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Otee 12th Anniversary, September 24,2023

September 25, 2023
Paapa today marks 12 years since you left us suddenly after a fall. By your angelic protection we are all doing very well. May you continue to protect and bless us from the heavenly places. Until we need again rest in perfect peace

The Last three to survive

September 24, 2016

Otee as we remember your 5 th anniversary of passing away today we also cherish your momories as a family Man. You love your siblings and this is one of your ways you demonstrate. May the soul of our parents who have pass on to eternal glory rest in perfect peace

Otee at 85

May 2, 2014

"In everything moderation is the watch word"; by E.O.Mensah. Otee is a man of humor, he like to tell riddles at every gathering, his favourite one was '"what is the telephone number of Adam and Eve" Answer: 2-8-1 ( and the two - ate -  one apple.)

The man of many hats

May 2, 2014

Godwin putting Otee favorite hat in his casket, 9/19/11

By his side on bed, 9/19/11

May 2, 2014

The last hour before the Otee casket was closed in the house, from L: Godwin, Alfred, Mary, Martin and Emmanuel, missing is Gilbert

Emmanuel or Alfred????

May 2, 2014

If know one tells you who is in this picture you may think it is Alfred, but that was Paapa, like father like son.

One Family

May 2, 2014

From L to R back roll. Godwin, Mary, Emmanuel,and Martin Mensah, Sitting in front is the widow Mary Adadey-Mensah, missing is Alfred and Gilbert. 9/19/11

Uncle Lava on the floor

May 2, 2014

Wednessday 9/17/11, gathering by nuumo Shamo Mensah family reunion, final funeral planning meeting over some drinks and small chops, a show of love to Otee and how he also love the family

My Gift for your second Anniversary, Sept.24,2013

September 24, 2013


The Gift


I will never say goodbye to you Paapa
because I know this is not the end for us to see each other.
You will only be going to a place where there’s no pain nor suffering.
I am happy for you, for you will be with God.
For now we need to go in separate ways.
I remember how your arms hold me and give me strength.
You were always there to listen, love, and defend me in everything.
You were my very best friend.
In my triumphs you were always proud.
I’m very grateful and proud to call you my dad.
Here deep inside my heart you’ll always be.
I would give up everything I have just to hug you one more time.
I remember the last time I held your hand and how you looked at me in the eyes.
If only I could turn back the time I would have never let you go.
I felt the world stop and my heart stop beating when they told me you were gone…….
How I wish I was only dreaming.
Just like the rain; tears fell down from my eyes, I couldn’t speak for a while.
Thank you Dad….
For always understanding, listening, caring, and loving me your whole life.
The greatest gift God gave me was YOU…….. My Dad…My Paapa….
It’s difficult to let you go but I must…
I must return the gift God gave me…
Till then;
See you in Heaven………

Death is not the end: it is only a bridge to the heavens

September 24, 2013

Death is not the end; it is only a bridge to another place.

My Dad: Paapa

I know this man
Who is dear to my heart
Suddenly one day
It was torn all apart

This man taught me everything
That I needed to know
But I never really listened
Until he had to go

He gave me love
And touched my life
Its all over now
He no longer has to fight

He tried to teach me
Right for wrong
The day he left
I wasn't that strong

He is gone now
It is hard to believe
This man is my dad
Who I will never see

But I will see him again
This I know
The day will come
When it’s time for me to go

So, I'll hold him dear
And close to my heart
Cause the day we meet
I know we'll never be torn apart.

My Dad, My Angel

September 24, 2013

My Dad, My Angel


Paapa! Your battle is now over, no more tears flowing down your cheek,
no more pain, no more suffering, now you are no longer weak.
I still do not understand why this had to happen to you,
but I am proud to say you are my dad, the greatest man I ever knew.
Although you will not be here to see me gain my doctorate degree,
when that day comes I know you will be by my side with a smile.
You were always there for me and never once made me cry,
until the day you closed your eyes and had to say goodbye.
Now you are my Angel, so spread your wings out wide,
please wrap them around me whenever you see me cry.
Our time together was memorable and God took you way unexpectedly,
But the most precious thing to me was you being there for my first breath, through college, and my marriage,
and me being not there for your last breath is what hunt me till this day.

No one hard ever died for hard work

September 22, 2013

Paapa encourges us to be hard working, he always reminds us that no one hard ever died of being hard working, but laziness can course depresssion in your life due to porvety and lead to your death. He worked up till the age of 80 years before he finaly retired from formal work as an accountant and work no more. As children every weekend is a work day in the house, from general cleaning to construction and repairs in the house. Any friend who visits us will be part of the working crew. It was so sad when I came to the western world, Paapa was old and could work no more or I would have bought him every power tool I can think of. Paapa, I have all the tools and and Saturdays I my work days in my house with the family. Your grand children, Dorinda, Miranda and Victorial though did not know you much, knows of your principles. you will be forever missed. But your memories will be forever be in our minds and heart. Rest in Perfect Peace.

Dog in the Menger

December 3, 2011

Paapa will always reminds us of people who act like the phrase " Dog in the manger" Like the dog who do not eat grass but will always prevent the goat or the sheep from coming to eat the grass in the manger.  He said we should be mindful of people who will not do anything progressive but will always find a way to prevent or discourage you from doing something constructive. As much as you can avoid such people in life. They are persimist, they will always find problem with every situation instead of finding a solution to every problem like an Optimist....Papa Oko Faasee   Dec. 3rd  , 2011

October 21, 2011


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