again Aunty Emelia x.Rest in the peace of our Lord Jesus
Posted by Hilary Boamah on April 28, 2016
This tribute was added by the Boamah's family on the 29th April 2016
"Your level of complete selflessness keeps us in constant check with our walk in Christ. You clearly set the pace in acknowledging every special day and moment in our lives. Your smile still lingers on in our hearts whenever you spoke. Indeed we would miss your cooking". Rest in peace Aunty Emelia
Posted by Isabella Hunt on April 28, 2016
Emelia what can I say, I haven't seen you in forty years but I still remember your ready smile, wicked sense of humour and gentle manner. I cant believe I will never see that face again, such a loss to the class of 76. Emelia rest in peace.'life is but a walking shadow a poor player that struts and frets its hour upon the stage; then its heard no more'. Fare thee well.
Posted by Cordei Collison on April 27, 2016
Auntie Emelia my sister and friend.
You became a friend to my family and we are still in shock. Words can not express our pain. You made me feel loved and pampered, you shared in my joy and pain.
I will never forget you.
Auntie Emelia RIP
Posted by Samuel Korboe on April 27, 2016
Emelia and I met 40years after secondary school just in March 19, 2016 at a mates 60th birthday.
It was a surprise to bump into each other but the memory of that night and the week after when we went mountain climbing at Aburi could never be forgotten.
it was fun catching up on the years we have both lost and so when I was told you have been taking ill and rushed to Korle'bu for me it was not one that I took serious.
Sadly enough you were connecting to us just to bid us farewell.
I still can remember when on Monday April 18, I visited with another mate at your bedside around 5pm; you could only look at us and request that I pray for you. Yes I did pray but then you never wanted to look back at us again. And on the dawn of April 19, 2016 you answered the call to eternity.
Emelia it still remains a wild dream, unbelievable. All the ideas and plans you had for our 40th anniversary/homecoming after Chrimesco is gone with the wind...
I trust that your work here on earth has been accomplished . May the good Lord keep you in His bossom until we meet again.
Cherished one, your smile and laughter still rings in my ears.....
Indeed, forever missed the call shall be!!!!!!
Posted by Mardia Issifu on April 26, 2016
May ur soul rest in perfect peace. I Still remember the good old days with u at AIS,ur advice and encouragement to learn hard.
Posted by ALFRED AMOATEY on April 26, 2016
The loss to the family is enormous; a sister said they have lost a mother, a father, a sister, a friend,.a benefactor all in one; EMELIA. We have lost the HOPE for our school. We, I mean the people of Yilo Krobo Municipality, of Klo-Agogo and of Klo-Agogo Senior High School have lost the glimmer of hope of resuscitating the school with the passing away of EMELIA. Our grief is as big as that of the family. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I express our deepest condolences to the family. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Frances Randolph on April 26, 2016
Aunty Emelia. hurts typing this. I still refuse to accept your sudden death. I still ask why God took you from us so soon, to me you still had a lot of lives to leave impacts in.. just like how you left an impact in mine. How would I look forward to church on Sunday knowing you won't be there. I don't even want to go to church again. Heaven just couldn't wait for you. My mother, my adviser, my aunty, my guide , my friend. . Help me control the stream of tears. You will FOREVER BE MISSED . Rest in PERFECT Peace.... I won't let you down
Posted by Chayil Tetts on April 26, 2016
It's a week after your departure,yet the wound still feels like yesterday.I wake up each day saying to myself you can't be gone now and it's allllllllllllllll a dream. who will wake me up from dreamimg?my eyes are still flooded with unending tears mummy. Your departure is just too sudden.y now,y soo soon?mmmmmmmmmmm
Posted by Danny Holy on April 26, 2016
Damirifa Due, Damirifa Due, Damirifa Due
It is very heartbreaking to loose a dear one. I never had the opportunity to meet with you since graduating from
high school, but was glad to reconnect via WATZ UP, after so long.
DEATH is not only a painful lose, it also has it's benefits & rewards. It's been ssid that, no one sees his maker in the flesh but in spirit. Now that you've departed and become a spirit, we are resting in the assurance that you are up on your way to meet your maker. So Keep smiling & keep shinning
Fare thee well desr mate
Daniel Abbey
Posted by Isaac Nyanteh on April 25, 2016
Aunty Emelia 2 weeks ago you promised to chair the art competition Amnesty Ghana is preparing to organise from May 2016. You promised to give me a call when you get to Accra for family funeral. I missed your call but thought there will be another time to talk to you. I calling this morning to inform you that the sponsorship is ready.....I called your line severally there was no response...I checked your WhatsApp where you always send me motivational messages...just to read that you are no more...Madam your silence is too laud... The vacuum is deep...we will forever miss you...madam Nante yie..
Posted by Catherine Engmann on April 25, 2016
This was added by Catherine Engmann 75 Emelia the news of yr demise was rec.with mixed feeling. But who are we to question God, way back school we were not buddy buddies per sey  but anytime we passed by each other at girls hostel u never spared me that gentle smile, this is the doing of the Lord. R.I.P.P.
Posted by Abigail Ainooson on April 25, 2016
God be with you till we met again. Am glad I meet you
You affected me with your boldness, happy mood, your activeness. Rest in peace mummy
Posted by Sesi Odoom on April 24, 2016
Thank you for encouraging me to be the best at whatever I do. Rest well Auntie Emelia
Posted by Edwina Howard Quartey on April 24, 2016
It was just a month ago that you came over to bid me safe journey (March, 20). We joked, we laughed and we prayed.

How was i to know that it would be my last communion with you.

I remain speechless!

Indeed, the candle you always lighted in my heart will never burn out!

Thank you for your Love, Anty Emy, Thank you, for being you.
Posted by P. Appiah Debrah on April 23, 2016
So soon, Emmy. Too soon.
Posted by Kweku Osam on April 23, 2016
Emelia, we first met in September 1971 as Form One students of Christian Methodist Secondary School. After O-Levels in 1976 our paths diverged. Later in life there were various criss-crossings. Less than a month ago we spoke because you had lost your way to the birthday party of Eunice, another classmate. Before you unceremoniously left this earth you had stormed our Year Group whatsapp platform with energy, zeal, and your copyrighted enthusiasm, posting inspirational messages and greeting cards. Emelia, we miss your buoyant life and the infectious relational intelligence. We thought we needed you but obviously the God of all flesh needs you more. Enjoy a peaceful rest in paradise till we meet before the great white throne.
Posted by Nana Ama Akuffo-Kwapong on April 23, 2016
In power! In love!
I am because you were.

Thank you Amary Q. Thank you
Posted by Chayil Tetts on April 23, 2016
I heard whispers, soft and clear
I heard dry leaves rustling happily in the air across the bright sky : the sun shone brightly.
All looked well except an emptiness within; a pain I could not explain - a void.

A Gem is Lost.
It's a dream, I screamed! it can't be!
My once clear bright sky was now filled with gloom and darkness and an inexplicable heaviness took its place.
Tears angrily rolled down my face with a mighty gush not caring what was in its way.
It's too soon mummy, just too soon.
Words just can't be uttered; stammering with each try.
your life though short was one well lived
you epitomised 1 Corinthians 9:19-23; being all things to all men;
A rare virtue that is to be envied greatly.

I could go on in tears of pain at your departure; but for gems like you, these tears bring a feeling of joy, hope, determination and peace.
You were an exemplary woman Aunt Emmy.


You have made a deep impact- one that is carved in rocks and not the sand.
Though in pain, I smile because you were the light not only in my dark clouds but others as well.
Jeff and I can never forget your love and thoughtfulness, we are forever grateful.

You have done extremely well Amarye Q, so well.
You were a star on earth, forever you will be missed.

With love.

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Posted by Prince A. Debrah on April 19, 2022
The memories are still poignant. You are a constant reminder of humanity's joyous capabilities: love, unity and dignity. Lie sweetly in Abraham's bosom.
Posted by Nana Ama Akuffo- Kwapong on April 19, 2022
Thanks for keeping us afloat even in grief! I miss your buoyancy, your optimism and unwavering faith in humanity. Continue to rest in peace, love! Keep shining and shining
Posted by Prince A. Debrah on May 9, 2021
Having fond memories of you on this Mother's Day. A very deeply special mother, friend, and sister in law. May the earth rest lightly on you. Your life, your love and your smile is with us always.
Recent stories

Tribute by Mr & Mrs Boahene

Shared by Nana Ama Akuffo-Kwapong on June 11, 2016

You have lived a very victorious life, you have impacted a lot of lives around the globe including ours,You have done it all Amary Q. How we wish you could stay with us so you can teach our children and play with them when you retire from active service. How we wish you will stay with us and tell us all the things that happened when whiles we  were away from home. Amary Q we know you are safe with your maker so we shall not mourn but rather strive to see you again in heaven. Your legacy will remain with us and we shall hold on to your  values and principles. Amary Q we miss you already. Rest in prefect peace till we meet again.

Shared by Nana Ama Akuffo-Kwapong on June 11, 2016



I remember clearly youthful days in Secondary School

Memories remind me of all the happiness and sorrows we shared

Students running here and there studying, cleaning or dining together

At the end of it all parting to face life, each on his own


I remember my first day at Christian Methodist Secondary School when another new student (homo) was asked to help me carry my chop box into the hostel. This happened to be no other person than Ms. Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo who had reported earlier.  That same evening we were lined up kneeling down in front of the chop box room and the seniors used their bum bums to hit our faces. I was hit hard and fell.  As fate would have it the one kneeling by my side who helped me get up was no other person than Emelia.  That was how our friendship started.  We had our moments of quarrels and reuniting. In school I did not have enough hair and other girls always made fun of me because of that, but Emelia never refused to braid my hair.

Oh Emelia those were our glorious moments when we moved together to each other’s house during exeat ensuring that we shared and ate what we had.

After our Secondary School days, you went into Teacher Training and I into Nursing.  We lost touch with each other; but I will never forget the first day you walked into Ward I of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital beaming with smiles whilst I looked surprised and wondered how you managed to trace me.  After that we lost contact again but surprisingly on an Outreach Service in Osu I met a young fair colored boy bearing the name Amartey-Quarcoo and on direct questioning he informed me that I can see you that day at home for you were mourning your beloved who died in a motor accident.  Since then we have been communicating occasionally because you always took the initiative to look me up.   I am not a WhatsApp fanatic but you always remember me by sending inspirational messages even though I hardly ever replied your messages.

This year started with your New Year message which I did not reply and when I realized you joined the others on the platform I quickly went onto our private line to have time for ourselves.  That was when you informed me that you are now in Klo – Agogo SHS after five years’ service at Diaspora Girls.

I was baffled by what you wrote in our last chat: “My oil dried up earlier but the Lord has restored it.”

I wanted you to explain but did not get the chance. The next thing I heard was that you were on admission where I watched your health deteriorating

I still cannot comprehend why this should be so because you were the one who threw the challenge to the group to go hiking on the Aburi Mountain as well as look for the other mates.

Emelia, as you join our fore bearers on this glorious journey to your maker, we take consolation in the fact that we shall surely meet again.

Tsulɔ Kpakpa yaa wɔ ojogbann

Ameley Amartey –Quarcoo

Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo

Wɔ shweshweeshwe yɛ Nuntsɔ lɛ Kpokoiaan

Shared by Nana Ama Akuffo-Kwapong on June 11, 2016



To my dearest friend and sister, Emelia Amerley Amartey-Quarcoo.

I met Auntie Emelia as I affectionately called her in September 1998 at O'Reilly Senior High  School during my first year of appointment to the school.

Being the reserved type of person, I had no friends and so never sat in the staff         common room. I shuttled from my home to school to have my lessons each day,

Apparently, Auntie Emelia had noticed my way of life and approached me one day and asked me to share her office with her, sitting right by her side.

She drew me very close to her and pampered me very well like a daughter. Infact,I

enjoyed her lovely company and stopped my shuttling from my home to the school to

have my lessons.

We became so close and gradually, she became part of my family and shared my

family's joys and sorrows.

Auntie Emelia, I have never forgotten the weekend we spent together at Coconut

Groove, Elmina when you won the Best Teacher's Award

I could tell Auntie Emelia my challenges and within a twinkle of an eye she would find a solution for me.

After she had left O'Reilly Senior High School to Accra High School and Association

International School, we still mentained our friendship.  She visited me at home and I

did same.

When she was posted to Diaspora Girls Senior High School as headmistress, I visited

 her a couple of times. I can go on and on.

On Saturday 9th April, 2016, I had a phone call that you were not well and had been

admitted at the Korle bu Teaching Hospital.

Driving from Roman Ridge to Korle bu was most distressing for me. I got there, held

your hands and prayed for you. I was not happy at all when I left you because I had

never seen you sick before.  You were such a strong and lively person.

On Sunday, Lady Reverend Kathleen  Parker -Allotey called to tell me you were better and that you responded to her prayers. I was so happy and began to sing.

On 12th of April, 2016 when your sister Amorkor called, I least expected the news that you had passed on . I shed and continue to shed so much tears. Oh Auntie Emelia, why did you have to leave us so soon?

 Auntie Emelia, who will I share my joys and challenges with?

You were a pillar of strength to me, but our ways are not God's ways neither our

thoughts his thoughts.

As Thomas Fuller said  "The happy thoughts of those we love will never pass away "

so you will always be in our hearts and on our minds.

To the brother and sisters and the entire family, I say

Partings come and hearts are broken,

Loved ones go with words unspoken,

Deep in their hearts there's a memory kept

For a sister and a friend they'll never forget

Although you've lost a dear sister

A life linked with her own,

She's still ours to remember.

When the sun shines tomorrow, it shines for you. It rises to let you know that there will always be sunshine after the rain. It shines to let you know there are brighter days


Auntie Emelia, may the Lord grant you eternal rest till we meet again.

Auntie Emelia, Yawo ojogbann!!